Jewish Community Center Threat-maker Formally Charged

An 18-year-old Jew named Michael Ron David Kadar has been formally charged with the wave of threats issued to Jewish Community Centers—and which was blamed on “white racists” by the Jewish lobby controlled media—has been formally charged by the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ).

According to a press release issued by the DOJ, Kadar, who has dual United States and Israeli citizenship, was charged with “making threatening calls to Jewish Community Centers in Florida, conveying false information to police dispatch regarding harm to private residents in Georgia, and cyberstalking.”

The charges apparently only relate to identified cases in Georgia and Florida, and further charges are expected to be lodged as investigations proceed in other states.

“The investigation into violent threats to Jewish Community Centers, schools and other institutions across this nation continues, including an ongoing investigation into potential hate crime charges,” the DOJ statement said.

According to a federal criminal complaint filed in Orlando, Florida, it is alleged that beginning on or about Jan. 4, 2017, and continuing until March 7, 2017, Kadar made multiple threatening calls involving bomb threats and active shooter threats to numerous Jewish Community Centers throughout Florida.

Although no actual explosives were found, many of the calls resulted in the temporary closure and evacuation or lockdown of the targeted facilities, and required law enforcement and emergency personnel to respond and clear the area.

Further, according to a federal criminal complaint filed in Macon, Georgia, it is alleged that on or about Jan. 3, 2017, Kadar made a phone call to a police department conveying false information about an alleged violent emergency situation concerning multiple individuals at a private residence in Athens, Georgia. Police and emergency personnel responded to the scene, only to learn that there was no emergency.

“Today’s charges into these violent threats to Jewish Community Centers and others represent this Department’s commitment to fighting all forms of violent crime,” said Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

“These threats of violence instilled terror in Jewish and other communities across this country and our investigation into these acts as possible hate crimes continues.”

“This kind of behavior is not a prank, and it isn’t harmless. It’s a federal crime,” said Director James Comey of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. “It scares innocent people, disrupts entire communities, and expends limited law enforcement resources. The FBI thanks our partners for working with us here at home and around the world.”

“This Department will lend its full support to law enforcement officers and communities so we can fight violent crime, including threats like these,” said Acting Associate Attorney General Jesse Panuccio. “These threats terrorized our communities, and we will continue to enforce this nation’s laws.”

“Violent threats intended to instill fear in our religious communities, schools, and homes are an attack on the very fabric of our society and will not be tolerated,” said Acting Assistant Attorney General Tom Wheeler of the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division. “The department will continue to vigorously investigate and prosecute those who engage in such violent acts.”

“Kadar allegedly took extraordinary steps to conceal his identity and location through several technological means, including voice alteration, use of proxy IP addresses, virtual currencies and caller ID spoofing,” said Acting Assistant Attorney General Kenneth E. Blanco of the Justice Department’s Criminal Division. “Thanks to the specialized training and expertise of our investigative team, we were successful in identifying, locating and apprehending the person accused of this despicable campaign of threats.”

“The charges brought today demonstrate our resolve to pursue and prosecute those who seek to sow terror and fear in our community, wherever they may hide,” said Acting U.S. Attorney W. Stephen Muldrow for the Middle District of Florida. “They also reflect the tireless efforts, dedication and cooperation of agents, analysts and prosecutors within the Justice Department, as well as our state, local and international law enforcement partners.”

“People, especially children, deserve to feel safe in their communities,” said U.S. Attorney G. F. Peterman III for the Middle District of Georgia. “The violent threats made against schools, families, and Jewish Community Centers sought to rob our citizens of that right. I’m proud that the Department of Justice and the FBI have fought tirelessly to restore that sense of safety.”

The Jew, whose identity remains under gag order in Israel, was arrested last month in the southern Israeli town of Ashkelon after the FBI arrived and demanded that the Israeli authorities take action—more than three years after Kadar started making his worldwide threats which targeted schools and other public institutions in Canada, Australia and New Zealand, as well.

Kadar also recorded each of the calls himself and kept them in organized files at his home in Ashkelon, along with news articles describing the police responses to the threats, and  paid for the online calls using the semi-anonymous currency Bitcoin. A large antenna at his apartment building allowed him to make long-distance, outdoor wireless connections.

The Florida indictment said recordings of the calls stripped of the software-enabled disguise revealed a speech impediment in the caller’s voice that matched his.

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