Jewish “Antifa” Hypocrisy in Dover

Jewish “antifa” radicals who took part in last week’s fracas in the southern English port town of Dover against a “right wing” anti-invasion march, were not concerned with helping any “refugees” but only with protecting Jewish interests, Gilad Atzmon, the world’s most famous ex-Jew has said.

Writing on his personal blog, Atzmon—who was born in Israel but who left and disassociated himself from that country in the 1980s—pointed out that the Jewish Chronicle had reported on the activities of an organization called “Jewdas.”


Atzmon, who is one of the world’s leading critics of Jewish Supremacism, said that “Jewdas” was a “so-called  ‘Left’ Jewish group which took part in a the recent ‘anti-Fa’ march in Dover against ‘right wing extremists’ who oppose the entry of Syrian refugees into the Kingdom.”

Atzmon, author of the best-selling book The Wandering Who?, goes on to write that “many British humanists and ethically oriented beings agree that the UK should provide shelter to refugees from a battle zone, especially when it is Britain that made Iraq, Syria and the entire region into a battle zone.”

He continues:

One could anticipate that ‘Left’ Jews would be at the forefront of a call to help Syrian and Iraqi refugees because Jewish ‘Leftists’ ought to know that the 2003 criminal war against Islam in particular and Arabs in general was an immoral Zio-con operation.

The Jewdasses must know that it was Lord Levy and the Labour Friends of Israel who were Tony Blair’s leading fundraisers when Britain was taken into that criminal war.

They should certainly remember that Jewish Chronicle writers David Aaronovitch and Nick Cohen were the leading advocates for the war within British media.

So it was not a surprise that Jewdas joined the Anti-Fa campaign for Syrian refugees.

But astoundingly, none of the expected humanist concerns brought Jewdas to the streets of Dover.

In fact, it was the other way around. Crude Jewish self-centric interests motivated Jewdas.

Their spokesperson said: “We think it’s important that the Jewish community takes the threat of far-right violence seriously — a point we made at various stages last year when anti-Jewish demonstrations were taking place in London.”

His statement is unambiguous.

It wasn’t the plight of the refugees or any kind of acknowledgment of Jewish political complicity in the humanitarian disaster in the Middle East that brought Jewdas to the streets of Dover. Once again, it was Judeo-centrism at play.

Jewdas joined the Anti Fa protest to defend their own Jewish tribal and racial interests. Their spokesman stated: “These (right wing) groups pose a clear threat to our (Jewish) community.”

Bizarre, by expressing such views, the Jewdas spokesperson revealed that Jewdas has more in common with the ‘Rightwing extremists’ than with most immigration advocates or minority support groups.

Yet, I admit that this news item left me a bit puzzled.

On the one hand, Jewdas claims to care for minorities in Britain while they seem to lack even remote empathy towards indigenous English people who have been reduced into a minority in their own capital.

I guess that within the Jewish political universe, the indigenous population is always an enemy, whether it is in Britain, Palestine or anywhere else.  Maybe this helps explain why Jewish history is a chain of countless holocausts and pogroms.


* The demonstration in Dover turned violent after clashes broke out between the anti-invasion demonstrators and the “anti-Fa.” All reports however, indicated that the “anti-Fa” took a beating at the hands of the anti-invasion demonstrators, and had to be protected by a police cordon.

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  1. Just another reason to dislike jews. Every day we hear more and more about them trying to destroy democracy and commit genocide in countries, with their support for third world scum!

  2. What about our own ( white christian,,) tribal and racial interests..? .So we are not allowed to protest about the musrats ruining our way of life, but the jews ,who are behind this invasion, say they are being threatened by white christians ?( far right …?) who are out to destroy the jews tribal and racial interests,,,,,They wont have the musrats in Isreal, but we are supposed to be happy to have them, even though they will ruin our way of life….Total Hypocrisy…!!!!!!..At last, the people are waking up and saying NO to Musrats….We are not far right, but ordinary people who are worried about our daughters, sons, elderly., our freedoms, our tribal and racial interests…!!…Its great to see the real men standing up for us…..Well Done….!!!!!!.

  3. The pro-invasion, anti-White rally in Dover was addressed by Labour’s looniest lefty, Diane Abbott MP. Referring to the White Cliffs of Dover this dreadful woman said:


    This vile and revolting creature never loses an opportunity to spew out her anti-White hatred & venom. Her comments are blatantly racist as they openly incite the ‘migrant’ hordes to invade and dispossess us.

    She & her kind can say things like this and get away with it: The Race Gestapo won’t be knocking on her door!

  4. The Occidental Observer quoted an ‘activist’ from ‘Antifa’ saying how disappointed he was that the Jewish-run thugs hadn’t attacked the patriots. This is how they work: bribing and threatening, then slipping away when violence starts. Naturally, they are never jailed or even arrested for their incitements to crime.

  5. Dover, the whole world will agree, must be evacuated and given to the Syrians, and renamed New Aleppo and the rights of subsistence of the Syrian minority assured with sufficient territory for their subsistence. 14 Points article 7, International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights 21/220 Article 1.2 and The Treaty of Fort Sully Article 5. Then consistent with the (UN and ICC) demand the capture and surrender of all the Prophets and instigators of the (war of Aggression), whether foreigners or natives, who have not submitted to the (UK and UN and ICC). To face trial and punishment where Treaty of Fort Jackson August 9 1814. in Article VI And Article VII Has, the assurance being given that they (as a minority) will have the necessaries of life till a crop of tomatoes is available for delivery to the local supermarket.

  6. Many Thanks to all those brave people who stand up for Britain !
    And maybe its time for a name change to………………..PROBRITS ?

  7. Nick Cohen was a leading music critic in Britain in the 70s and was responsible for promoting many of the worst music trends of that time.

  8. Such clashes will be happening more and more as Brits finally start to wake up to the fact that Khazarian mafia is behind islamisation of Europe with sole purpose of destroying the white race, financed by likes of soros, rothenchilds and others according to Kalergie plan. And, antifa and similar groups (not just “jews” but also brain dead libtards) will go nuts as they discover that they are increasingly losing the battle to uphold Khazarian/ashkenazi stranglehold on UK.
    Let’s face the facts, there is a law in Britain that all the jews be expelled (as they were expelled from everywhere else in Europe over last 2.000 years). It is centuries old law but it is still valid, it has never been repealed. Perhaps it’s time we demand that our corrupt PTB start using this law again.
    Undeniable fact is that “jewry” has always used others to fight their dirty fights, current example being the use of US (and due to a very powerful lobby, UK) to destroy those who might be potential threat to their power and to israhell. But, even though “jews” and muslims are supposed to be mortal enemies in reality we hear not a thing about “refugees” invading israhell. My personal belief is that islam is jewish construct as there is not enough of them to directly threaten any nation and therefore they, like a rats, prefer to work from the shadows, subverting and destroying from within and all of the highest positions in Islam are infiltrated/occupied by Jews over the centuries and that current invasion of Europe is their revenge for all those times that they were kicked out.
    Therefor e they must be dealt with as much as the invaders have to be dealt with.
    All this is above also explains why we were disarmed 19 years ago.
    And, on a brighter note, there is excellent way to relieve stress of days to come. It’s called clay shooting 🙂

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