“Jews Control Swedish Media” MP Quits

Swedish Democrat party member of Parliament Anna Hagwall has announced her resignation from all party posts and will not stand for reelection in 2018 after a furor following her exposure of the fact that a single family of Jews control the Swedish media.

The uproar followed her letter to the Aftonbladet newspaper in which she said that “ethnicity should be a factor” in determining media ownership of more than 5 percent—an obvious reference to the Jewish Bonnier family media group.


The Bonnier Group owns 96 book publishers, 42 business and trade press newspapers, 105 digital news platforms, 9 film production companies, 176 magazines, 23 major newspapers, 33 TV stations, and 33 “other” media outlets—and quite literally dominates the controlled media in Sweden.

Hagwall had earlier submitted a motion to the Swedish parliament which proposed cuts to the state subsidies paid to media in Sweden.

Although she never mentioned Jews by name, Hagwall said in an explanatory letter to the Aftonbladet that it would be a good idea to “let Bonnier’s newspapers go under” so that “no family, ethnic group, or company” could control more than 5 percent of the media.

“An entire 80 percent of the media is owned and controlled by the same owners,” Hagwell wrote. “This is not acceptable. Therefore, media ownership should be spread over many independent companies and people. In order to change this, I suggest backtracked press subsidies [for the independent media].”

When asked by Aftonbladet how the abolition of press subsidies to the country’s local newspapers reduce Bonnier’s power over the media in Sweden, Hagwall answered by email that “most small newspapers are directly or indirectly controlled by Bonnier, and why they have to be subsidized by the Swedish taxpayer is a mystery.

“Let the little Bonnier newspapers in the provinces go under, because then a void will be created which can be filled by newspapers that care about people and business owners.”

She also said that the Swedish public service broadcaster, Sveriges Television (SVT), should be switched to pay channels to “reduce SVT’s propagation of the politically correct agenda.”

The comments provoked a stream of attacks upon Hagwall, and the Swedish Democrat leadership also distanced itself from her, saying in a statement that the matter will “affect her future in the party.”

This week, Hagwall resigned her position as member of the Parliamentary Committee on Taxation and internal group leader of the Sweden Democrats’ tax policy group. She also will not seek reelection to Parliament in 2018 at the request of the party leadership, and it is currently unclear if she will continue to sit in parliament for the remainder of the current term.

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  1. Well, we all know that Sweden is now well and trully stuffed. It will become the first country in Europe to be muslim majority, under sharia law, all planned by the Jews!

    1. Sweden is not “stuffed”. European man does not yet have his back against the wall with nothing left to lose. When he does . . . .

      Just remember 2036 will be as different from 2016 as 1936 was from 1916. More so. It is future history.

      To say Sweden is “stuffed” is very shortsighted at best, defeatist at worst.

      1. People must stop buckling to the zionist bullies. Not only are their correct, views silenced, but their resignations seem tacit admission of wrongdoing- as if the zionists are right. It rewards the jewish terrorists- because that is what these bullies are.

    2. They own 90% of the world’s media! Including Hollywood where white’s are being portrayed as weak and stupid?
      Just look at the insane attacks against Trump?
      It’s like the bully in the playground if you don’t play by the jew book, then they will smear and defame you? MSM are whores to the jew!!!

      1. Controlling the press/news/media is one of the steps to overall control of a nation. It should not be allowed in any democratic nation.

      2. “white’s are being portrayed as weak and stupid?”

        Don’t know about weak but certainly stupid; boasting about being a democracy while allowing an illegal foreign entity to effectively control US Congress, its military, draw on taxpayers financial resources at the expense of domestic requirements.

  2. Why resign? Dig in. Nothing she said was untrue nor can it be undone. Don’t apologise for speaking truth to power.

    1. Exactly silly woman should stand firm and hold her ground. The aholes that have created this mess and should resign aren’t. She has more rights to be in Parliament than the other traitorous scum. She should rally the people and expose how corrupt Sweden has become. This is why the scum are winning, people don’t seem to have the balls to fight for their rights

    2. She didn’t resign on her own will, she was forced to leave by the zionist “Mattias Karlsson” who has more influence on the Sweden Democrats than the leader Jimmie Åkesson.
      Mattias Karlsson has worked with the radical left intelligence service financed by George Soros called EXPO to locate Nationalistic people in the party so he can kick them out.

      Sweden democrats is a infiltrated useless party today that works for Israels best interest.

      The only hope Sweden has now is the Nordic Resistance Movement, A nationalsocialist organisation that has existed since the late 90s, who now formed a political party last year to participate in the election 2018. We believe power can not be taken in poltiics, we need a revolution.
      But in order for that to be possible enough people has to wake up, which going into party politics will help with.

      Look out for us on the 12th november, a big demonstration in the capital of Sweden Stockholm will take place under the paroll “Stop the foreign invasion”

  3. Good luck to her. I suppose it’s inevitable that pioneers trying to oppose monopolies will get flak. We just have to hope that some of the vast number of fellow travellers of Jews (imagine all the writers, electricians, directors, editors, film technicians, photographers, ‘media studies’ types, compilers of ‘authoritative’ reference books, ‘historians’, religious pretenders, lawyers, politicians, teachers etc etc etc) trailing behind the Bonniers like a trail of sh!t after a wild animal.

  4. Anyone brave enough to expose the Jews is inviting lots of trouble for themselves. Our elites absolutely detest anyone stepping out of line and being so-called “antisemitic”. The truth hurts!

  5. Woah! This is right up my alley of outrages. USA here, the FCC was set up to not allow monopolies in media ownership for just this reason. It is human and business nature to have the views of the top permeate to those under them. These laws were very strict. Clinton signed in the Telecommunications Act in 1996 basically allowing for multiple station ownerships, newspaper outlets, cable and the internet. I was there in the trenches, and It was mayhem. Radio stations individually fought it, the music industry fought it. All the while cable was wiring the country and new alliances were being formed. All of a sudden, we went through the monopolization of entertainment, news, music choices. We went through, multiple owners while they all vied for consolidation. Popular alternative choices both press and broadcast were eliminated as they were absorbed and eventually dismantled by the big guys. The consequence is that we have fewer choices, less truth and news, entertainment and the press has become a machine of liberalism and race baiting. Almost everything fed to us or shown to us is controlled by an elite few with their own agendas. I lived through it. As a broadcasting executive, the control of the many into the hands of the few (((Liberals))) was horrifying. You are pressured to support the owners charities, candidates and ideologies. Collusion is rampant and effects pricing, placement and policy not to mention editorial content.. Sweden better wake up. They should adopt the old FCC policies of the USA and the USA should go back to the old FCC policies. The influence of a single group of people and their agenda, imposed on the general population is an abomination.

  6. She never had to mention an ethnic group–she could have stuck with the words family or monopoly. Her wording invited the forever victimized pointing finger of anti-Semitism.

    1. She never said the word “jews”, She criticized the influence BONNIER has on our media and BONNIER is a jewish family and at the same time a company. You don’t even have to call out and say JEWS have to much power, just say that a specific JEWISH company has to much power and you will be attacked. For you cannot criticize those who rule over you.

    2. Your Reply is pathetic. The Jews will attempt to destroy patriots anyway if you dare to oppose them. For what reason do you think the ADL Jews drafted the anti-White ‘hate laws’ for in the first place? To silence the Truth because the Truth exposes the Jew World of Lies. How many White patriots are being demonised, attacked by the Cultural Marxist morons & being imprisoned in almost every single White nation.

  7. Very brave woman she is ,of course wasting her time as she will recieve no backing from the swedish people .They only have to boycott ,stop buying this families products and run them out of money but like all people in the west they are disorganised.If it was the muslims that were being offended a fatwa would be issued by the immam and they would swing into action…..terry

      1. Intersperse watching TV, or reading newspapers, with reading alternative web based news, and do your own research by digging around on the web

      2. You see thick people in supermarkets with their Sun, Daily Mirror, Guardian or whatever in their shopping trolleys. Nobody forces them to buy propaganda.

  8. In today’s Express, a woman living in the UK was refused by the French authorities from delivering supplies to the Calais camp. Holly Kal-Weiss was set to travel to Calais with donations from school children, her synagogue and the Jamie Oliver Foundation which included clothes and tents but was told at Folkestone she could go no further.

    1. You`d think they`d have known that the French are finally dismantling the Jungle. It`s hardly surprising they refused her permission to travel further.

  9. The Jews have very often felt isolated, oppressed and disliked everywhere they go. Thus their need for a jewish “homeland;” a place to call their own, free to celebrate life with each other without the looming shadow of the goyim. Donald Trump will satisfy that need and at the same time bring peace to the middle-east. He will buy the Palestinians out. Jews worldwide will flock to their promised land of milk and honey and Palestinians will move into the homes and businesses the Jews leave behind.

  10. Why the hell did she resign? Can’t Swedes stand up for themselves? This is an example of the kind of gutlessness that is making Sweden into an international laughing stock.

  11. A brave patriotic White woman arose in Sweden trying to make changes and the jews have slapped her down. I see nothing there that she should receive criticism for. The networked jews control there and they don’t plan to let their monopolies go, whether in Sweden or anywhere else. Those networks of jews boycott governments, corporations or anything else in order to get their way or to stifle the smallest of criticism, and the networks of jews do that internationally, so why should it be expected that they would not boycott and injure a sole White and patriotic woman who stood up for what is right in her own little country!?

    The jews always had claimed to have wanted a “homeland”, so why aren’t they there in that “home” that never belonged to them and was never theirs, but is the one that they stole from the people who had owned it? The white-skinned jews are not wanted in our homelands, the homes of White people, and this is a prime indicator of why.

    Thanks to Anna Hagwall for firing the first shot. It takes many who are brave enough to go it alone in order to get to a point to make a change, but it begins with individuals. May she be remembered for her contribution, which would not have been so easy to make for someone in her position. She is honorable, and appreciated.

  12. It’s just so unfair. None of the suffering this is caused was necessary nor does it need to continue. If this issue could be aired in sensible public debate so people are informed and we can start making areas of our respective countries safe again before it’s too late.

    1. Jews promote one another ….. suppress non-Tribe members …… and get financial assistance from over seas …. how many of YOUR taxes were diverted into the acquisition from Tribal headquarters in Tel Aviv?

  13. Everyone quotes Voltaire on the classic, “To learn who rules over you…….” But almost NONE will quote his better stuff, such as, “…….I wouldn’t be surprised if ((they)) became DEADLY to the human race.” Start quote both with each other or at least now and then quote the more important one. Both are quite true and important though, but it’s time to step it up. Di’i’i’i’smissed!

  14. Control of media is bad enough; could be worse though.

    In the US practically the entire policy-making Congress has to give Israel’s security top priority because AIPAC lobby associates make sure pro-Israel Democrats and Republicans get the necessary money and organization to get elected. Thus US has spent trillions on wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, which presented no threat to US, but were enemies of Israel, Taliban for allowing Arabs to train for ousting Jew squatters from Palestine, Iraq for Saddam encouraging Palestinians to blow up squatters by the busload.

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