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Jewish Supremacists Using “Holocaust Fable” to Promote Third World Invasion of Europe

Jewish Supremacists in the Anti-Defamation League and elsewhere are using the “holocaust fable” to promote and justify the current Third World invasion of Europe, a leading holocaust scholar has said.

Writing on his personal blog, Peter Winter, author of the best-selling The Six Million: Fact or Fiction, quoted from a recent New York Times article in which the head of the ADL and other Jewish activists attempt to morally blackmail Europeans into accepting the invasion.

Winter wrote:

“In the very last section of The Six Million: Fact or Fiction, I put forward the reasons why the Holocaust Storytellers continue with the ‘gassed six million’ fable, concluding that:

“[T]he Holocaust” has served as a tool for those who seek to suppress any discussion of race, immigration, or ethnic issues.

This last factor has led to, for example, any group which advocates the preservation of its national identity or homogeneity, being dismissed as “Nazi” and therefore “one step away from the gas chambers.”

“The recent events surrounding the ongoing flooding of Europe with ‘migrants’ (and I use that word advisedly, because it certainly seems that many of them are actually just opportunistic illegal immigrants) have turned out to be a case in point.

“According to an article that has now appeared in the New York Times, we find that a significant number of major Jewish organizations in the US have announced that any European who is opposed to the current ‘migrant’ flow is only doing so because they are not ‘aware of the Holocaust.’


“The New York Times article (Humanitarian Crisis Evokes Europe’s Darkest Hour, Sept.4, 2015) goes on to tell us:

Robert Frolich-250‘It was horrifying when I saw those images of police putting numbers on people’s arms,’ said Robert Frolich, the chief rabbi of Hungary. ‘It reminded me of Auschwitz. And then putting people on a train with armed guards to take them to a camp where they are closed in? Of course there are echoes of the Holocaust.’

Europeans are facing one of the Continent’s worst humanitarian crises since World War II, yet many seem blind to images that recall that blackest time in their history.

This migrant crisKenneth Roth-250is is no genocide. The issue throughout the Continent is how to register, house, resettle or repatriate hundreds of thousands of migrants and refugees, a daunting logistical challenge. But perhaps not since the Jews were rounded up by Nazi Germany have there been as many images coming out of Europe of people locked into trains, babies handed over barbed wire, men in military gear herding large crowds of bedraggled men, women and children.

At the same time, the images may reveal a deeper truth about Europe and its seeming unpreparedness for a crisis so long in the making: While extolling the virtues of human rights and humanism, it remains, in many parts, a place resistant to immigration and diversity.

As a result, some here are reacting in ways that recall some of the Continent’s darkest impulses.

‘They must beJonahan Greenblatt ADL 250 oblivious because who would do that if they had any historical memory whatsoever,’ said Kenneth Roth, executive director of Human Rights Watch. ‘It’s amazing, really. Certainly those images of the trains can’t help but conjure up nightmares of the Holocaust.’

But for others, the fact that it was not done on purpose was even more frightening, showing a puzzling historical disconnect in many of the very places that the Holocaust caused the deepest devastation.

‘It may be correcAndrew Stroehlein-250t that they didn’t know, but the insensitivity and the ignorance of the imagery their actions evoked is stunning; it’s just sickening,’ said Jonathan Greenblatt, national director of the Anti-Defamation League, in New York.

For many migrant advocates, what is so puzzling about this historical amnesia is that the countries taking the hardest line are among those that suffered the most during World War II and produced the most refugees in the war’s aftermath.

‘It’s hard to understand how people lose their sense of history so quickly,’ said Andrew Stroehlein, European media director for Human Rights Watch.

‘We all say we have learned the lessons of history, but to be turning away these desperate people who are fleeing a horrific situation suggests that we haven’t learned the lessons at all.’

Winter continued: “It should not be necessary for me to point out that Kenneth Roth, Jonathan Greenblatt, and Andrew Stroehlein are all Jewish.”

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“So there you have it: if you don’t accept the migrant flow, you are repeating the Holocaust—exactly the type of tactic I pointed out in my book.

“It is sad to see the tragedy of current events in the Middle East and its results in Europe become the subject of yet more ‘Holocaust’ blackmail:  and this makes it even more imperative that the fable of the ‘six million’ be squashed once and for all,” Winter concluded.

Editorial Comment: The ADL and other Jewish Supremacists’ self-righteousness over European attempts to preserve their homogeneity is also  in stark contrast to the Jewish homeland of Israel, where immigrants are DNA-checked to make sure they are really Jewish, and where that country’s chief rabbi is on record as saying that Israel’s racially-based citizenship laws are not “strict enough.” The ADL and the “Human Rights Watch” Jews listed above are always silent on Jewish moves to remain pure…

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  1. “Migrants'”free) accommodation doors painted red (when ALL houses owned by the contracting Property Company are painted red), “Migrants” have show show an easily-covered wristband to show they are “entitled” to free meals, “MIgrants'” have to realize assets before they are “entitled” to State Support = Another Holocaust.


  2. Well exactly the remarks jewish soldiers made right after the war of ’67in Israel, about their actions to deport many palestinians from their homes. Some even calling themselves murderers, which they were. Ordered by commanders who did not give a damn. Watch the docu Censored Voices,recently having come out, just shown on dutch tv and most impressive. Traumatised people or even descendants of those, suffering intergenerational trauma, then in turn doing the same to palestinians is just nor congruent with those suffering real PTSD/CPTSD.


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