Jewish Lobby in America Demands Right to Discriminate against American Travelers

The Jewish Lobby in America has demanded that America grant visa-free access to Israeli citizens—without reciprocity, which is the international norm.

Currently, some 37 countries (mostly European nations) are part of America’s “visa waiver” program. This system allows for reciprocal visa-free entry for American citizens—up to 90 days per visit—to those nations. In return, Americans can visit those countries without a visa for the same time period.


Surprisingly—given the “close” links between America and Israel, the Zionist state is not a participant in the visa waiver program. This is because Israel strictly controls who enters that state, and is worried that Palestinians or Arabs traveling on foreign (i.e. American, European, or other non-Arab state) passports, would then gain access to the Jewish state.

Now, however, the Jewish lobby is demanding that Israel be allowed to join the visa waiver program—but only one way. They want the right for Israelis to enter America in an unrestricted fashion, but refuse to allow Americans visiting Israel that same privilege.

The largest Jewish lobby, the American-Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) has drawn up and is pushing legislation that would allow Israel to enter this program, so that Israelis can enter the US without a visa.

The US–Israel Strategic Partnership Act of 2013, sponsored by Jewish California senator Barbara Levy Silvershein (married surname “Boxer”) and Southern Baptist senator Roy Blunt (married to Jewess Abigail Perlman) will provide for Israel’s membership in the program while vesting that nation with the right to exclude selected Americans from this visa-free right of entrance.

It is a blatant case of putting the interests of Israel and Jews over the rights of US citizens. Israel’s racially-based entrance exclusions of American citizens are so well-known that the US State Department provides an official warning about it in its official travel advisory for Israel, which says:

“Some US citizens holding Israeli nationality, possessing a Palestinian identity card, or of Arab or Muslim origin have experienced significant difficulties in entering or exiting Israel or the West Bank.”

In addition, US Government officials are not even allowed to enter the Gaza Strip by their Israeli masters, as the State Department website reports:

“Because US citizen employees of the US Government are not allowed to enter the Gaza Strip or have contact with Hamas, the ability of consular staff to offer timely assistance to US citizens is extremely limited.”

As far as the occupied West Bank goes, the State Department website reveals that American citizens are already discriminated against there by the Israeli state:

“Personal travel in the West Bank by US Government personnel and their families is permitted to the towns of Bethlehem and Jericho and to transit the West Bank using Routes 1, 443, and 90. Personal travel is also permitted to Qumran off Route 90 by the Dead Sea, as are stops at roadside facilities along routes 1 and 90. All other personal travel in the West Bank, unless specifically authorized for official purposes, is prohibited.”

* Israel also strictly controls immigration on the basis of race.

Only Jews can immigrate to Israel, and before they are granted that right, they must “prove” their Jewishness to the Jewish Agency.

This proof is most commonly a letter from their approved local rabbi/synagogue which confirms their Jewishness, which is determined by their direct biological ancestry.

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  1. I think it is worth noting that while The Protocols of The Learned Elders of Zion is vehemently labeled as Anti-Semitic slanderous material. The ideologies and stratagems printed within it’s pages can clearly be observed in policy. And while the book itself is denied authenticity the ideologies, stratagems, and policies themselves are not disavowed as being a-representative of any of the held values of Zionist Ideology.

  2. We should allow Muslims to handle the problem of Jewish worldwide domination and their perpetual interference in the affairs and ways of the world’s non-Jewish nations whilst at the same time not permitting Third Worlders of any origin to take over ancestral white homelands of the European continent and its enclaves.

  3. Visas have been the number one tool to allow hostile combatants in the USA. Known fact !

    Why does America still keep the list of Saudi doners to Osama Bin Laden secret ? Who donates big money to Congress and the Senate ? Why does Israel own the USA ? Some serious questions that Americans really need to know. And in a so called democracy should demand to know.

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