Jew behind Gypsy Propaganda Dies

The Israel-based Jew Valery Novoselsky, who was single-handedly responsible for the anti-white and pro-Gypsy internet propaganda now common in the controlled media, has died at the age of 46.

Novoselsky was born in the USSR and emigrated to Israel under that country’s Jews-only immigration laws in 1995, where he set up the world’s largest pro-Gypsy internet propaganda organization, the “Roma Virtual Network.”


This organization, started in 1999, was the first internet platform to agitate against what it claimed was European—and Eastern European in particular—“discrimination” against Gypsies.

The relentless propaganda dispensed from Novoselsky’s home in Jerusalem was quickly absorbed by the controlled media, to the point where most newspapers today routinely talk about “anti-Roma discrimination” in the same way they support “Black Lives Matter” and other anti-white constructs.

Novoselsky died while attending a Gypsy music festival in Riga, Latvia, according to the Roma Times.

Novoselsky was born on April 15, 1970 in Dniepropetrovsk, Ukraine, USSR, where he lived until 1993. From 1993 to 1995 he lived in Moscow, and then he moved to Israel under that country’s Law of Return, which only allows Jews to immigrate to that country.

In July 1999, Novoselsky established the “Roma Virtual Network” which, according to the Roma Times, “pioneered Romani community presence on the Internet.”

Through several different listservs, Novoselsky “distributed information from and about Romani communities to the entire world.”

In 2000, he became a member of the International Romani Union and was “also an active member in other European Roma institutions, [and] the Center for Rights of the Roma from Europe,”—even though he lived in Israel.

An example of the sort of anti-white agitation in which Novoselsky engaged can be seen from one of his last posts (May 21, 2016) on his Google News Group, titled “Urgent news from Tula, Central Russia—evictions of Roma families planned.

Google news Group Roma-01

According to Novoselsky, the authorities in Tula, a city in Russia which lies about 120 miles south of Moscow, were planning to demolish “127 Roma houses in the area of the Roma settlement Plekhanovo.”

According to his report, the local police made “false accusations” against the Gypsies, saying they are a “threat to society,” and were “keeping weapons.” The local media, Novoselsky added, “nowadays are full of anti-Roma articles.”

In reality, the demolition in Plekhanovo took place after a court order was issued against the Gypsies who had illegally occupied land in the town. The Gypsies had built unauthorized houses, and then had illegally connected their dwellings to the local gas network in order to steal power from the council.

In March this year, the Gypsies violently attacked council officials who had tried to disconnect the illegal gas networks, and had rioted in the town, burning tires and throwing stones in an orgy of violence which caused extensive damage.

As a result, the council obtained a court order authorizing them to demolish the Gypsy shanty town, and all residents were informed in advance.

About half of the Gypsies left Plekhanovo, but the remainder refused to leave and caused violence in order to maintain their wholesale theft from the local taxpayers.

All of these facts were ignored in Novoselsky’s “report,” which was then repeated in the controlled media as more “evidence” of “racism” against Gypsies.

Of course, the controlled media never stopped to ask the question why a pro-Gypsy propaganda network—aimed at denigrating Europeans—was operating out of Israel.

This is especially noteworthy because of the fact that Israel, of all countries in the world, has laws preventing any non-Jews from immigrating there—and would therefore, be the last place on earth to offer “refuge” to Gypsies.

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  1. Until retirement, I had much to do with gypsies. Not on the same side I hasten to add. Suffice to say that in the UK, there has been two cases just recently, of gypsies holding and using people in slavery. In both cases, the gypsies were convicted. I think that is a tip of a very large iceberg. That should tell you much of what you need to hear in relation to gypsies and what they get up to.

  2. Here in Australia back in about 2008 I had my first experience of these international weeds. I was in town and walking across the road when I felt a tug on the velcro of my back pocket. I gazed around not suspecting of this. When I needed to board the bus to go home and I had to show my pension pass I had no wallet. I reached into my side pockets and the emergency pass and pocket money were also gone. I looked at the bus driver in disbelief and he gave a knowing look and said “Gypsies.” I said not here, in this joint,? in Sydney, maybe. Anyway he let me borde. I found out that the new PM, the Jew Kevin Rudd had let the poor little Gypsies come here from Eastern Europe to escape persecution, it was the first thing he did when he got in.

    1. Your Kevin Rudd is another traitor who fulfills the bidding of his Jewish Masters bringing chaos and destruction to every corner of the earth. The gypsies are not persecuted but rather disliked for their lying, stealing, cheating and living off the taxpayers money, facilitated by the western governments administrations.

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