Jews Demand Muslim Invaders be “Democratic”

The official representative of the American Jewish Committee (AJC) in Berlin has demanded that the flood of Arab invaders pouring into Europe must be taught to be “democratic”—i.e. not anti-Semitic—highlighting the Jewish lobby’s blatant hypocrisy in supporting the nonwhite invasion of Europe while refusing to let any of these “refugees” enter Israel.


The American Jewish Committee Berlin’s statement, featuring a photograph of a wall of an invader center, upon which a crude swastika and a Star of David with “666”–the alleged sign of the devil–have been scrawled. Of course, the chances of this being genuine are tiny, mainly because Muslims would not know about the “666” reference, which is exclusively a popular culture Christian turn of phrase.

Without considering the blatancy of their hypocrisy, the AJC in Berlin announced that it was organizing a “summit to outline educational priorities for half a million new asylum seekers” in Germany.


The report, originally made by the Jewish Telegraphic Agency (JTA) and then repeated in the Times of Israel, said “amid fears that Muslim refugees’ arrival to Germany may cause problems for local Jews,” that the American Jewish Committee in Berlin called for a national summit on ways to combat “anti-democratic values” among the newcomers.

By “anti-democratic values,” they of course mean hostility toward Jews and Israel—which, thanks to Israel’s murderous campaign of ethnic cleansing against the Palestinians, is common among the entire Muslim world.

“It is five minutes before midnight, but not yet too late,” AJC Berlin director Deidre Berger was quoted as saying.

The report went on to admit that the Muslim immigrants are “responsible for most [of the] violent anti-Semitic incidents today, as well as increases in attacks,”—something which they and the controlled media have always generally tried to hide or blame on European “neo-Nazis.”

According to the report, Berger’s words echo the concerns of Josef Schuster, head of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, who has asked for reassurances that Chancellor Angela Merkel would “take Jewish concerns seriously.”

The report also openly admits that despite the obvious hostility toward Jews which the Muslim invasion brings, all the Jewish organizations have nonetheless supported the influx:

Leaders of Jewish communities in Hungary, Austria, the Netherlands, and Belgium, among other places, expressed similar concerns while insisting — as has Schuster — they favored magnanimous treatment of refugees.

This echoes a September 2015 article in the JTA, titled “European Jews, mindful of risks, urge aid to refugees,” which told of several instances of Jews pushing for aid for the invading nonwhite hordes even though they were well aware that many of the incoming Arabs were “anti-Semitic.”

The JTA quoted Ron van der Wieken, chairman of the Central Jewish Organization of the Netherlands, as saying that while he was “aware that some Middle Eastern refugees harbor very negative feelings toward Jews … Jews cannot withdraw support from those in need and fleeing serious violence,” and urged Holland to devise a “charitable” refugee policy.

Zoltan Radnoti, the newly elected chairman of the rabbinical board of the Mazsihisz umbrella group of Hungarian Jewish communities, was then quoted as saying, “I help the refugees with fear that I am helping send danger to other Jews in Europe. I know some of the refugees may have fired on our [Israeli] soldiers. Others would have done so in a heartbeat. I know. But I am duty bound to help.”


The World Jewish Congress and the Central Council of Jews in Germany have also gone on record as welcoming the mainly Muslim nonwhite invasion of Europe.

In a formal statement published in Die Welt newspaper in Germany, titled “Wir Juden wissen, wie bitter Flucht ist” (“We Jews Understand What Being a Refugee Means”), Ronald S. Lauder, president of the World Jewish Congress (WJC) and Dr. Josef Schuster, president of the Central Council of Jews in Germany and a vice-president of the WJC, attacked all Germans who oppose the flooding of their country by nonwhites, calling them “neo-Nazis.”

For many years, there were complaints about the country’s [Germany’s] unwillingness to become a country of immigration, and about a lack of a ‘culture of welcome.’ Given what we saw over the last weeks, that’s obviously not the case at all. The Jewish community, both in Germany and worldwide, welcomes this evolution toward an open society. It is the right thing.

The two top Jews then went on to demand that the flood of nonwhite invaders be distributed to all European nations:

What is needed now is not only a just allocation to the various countries, but also longer-term support. Winter is around the country, and the refugees need good housing. It won’t suffice to provide them with tents, or pretzels, or teddy bears.


The World Jewish Congress went on to state that “closing Europe’s borders is not the right answer to the refugee crisis.” This was said in an official statement penned by its Deputy CEO for Diplomacy, Maram Stern, in September 2015.

The WJC statement said that it would be “immoral” for Europe to close the borders, and that “Europe needs to act now. Our answer can’t be to close the doors. Not only would it not work, it would be immoral.”


At the same time, however, the Jewish state of Israel—which all these Jewish organization support—has been adamant that it will not allow a single “refugee” to enter its territory.

As reported in the LA Times of September 6, 2015 (“One country that won’t be taking Syrian refugees: Israel”), Israel has absolutely refused to accept a single “refugee”—despite all Jewish organizations in Europe and America being at the forefront of pushing these “refugees” into Europe.


An official statement from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office emphatically stated that Israel’s “lack of demographic and geographic depth” required controlling its borders against both “illegal migrants and terrorism.”


In fact, Israel has also made it illegal for any non-Jew, as racially defined by that state, to immigrate to Israel at all, no matter where they come from.


At the same time, the Israeli government has also financed, through its official foreign aid section (IsraAID), the Third World Muslim invasion of Europe.

According to the IsraAID website, that agency’s “work” in Europe includes an “Advanced Emergency Team” on the ground providing basic medical and psychosocial support to refugees, as well as distributing “much needed emergency items, including baby slings.”

In addition, the IsraAID website says, the Jews have “sent an assessment and relief mission to Serbia and Croatia to determine both the short-term and long-term needs of the refugee population crossing through Europe” and has launched a “Mobile Relief Unit in anticipation of Hungary’s stricter border controls.”


The Jewish hypocrisy could not be clearer: on the one hand, they refuse to let any of these “refugees” into Israel, arguing, quite correctly, that letting in millions of these Muslims will destroy Israel’s racial homogeneity and stability.

However, on the other hand, these same Jews—in Israel and elsewhere—ardently support the importation of millions of Muslim “refugees” into Europe—knowing very well that they will destroy Europe’s racial homogeneity and stability.

Now, as western Europe teeters on the brink, these same Jewish organizations which promoted and pushed the nonwhite invasion, are now demanding that the Muslims pouring into Europe be “educated” into not being “anti-Semitic.”

The Jewish lobby’s behavior makes it clear once again that what they call “anti-Semitism” is only a reaction to Jewish behavior—and that if they stopped acting so duplicitously toward all other peoples, “anti-Semitism” would disappear overnight

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    1. It would be a good idea if the invaders had representatives in parliament. (see Article 3 of the 53/243A Declaration on a culture of Peace)

  1. Good luck with that one Jewish people, I foretell that bedsits in Israel will be in greater demand, and a few nice kosha houses in north London will be going up for sale at sky high prices, and be converted into sharia bedsits, for your replacements, be careful what you wish for, you may have destroyed the goy, but can you control your monster?

  2. American Jewish committe in Berlin ! Hang on, didn’t Adolf send them up the chimney? So there can’t be that many American Jews in Berlin? Not difficult to see why the yids have been kicked out of so many countries and states.

      1. By playing both sides against the middle each time, then just like Macavity`s cat` they`re nowhere to be seen and leave no evidence of guilt.

  3. Fair demand – but no chance. No one is going to change an ideology inculcated from the day someone’s born over night. As for teaching Arabs to be democratic – that’s a rueful laugh. The Germans are trying to give them lessons on how not to rape women, so demanding their being democratic seems a forlorn hope. They know that women are property to be dealt with as they see fit.

    They’ve already come to understand in Europe (due to the protection they get) that they’re above the law.

  4. Jews are so used to controlling all the media – what a surprise it must be to them that their lies are being noted! There must be huge numbers of ‘gentiles’ who are starting to discover what they never suspected. The evidence is so overwhelming it is leaking through all the barriers that jews and their puppets have tried to build.

    1. Rerevisionist Jews do own most of the media and were able to control the message but the internet where ideas flow more freely unabated by their ‘subject control’ has proven to be a big problem for them. They are losing control of their narrative. That’s why the seek to control the internet as well. The world must resist this Machiavellian behavior.

      1. Yes, I agree. And technical improvements (e.g. handheld video cameras, which simply did not exist before; and aerial pictures of the ground, online maps etc) make truth-telling easier than it was, say, in the 1930s, when any amount of lies were told about Germany in the controlled ‘Anglo-Saxon’ countries by the Jewish media in the US especially.

  5. I’d never held any anti-Semitic views in my life until recently, but now I’m seeing Jews for what they really are, and beginning to understand why they have always been hated throughout history.

    1. I first became aware of these creatures in 1972 and I am still learning. Just when I think they cant get any lower they show just how deep the sewer that they feel comfortable in really is. I do know some individual Jews who I think are decent people, I don’t know how they live with being one of them.

  6. As a supporter of the UN and their charter and purposes, The Marauding Treaty of Mursillis and Duppi-Tessub ( 01.html ) poses a problem. Consider the final possible state of The Maraud of Merkel in Germany, where Angela sits in a refurbished bunker in Berlin and above ground the Muslim majority wander around chopping off infidel heads and non compliant Muslims, much like 30 June 1934, She would probably be complaining about vanilla ice cream and lychee and cream meringue tart and repeating, “I only want to spread love around and help those people, but nobody understands this.”
    Supporting article 1 of the 14 points and avoiding the oath to the Gods of the Maraud, my solution to the problem would be to give half of what used to be West Germany to the Arabs and start by asking the Moroccans if Cologne would be ok for their New Casablanca, then give the Algerians a New Algiers in a neighbouring town then find New Tunis, New Tripoli, New Alexandria, New Damascus, New Bagdad, New Tehran, New Kabul and New Karachi. This would be compliant with all known Treaties to me and a reminder that half of East Germany that was taken after the WW2 maraud, will be repeated for The Maraud of Merkel.
    I have a plan to sit around just watching what happens and have no concern about what people think of my attitude to the “Gods of the oath” in the Mursilis and Duppi-Tessub Treaty.

      1. Anyone who supports the UN is an anti-European. Why? Look up Peter Sutherland on you tube, what is currently happening is exactly what he, as migration minister for the UN is trying to achieve, supplanting indigenous Europeans with mass moslem migrants.

  7. “Anti-Semitic?” So, not only have the Jews practically trademarked the word holocaust, but they’ve also cornered the market on the word Semitic. What are the Arabs, if not Semites?

  8. It always amazes me that the greatest supporters of Immigration are always left wing Secular Jews. The Academic types that cry out for mass immigration and when Jews are attacked they have nothing to say. And why are Jews at least not in some kind of Intellectual civil war over it? Kevin McDonalds Evolutionary theory on Judaism is particularly worth accessing.

    1. So called socialist sharing has long been a tool of Zionism. Look who were mostly Bolsheviks.
      It’s a means of gaining control of their narrative under a humanitarian disguise. Look what happened in Russia and Ukraine once they gained that control. Genocide of Christians.

  9. The more Muslims brought into European countries the more antisemitism will be experienced by the Jews of these countries. Muslims are brought up from birth to hate Jews because of Palestine.
    Why Jews believe this not be the case is a mystery to me. One only needs to look at the attacks against Jews in France to understand this factor. Such attacks will become more prevalent in Germany and other European countries who try to defy this logic.The writing is on the wall.

  10. The banksters don’t care if Jews get attacked by the Muslim hordes. Their plan is to attain their goal of world dictatorship by any means necessary, and sacrificing a few of their “lesser brethren” is just par for the course. This talk about teaching the invaders to be democratic is just typical nonsense coming from the hypocritical shysters heading the various ‘congresses” who claim to speak for world jewry. Without the “anti-semitism” victim card these groups would be flat broke and have zilch power and they know it. Why average liberal jews support mass immigration of muslims despite it not being in their best interest is indeed a conundrum- here’s an essay that tries to explains it:

  11. Trying to piece together the history of ‘democracy’ as an idea from the 19th century in England (and doubtless elsewhere) suggests it’s yet another ideology taken over and modified by Jews. They seem to instinctively assume that ‘goy’ beliefs should be controlled by Jews. In other words, they think ‘democracy’ is just a code word for getting the masses to support Jewish views. I wouldn’t be surprised if pioneers such as Bentham turned out to have been funded by Jews as they infiltrated Britain before the mass immigrations of Jews round about the 1890s.

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