Japan Refuses to be Invaded

The Japanese government—well aware of the dangers to their continued existence as a culture, civilization, and racial entity—have come down firmly against the liberal notion of “asylum seekers” and mass Third World immigration, despite mounting pressure from the outside world.


Japan’s strict immigration policy has come into focus once again with the widely-parroted news by the controlled media that “asylum seekers in Japan” had reached a record 7,586 during 2015, and of that number, only 27 had actually been accepted as genuine.

It was, however, pointed out that some of those accepted as genuine, may have been waiting for years. In 2014, Japan accepted 11 “asylum seekers” out of the 5,000 who applied.

The racial makeup of the “asylum seekers” who have applied in Japan also makes interesting reading: Nepal provided the largest number of applicants in 2015, accounting for 1,768 individuals, while 969 people came from Indonesia, and 926 from Turkey.

None of these nations can in any sense be considered “unsafe”—a lesson that the liberal Europeans still cannot understand—and the chances of any of them actually being granted asylum in Japan is zero. Of the 27 people granted asylum in 2015, six are from Afghanistan and three from Syria.

Japan is well-known for its peaceful homogeneity, and quiet but effective control of its borders to prevent the mass invasions which European countries have allowed—and encouraged—to take place.

Even when liberals occasionally call for the lifting of immigration restrictions—using the easily-disprovable “ageing population” argument—they are quickly slapped down.

Current Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, for example, is on record as saying that he is opposed to easing immigration rules, “particularly for unskilled foreign workers, because of the social and economic tensions that could arise from the introduction of different ethnic groups.”

His Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga said in November 2015 that the Japanese government would not review its immigration policy, even if it allowed “more foreign labor in certain sectors, such as ship-building and construction, which is needed to prepare for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic games.”

“Foreign countries have undergone and experienced various difficulties in accepting immigrants,” Suga said, in an obvious reference to the Third World chaos currently tearing up western Europe.

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  1. Just look at those numbers! The Japanese are close to conceding defeat. LOL.

    Do not weaken Japan. Stand your ground and say NO to giving your country & culture away.

  2. Even as a white nationalist, I respect Japan and do not want them to lose their majority Asian/Japanese culture.

  3. Article 1 (Japan) hereby solemnly undertakes to maintain, preserve and defend its sovereignty, independence, territorial integrity and inviolability, neutrality and national unity; the perpetual neutrality of (Japan) shall be proclaimed and enshrined in the (Japanese) constitution…. 2e To refrain from the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any State, or in any other manner inconsistent with the purposes of the United Nations.
    Public incitement to violate a Treaty like this is a criminal act, and the Treaty was signed on 23 October 1991. and is the Agreement Concerning the Sovereignty, Independence, Territorial Integrity and inviolability, Neutrality and National Unity of Cambodia.
    The Japanese are not interested in the current idea that Aggression is ok, the Trafficking of children for a better life in Germany and the use of German children for prostitutes, Concubines and Eunuchs and the spreading of TB, Aids and other diseases through public molestation of women etc.

  4. That is one country that knows what its doing. Don’t let up, Japan, be an example to these dumb countries stupid enough to let these Third Worlders who do absolutely NOTHING to help the country that let them in.

  5. “despite mounting pressure from the outside world.”
    What “outside world”? Not me. Japan you stick to principles.

  6. Good for the Japanese; I admire them! I am due to visit Japan later this year (Bonsai festival are among the attractions I’m looking forward to). However, I cannot appraise the likes of Israel for having strict migration policies, as the hypocritical and subversive Jew Diaspora in Europe and the USA (who have infiltrated our political institutions and mainstream media) play a leading role in open borders, funding subversive ‘social justice warrior’ (SJW) movements (refugees welcome, black lives matter, femen, etc) and multiculturalism for us Europeans, whilst maintaining that Israel remains a Jew-majority state. How dare they!

  7. “Foreign countries have undergone and experienced various difficulties in accepting immigrants”


    is what Google Translate offers for litotes 🙂

  8. Good for them – standing up for their country, being patriotic, not wanting their culture to be destroyed by PC madness.

  9. The Japanese know how to respect and stand up for their country, their culture and their values. They rightly take no notice of emotional blackmail or outside pressure. In Europe we are governed by people who are mind-bogglingly willing to give away that which they have had no part in winning or protecting to those who wish, eventually, to eliminate Europeans.

    Sweden used to be considered as a country with superior social cohesion as it, not very long ago, had a homogeneous population rather like Japan’s. We can see just how quickly that can change – young males now outnumber young females by 17%, which is all down to an influx of migrants. Keep to your own policies, Japan!

  10. Like the German government the Japanese government is under pressure from business interests to permit high levels of net immigration to counter their aging and shrinking populations. This is the notorious theory called ‘replacement migration’ first proposed by the United Nations and now being promoted by their special representative on migration Peter Sutherland along with globalist players like George Soros. This pressure was manifested in 2013 during secret negotiations with international bankers who presented a shopping list of sectors of the economy with the number of migrant workers each required. Consequently Japan now has 30,000 Muslim immigrants. After these negotiations the media started a phoney debate about immigration, which by then had become an established fact that the public could not influence.

    This example demonstrates the sneaky way that governments of countries with advanced economies impose Third World immigration on their citizens. They never propose such immigration in their election manifestos because they know that that would be electoral suicide, as Fredrik Reinfeldt the leader of the Sweden Moderate Party discovered when his party’s share of the vote dropped from 30.1% to 23.2% in 2014. Instead their mass immigration policies are formulated in secret during discussions with bankers, EU officials and think tanks like the OECD, and then implemented in secret so that once the immigrants come flooding in the public are presented with a fait accompli. All the establishment parties are united behind the policy of ‘replacement migration’, so the public cannot use their vote to thwart it unless they vote for one of the new nationalist parties.

  11. Japanese people should protect their culture at all costs. I dont know why people do not incentivise population growth & stop letting immigrants in?

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