Jewish Lobby Confounded: Israel’s Enemies in anti-ISIS War

The American Jewish lobby continues to be back-footed in their plans to destroy Syria with the news that ground forces from three of Israel’s fiercest opponents—Syria, Iran, and Hezbollah—have launched a major offensive against ISIS around the city of Aleppo.


The three forces—long vilified and routinely condemned by the controlled media in America and Europe—are set to seize the initiative at last in the ongoing conflict against the American and British government–backed terrorists operating against the democratically-elected Syrian government.

The offensive has come as ISIS made an advance on Aleppo while the Russian air force was softening up the US-backed fake “rebels” in the northwest of Syria. Having weakened these US proxy forces, the Russians then turned their attention on the ISIS forces.


Syrian troops backed by Hezbollah and Iranian fighters launched an offensive south of Aleppo on Friday, expanding their counterattack against rebels across western Syria with support from Russian air strikes.

Iran, supposedly a “greater than any threat Hitler ever posed”—at least according to the Arutz Sheva Israeli National News service (“Iran is a Nuclear Hitler with 56% Of the World’s Oil Supply,” Friday, July 10, 2015)—has deployed thousands of troops into Syria to physically assist the war against ISIS.


Iran has in fact been one of Assad’s closest allies throughout the four year war—thus earning even more hatred and vitriol from Israel—and has bankrolled the Syrian state. Previously it had sent top military advisers to direct the fight on key battle fronts, but the decision to deploy ground troops marks a new commitment to stamping out terrorism by the Iranians.

In the last week Iranian media have reported the deaths in Syria of three senior officers from Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps. Hossein Hamedani, a corps deputy commander, was killed near Aleppo and two other officers have also died fighting Islamic State forces in Syria, Iran’s Tasnim news agency said.

Control of Aleppo, still home to two million people, is divided between the government and the American-backed “rebels,” now dominated by ISIS.

“This is the promised battle,” a senior military source in Syria told Reuters, adding that advances had already been made against the “rebels.”

Hezbollah, another of Israel’s greatest foes, described as “Israel’s No. 1 Enemy” by the Israeli Y-Net News (“Hezbollah 3.0: How Israel’s No. 1 enemy is preparing for the next Lebanon war,” 07.26.15), gained fame in 2006 when it successfully defended Lebanon against a Zionist invasion, and has already committed thousands of soldiers to the war against ISIS. Two senior Hezbollah officers have also been killed in Syria in the last week, a Lebanese security source said.


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