Jews Demand Amazon Stop Selling “Free Palestine” Material

Fresh from their successful campaign to stop retail giant Amazon from selling any books which question the “Holocaust,” the Jewish lobby has now started an attempt to suppress any material which promotes a “free Palestine” not under Israeli control.
According to the Times of Israel, online sales giant Amazon currently still sells shirts and other clothing items calling to “Free Palestine,” even though US retailers “Sears and Walmart removed similar items from their websites.”
According to the Jerusalem-based newspaper, the items are offered by Amazon via various third parties, and “include shirts, hats and pins, some bearing Palestinian flags and many featuring a fist symbolizing resistance.”
Sears said last week that it had removed a line of clothing featuring the slogan from its website. The clothing was offered for sale by another company, Spreadshirt Collection, and included tank tops, T-shirts, and hoodies featuring a variety of pro-Palestinian messages.
The designs included a clenched fist in the colors of the Palestinian flag and statements opposing the Israeli occupation.
Ynet news reported that Walmart was also selling the shirts and featured a screen capture of them for sale, but by later Wednesday they were no longer available.
According to a statement from a Sears spokesman, the apparel was pulled from the site based on feedback the company received.
“These items were being sold by a third-party seller via the Sears Marketplace,” said the statement, which was sent to JTA Tuesday afternoon. “Given the feedback we’ve received, they are being removed.”
The statement added that Sears felt it had been “unfairly singled out on this issue,” as similar items were available for purchase from other companies, such as Amazon and Walmart.
The Jewish lobby recently placed Amazon under pressure over the sale of Holocaust revisionist books on its website, claiming that a recent “upsurge in anti-Semitic threats” (later shown to have originated in Israel) were being fueled by the availability of such works.
The books banned by Amazon included titles such as Did Six Million Really Die? by Richard Harwood; The Six Million: Fact or Fiction? by Peter Winter, and The Myth of the Extermination of the Jews, the Times of Israel concluded.

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  1. I haven't patronized Amazon in years and now, with the latest censoring of 146 books with one click of their DELETE key (a digital book burning), removing the Confederate flag and now this, any White person who's even remotely aware of what's going on the the world should NOT buy anything on Amazon again. I use Amazon to check out customer reviews and research products. Then, I buy the product either from the manufacturer's website or another supplier. There are lots of other places to get books cheap, as well, like Alibris, Book Depository, Books-A-Million and elsewhere. DUMP Amazon.

  2. I agree with new observer views on most things but why are you voicing support for Palestinian terrorists, if they didn't have Israel to attack they would switch their efforts to the west, the enemy of my enemy is my friend, that's all that counts.

  3. This article does not express support for "Palestinian terrorists", you are deluded. It points out that the Jews seek to suppress all opinions different to theirs, and the danger that this poses. Wake up.

  4. Do some research, Israel used chemical weapons on the Palestinians, stole their land, walled them in, they have been killing innocent women and children daily. The few people who fight back with rocks are labeled terrorists. Its a crime against humanity yet people still support the real terrorists. Main stream media at its finest, spewing propaganda.

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