Jewish Lobby in America Undermined by Third World Immigration Invasion They Promoted

The Jewish Lobby in America—who, going back to the 1960s, were at the forefront of promoting nonwhite immigration into America—is rapidly finding out that the new “diverse” America they have created is slowly turning against their creators.


A new poll conducted by the prestigious Pew Institute has revealed that a “third of young Americans blame Israel for the Gaza Conflict”—but that blacks and Hispanics are more likely to have pro-Palestinian views than whites.

The survey showed that 40% of overall respondents blamed Hamas, versus only 19% who blamed Israel. Fourteen percent said both sides were responsible and 28% said they didn’t know.

However, a much larger proportion of respondents under the age of 30 tended to see Israel as the guilty party. In that age bracket, 29% said Israel was to blame, while 21% blamed Hamas and 35% said they don’t know who was most at fault.

Overall, 47% of whites say Hamas is most responsible for the violence, compared with just 14% who blame Israel.

By contrast, as many blacks blame Israel (27%) as Hamas (25%) for the fighting; and Hispanics are somewhat more likely to say Israel is to blame (35%) than Hamas (20%).

Among Americans under 30, 29% say Israel is most responsible for the current violence compared with 21% who blame Hamas.

When it came to Israel’s ongoing military campaign in Gaza, 25 percent said the Israelis had “gone too far in its attacks,” while 35% agreed the Israeli response is “about right” and 15% said it had not gone far enough.


The ongoing immigration invasion of America by Third Worlders—encouraged and supported by the Jewish Lobby—is slowly but surely creating a population base which is unsympathetic to Israel. As America declines economically as it becomes even more Third World, the Jewish state will also find that the flow of money—the $3.1 billion per year that American taxpayers hand over to Israel each year, will also dry up.

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  1. It is almost amusing to watch Jews flee Europe after decades of them advocating the unlimited importation of muslims into the Western countries. They create the problem then escape to Israel. Thanks a lot you divine idiots.

  2. I’ve noticed this sea change with young people. The anti-working class social politics ‘left’ in this country taught us curriculum that white racism is the cause of all discrimination and that poverty and union issues were inconsequential.

  3. May I congratulate this site, — you’re tackling serious topics and I hope you are influential.

  4. Were Americans just a bit suspicious of Zionist intentions when Netanyahu gave a speech in the US Senate with his childish picture of the big Iranian bomb in his attempt to get America to attack Iran ? Are Americans not disgusted at this attempt by an Israeli to control America ?

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