Jewish Swindle: Suicides, Elderly Scammed

British police receive at least two reports every day from victims of the Israel-based “binary options” fraud swindle—and victims of the scam have lost so much that they have committed suicide.

Other victims include the elderly who have lost all their life savings to the scam—which Israel has outlawed in its own country, but which it allows to be perpetrated against non-Jewish countries.


The Tel Aviv business district, where the “binary options” scam is headquartered.

A report in the Daily Mail—which was careful to downplay the Israel connection—said that “thousands of Britons—including many pensioners—have lost millions of pounds in a secret fraud known as binary options investments.”

Quoting an “insider” at a call center, the Daily Mail said that “staff were ordered to ‘rape clients’ of their cash.”

“And some brokers involved have swapped tales of people committing suicide after realizing they have been duped,” the Daily Mail continues.

Only in one line does the newspaper admit where the swindlers are coming from: “British police say call centers in Israel are behind the hard-sell tactics.”


The attempted cover-up of the Israeli connection by the Daily Mail is not surprising, given that the paper earlier boasted of its controlling Jewish editors.

As detailed in an earlier report published in the Times of Israel, the Israeli binary options “industry” specifically targets non-Jews in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, brings in over a billion dollars, and employs thousands of Jews cheating “naive would-be investors via a range of corrupt practices.”

In a major act of chutzpah, the “binary options” scam is illegal in Israel—in other words, the Israeli government makes it illegal for the swindlers to target Jews—but the companies, all based in Tel Aviv’s central business district—are free to target non-Jewish victims from the safety of Israel.

The Daily Mail report added that the swindlers “lure victims by scam emails, with high-pressure salesmen persuading responders to invest small sums such as £250.

“A second team then lean on these investors to put in thousands more. Meanwhile further thousands are charged to their credit cards without authorization,” the article continues, and then admits that the “schemes are regulated or banned in the U.S., Israel, and Belgium”—without admitting the obvious hypocrisy of the scam being based in Israel.

The Daily Mail story was in fact generated by the “Bureau of Investigative Journalism” (BOIJ)—an organization started originally by South Africa-born millionaires David and Elaine Potter, who made their fortune out of the pioneering Psion home-computer manufacturing company.

The BOIJ version of the story revealed that the “fraudulent sale of binary options is now the biggest scam in the U.K., according to the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau’s deputy director and financial crime specialist, DCI Andy Fyfe.”

This was likely just the “the tip of the iceberg,” Fyfe told the BOIJ, “as most people would not bother reporting in the knowledge there was little police could do. There have been no successful prosecutions because the fraudsters are usually located abroad.”

The BOIJ story does however reveal more of the Israeli connection than does the Daily Mail version—to no great surprise. All of the extensive references to Jews and Israel in the BOIJ version were edited out of the Daily Mail’s version of the story.


For example, the BOIJ article contains a section headed: “The wolves of Tel Aviv’s Wall Street” and continues as follows:

Last spring a young Englishman posted an Instagram video of himself singing and larking around in an office in the Electra tower, a 45-storey block in the heart of Tel Aviv. The man, Jonathan Baker, was born and raised in Birmingham before moving to Israel some seven years ago.

Baker’s LinkedIn profile says he works as a sales co-ordinator for Express Target Marketing. The Bureau has seen multiple pieces of evidence indicating Inside Option is closely linked to Express Target Marketing, operating from the same office. and’s domains are both registered to Emir Yedibaslar, a Turkish businessman whose Facebook profile at one point featured a photograph of Leonardo de Caprio proudly holding a $100 banknote in the movie “The Wolf of Wall Street”.

His Facebook posts show how he tempted people into the business: around the time Inside Option started trading in autumn 2014, Yedibaslar was advertising for “money craving foreign language speakers for his “start up” binary options company with the promise of “tons of cash”.

“Do you want to make a lot of money every month while having mad fun in the office??” he wrote on one job site. “Come get our training, and become one of our brokers and make tons of cash in commission!!!!!!” One ad was accompanied by a photo of a room filled with stacks of banknotes.

When contacted by the Bureau Yedibaslar said he had worked for Express Target Marketing, not Inside Option, and insisted he was entirely innocent of any wrongdoing. “I have never not earned a straight dollar in my life!” he said.

Behind the brokers are the legitimate companies which provide a platform for companies like Inside Option, as well as regulated binary options firms, to operate. They can correctly claim to have no part in the hard selling but they take a cut of the profits. In June, SpotOption, an online platform which hosts Inside Option, announced a “grand opening” in the Royal Exchange in the City of London with the aim of “driving regulated binary options trading to its full potential”.

SpotOption is one of six major providers of binary option trading platforms, all of which are based in Israel. It claims to be the platform provider for some 200 binary option brands making up 65% of the worldwide market, with a combined trading volume of some $5 billion.

The company hosts the trading process “end to end”: from the front end user interface to account management and payments to the ultimate company owners. It charges brands like Inside Option a percentage commission on its turnover. One insider said the binary options company he worked for was charged about 12% on its turnover by SpotOption.

The founder and primary shareholder of SpotOption is an Israeli known as Pini Peter, whose full name is Pinchas Peterktzishvilly. He was convicted of money laundering in 2005 in connection with one of Israel’s largest ever financial crimes: the embezzlement of some 254 million shekels (£51 million) from Trade Bank, a commercial bank.

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