Jew who Caused World-Wide “Anti-Semitism” Terror Threats Jailed for 10 Years

The 20-year-old Jew who caused a world wide “anti-Semitic” bomb threat wave in 2017—blamed on Donald Trump, and used Jewish extremist groups such as the ADL and SPLC to claim “rising anti-Semitism”—has been jailed for 10 years.

According to a report in the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, Michael Kadar, from Ashkelon in Israel, but who holds dual American-Israeli citizenship, was convicted of more than 2,000 threats to Jewish Community Centers.

He was also responsible for wave of threats to airports and planes from the US to Australia. Kadar was paid more than $250,000 in bitcoin for his work, by a as yet unnamed paymaster at his home in Israel.

The wave of threats were blamed on Donald Trump by all Jewish organizations in America, and formed the reasoning for a successful demand by the Holocaust story factory in Israel, Yad Vahsem, to Amazon to stop selling books which questioned the historical accuracy of Jewish accounts of World War II.

Kadar’s activities were traced back to Israel by US authorities, but he was only arrested after the Trump administration sent agents to Israel to demand action, after Israeli police ignored requests to act.

The US also demanded Kadar’s extradition to face justice in America, where the vast majority of his crimes were committed, and indicted him on federal hate crimes.

Israel, as per usual practice in such cases, refused to hand him over, and put him on trial in the Jewish state.

Kadar was also convicted on several counts of extortion, conspiracy to commit a crime, money laundering and assaulting a police officer.

ADL: Jew’s Bomb Threats against Jews are “White Hate”

Even though Kadar’s crimes were fake “anti-Semitic” threats, his actions made up the major portion of the “anti-Semitic hate crimes” reported by the Anti-Defamation League in its annual survey.

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  1. I guess that means those 140 books that were deleted from sale (digitally burned) by (((Amazon))) will be reinstated. Uh, no. Problem. Reaction. Solution.

    Jail in Israel? This guy will released out the back door in 6-12 months when something else becomes the big news of the day and the world isn’t looking. In 25 years, they’ll establish a holiday in his name.

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