Jerusalem: Israel Opens New Racially Segregated Road as Part of Palestinian Ethnic Cleansing

Israel has just inaugurated a 5-kilometer double land racially segregated highway outside Jerusalem, with Arabs and Jews divided by a 26 foot central wall, part of the ongoing larger campaign to ethnically cleanse the Palestinians from the entire region.

News of Route 4370’s opening this past week was completely suppressed in the West’s Jewish lobby controlled media, and news of it has only appeared on the Russian RT service, which still maintains nominal independence (and is thus hated by the controlled media).

According to the RT report, the east side of the road is for settlers only, and connects the illegal Geva Binyamin settlement in the occupied West Bank to the Jerusalem-Tel Aviv highway.

The western side of the road is allocated to Palestinians to go around Jerusalem, made for those who do not have “passes” to enter the city.

Palestinians are banned from using about 40 kilometers of roads within the Palestinian territory of the West Bank, while an additional 20 kilometers of roads are partially off-limits. Jews can travel freely on these roads, which have been built by Israel to connect them to different illegal settlements and to Jerusalem.

 Israel controls all entry and exit points in the West Bank, including those leading to East Jerusalem, which it has annexed. Palestinians must acquire a special permit to enter the city, and to transit through Israel to get to different Palestinian territories.

The end game of the new racially segregated highway is to split the West Bank into two parts, part of the Jewish plan to prevent the creation of a Palestinian state and to force all non-Jews out of the territory.

* Needless to say, the Jewish lobby in America, Europe, and elsewhere, which spends so much time condemning what it always claims is “white racism” in any form, has been completely quiet on the latest instance of racially-based segregation in Israel.

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