Jews Bomb Syria with Blessing from “Blacks are Monkeys” Chief Rabbi after New “Chemical Attack”

The Israeli air force has bombed the Syrian army once again at the T-4 airport in Homs with the direct blessing of the Jewish state’s Chief Rabbi Yitzhak “blacks are monkeys” Yosef—after a new “chemical attack” which, just like all the previous incidents, was clearly the work of western-backed “moderate” rebels.

The attack on the Syrian airport—a staging post for the Iranian army volunteers coming into the country to help fight ISIS and other “moderate” US- and UK-backed “rebels,” took place only a few hours after reports of a new “chemical attack” originated with the notorious, proven liars of the pro-terrorist “White Helmets” organization.

Previous chemical weapon attacks have been proven to be have been carried out by the “moderate” rebels (as documented by well-known international journalist Seymour Hersh here) and the timing of the latest “attack”—just as the Syrian army is finishing off the last of the “rebels” in Ghouta, is far too coincidental to be the work od the Syrian government.

The Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) reported that Syrian air defenses managed to shoot down a number of the Israeli missiles, fired from the Jews’ F-15 fighter jets flying in Lebanese airspace, away from their direct targets.

“The Israeli aggression came after less than 24 hours of the submission of ‘Jaish al-Islam’ terrorists in Douma City,” the SAMA report added.

The Syrian foreign ministry dismissed the “chemical attack” propaganda as an “unconvincing stereotype” used by “countries which traffic with the blood of civilians and support terrorism in Syria.”

The ministry pointed out that “every time the Syrian Arab Army advances in combatting terrorism, allegations of using chemical weapons emerge as a pretext to prolong the presence of terrorists.”

“The pretext of using chemicals in Ghouta was pre-planned and there is documented and confirmed information about this against which the Syrian state has previously warned,” the statement said.

“A number of misleading media outlets and those that speak by the name of terrorist organizations have launched a campaign to accuse the Syrian Arab Army of using chemical weapons during operations against terrorists in Duma, followed by a US-led Western political campaign to justify any hostile moves against Syria aimed at supporting terrorists and preventing them from collapsing,” the statement concluded.

For its part, the Russian Foreign Ministry said that the “allegations about a chemical attack in Eastern Ghouta are mere provocations that seek to protect terrorists and justify attacking Syria.”

In a statement, the the Ministry said that Moscow had warned about such provocations that seek to protect terrorists and justify potential attacks on Syria from foreign sides.

“These allegations are based on testimonies by the so-called ‘White Helmets’ and groups based in Britain and the United States, and those sides have been proven to collude with terrorists,” the Russian statement said.

“The Ministry warned that any foreign intervention under fabricated and false excuses in Syria is unacceptable, and could lead to dire repercussions, adding that those who don’t want the elimination of terrorists in Syria or a true political settlement for the crisis. They are trying with all available means to escalate the situation.”

The latest Israeli attacks were carried out with the blessing the Sephardic Chief Rabbi, Yitzhak Yosef—more famous recently for his assertion that blacks are “sub-humans, monkeys and nig*ers”

In his latest talk, Yosef said Jews have “a moral obligation” to stop the “genocide” in Syria—that is, to intervene on the side of the anti-Syrian “rebels.”

The real reason for the Jews’ hatred of Syria lies in the fact that that nation has never accepted the expulsion of the Palestinians to make way for the Jewish state, and has never signed any peace deal with Israel following the sneak attack and war of 1973, during which Syria’s Golan Heights were illegally seized by the Jewish army.

It is for this reason that the worldwide Jewish lobby—and its controlled western media and governments—endlessly recycle a litany of hate and lies against Syria, all the time hoping to incite a war against that nation which will end in its destruction, just as happened in Iraq.

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