“Jewish State” to Evict 1000s of Arab-Israelis

The Jewish state is to forcibly evict thousands of Arab-Israeli citizens from their homes in the Negev desert region of Israel to make way for a large number of Jews-only settlements, it has been revealed.


News of the mass ethnic cleansing—being carried out on a racial basis to remove all Arabs from the area and replace them with Jews—has, of course, been completely suppressed by the controlled media in the West.

Only the Qatar-based Al Jazeera network and the pan–Latin American television network La Nueva Televisora del Sur (The New Television Station of the South, teleSUR), have escaped the Jewish lobby’s censorship and carried news of the development.

According to teleSUR, thousands of Arab-Israelis (i.e. those Palestinians who were not murdered or otherwise forcibly expelled when the state of Israel was founded in 1948), “thousands of Palestinians will be displaced as part of a new Israeli plan to build several Jewish-only communities in the Negev region in the south of Israel.”

Quoting some “left wing” Jewish activists who work for the Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI), teleSUR said that the new Jews-only settlements will literally be built on top of Bedouin Palestinian villages.

“This is part of an ongoing policy of pushing Palestinian Bedouins off their land in the Negev,” Sana Ibn Bari, a lawyer for ACRI said.


The ethnic cleansing plan was approved by the Israeli government at last Sunday’s cabinet meeting, which authorized the construction of five Jewish settlements in the Negev region.

Bir Hadaj locationIsraeli Minister of Housing Yoav Galant hailed the government’s decision and said the region should be turned “into a desired and flourishing area, in accordance with the Zionist vision.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called on Sunday for more Jewish communities “to be built quickly while bypassing bureaucratic processes.”

The plans apply to “unrecognized” villages in the region that the government says do not have proper permits for the construction of houses.

The settlement of Daya would be built on the “unrecognized village” of Katamat, which is home to 1,500 people and the Neve Gurion settlement is supposed to be built on part of the land of Beer Hadaj, a recognized village with approximately 6,000 residents.

Palestinians living in the Negev are part of the over 1.7 million Palestinians with Israeli citizenship, who, according to rights groups, face systematic discrimination by Israeli policies and laws.

In May, the Israeli-based Adalah Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights issued a database documenting more than 50 discriminatory laws that directly or indirectly target Palestinian citizens of Israel by quelling their political expression and limiting their access to state resources, notably land.

Last month, a Bedouin village was demolished by Israeli forces for the 90th time in five years for being “unrecognized.” While Israel claims those people do not have permits for the villages, residents say those villages existed before the foundation of Israel in 1948.

* The ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians from their land is taking place at the same time that the Israeli government is directly financing “aid” efforts to facilitate the invasion of Europe by hundreds of thousands of Muslims and other nonwhites through the IsraAID organization.

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  1. Get used to it !
    State sponsored ethic cleansing of the indigenous population of London has been going on for years to the extent that currently a roughly 50/50 balance has been achieved between people of foreign origin and indigenous Londoners. Needless to say, for the future the disparity is set to grow disproportionately to the foreigner. This is so-called, “multiculturalism” at work – all different race getting on well together? I would prefer to refer to, “White Flight”.

  2. someone is trying to sow discord between two religions. its time people stop treating religion seriously. they are just disney stories.

  3. The Greater Israel Project using Coudenhove Kalergi Plan and Oded Yinon Plan together will result in hundreds of millions of displaced people who will forced by Greater Israel to move to Europe. Greater Israel will occupy Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran and large parts of Egypt, and Turkey. Greater Israel will own the Suez Canal and access to ancient heritage sites such as the Pyramids at Giza. The Saudi royal family are also Israeli Jews and fully support Greater Israel.

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