Jew JCC Threat-Makers: 2 Years, 1,000 Calls

The Jews arrested for making bomb threats to Jewish Community Centers (JCC) have been operating for over two years, have made over 1,000 such calls to the U.S., Canada, Australia, and New Zealand—and were only arrested after the FBI went to Israel and demanded that the Jewish ethnostate’s authorities take action.

The second Jew arrested for the “anti-Semitic” threats appears in court..

The Times of Israel reported that the Jews had “delivered the threats over a period of two years” and were “believed to have been behind at least two threats to Delta Airlines, resulting in the grounding of planes already in the air.”

Furthermore, Israeli police only arrested the suspects “after US President Donald Trump sent a team of 12 FBI agents to Israel in recent weeks,” the paper quoted Haaretz as saying.

“Although the investigation has been ongoing for the past two years, the breakthrough that led to the Thursday arrests of the teen and his father was only reached after FBI investigators arrived in Israel several weeks ago,” Haaretz reported, citing police sources.

“The report did not specify what the FBI agents managed to do that their local counterparts could not,” the paper added—as if anyone observing the situation could not tell.

While the youth had apparently been making bomb threats for over two years, the urgency in apprehending him increased following a spate of threats to Jewish community centers in the U.S.

Police sources told Haaretz that that was in part because the suspect would monitor media reports after he’d call in a threat—to gauge the scale of its impact. If he noticed that it was receiving considerable media attention, he would continue making threats in that same location.

Several of the JCCs and Jewish organizations received multiple threats. However, police believe that the number of bomb threats he phoned in was much greater than was known to the public, as many went unreported.

In yet another indication of the sophistication of the campaign, the Times of Israel said that the Israeli police have failed to break into the computers which were seized at the threat-makers’ house.

Police “are also working to gather information from the teen’s father, who remains in custody on suspicion that he knew what his son was doing. The dad, a computer expert himself, was likely to have recognized the high-level equipment in his son’s room, yet did not report the matter to authorities,” the paper said, adding that the “suspect’s mother is also expected to be interrogated in the coming days.”

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  1. Israeli police only arrested the suspects “after US President Donald Trump sent a team of 12 FBI agents to Israel in recent weeks,” – worth repeating.

  2. Well isn’t that interesting an Israeli jew was making these threats to JCC in canada and the usa, for what to try to get even more sympathy for the Jewish community?? Guess the don’t play up the whole hard done by Jewish sentiment already!!

  3. Over 2,000 hoax threats made in two years to Jewish groups – coming from the “world’s most historically oppressed people”, the Jews themselves – as they never tire of informing the entire world. And this, by one small group of Israeli Jews concentrating on four countries only, New Zealand, Australia, Canada & the U.S. You have to wonder just how many other thousands of hoax threats have been committed by the many other Jew psychopaths let loose upon our other White nations by Organized Jewry.

    It is no wonder that our White nations are being destroyed & patriots are being imprisoned and demonised as “evil White racists”. If it wasn’t for President Trump sending the FBI to Israel to demand action, then the Israeli authorities would still be turning a blind eye to this demonising of Whites, while Organized Jewry demands yet more strengthening of their “hate laws” against Whites. Well done, President Trump.

    This news will come as no surprise to the millions of informed patriots worldwide who have long been aware that the world’s biggest “anti-Semites” are, in fact, these same Jew psychopaths themselves. Now, all patriots must make sure that the Truth about these Jew nation-wreckers is spread wide throughout the entire Internet.

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