Jews Demand Open Borders for USA, But Use DNA to Keep Israel RaciallyPure

Jews in America are 100 percent united in demanding “open borders” and “immigration reform”—but at the same time hypocritically support Israel which now uses DNA tests on potential immigrants in order to keep the Jewish state racially pure.

Just this past weekend, nearly 1,300 rabbis and a number of cantors from all streams of American Jewry joined together to call on the US Congress to pass comprehensive immigration reform.

In a letter sent to the Congress, which they also published on their website, the rabbis said that immigration reform was “in keeping” with the “Jewish High Holy Days” demand of “the spirit of self-examination as individuals and as a society.”

The letter was signed by leading clergy of the Reform, Conservative, Orthodox, and Reconstructionist movements and called for “common sense immigration reform” to reflect a “shared commitment to a path to citizenship, improved family reunification policies, humane and effective border security, sensible worker visa policies, and avenues for refugees and asylum seekers.”

The letter went on to say that Jewish history “coupled with the most-often repeated Biblical commandment to love the stranger inspires our advocacy for immigration reform…”

Sammie Moshenberg, operations director of the Washington NJWC gives Communist salute during sit-in pro-immigration protest in D.C. this past week.

This is not the only such statement by the organized Jewish community in America. Just this past week, the director of Washington operations for the National Council of Jewish Women, Sammie Moshenberg , was among more than 100 activists arrested for a “sit-in” pro-immigration protest at the US Capitol building.

The American Jewish Congress (AJC), the single largest Jewish organization in America, has a special advocacy group set up to promote “immigration reform.”

According to the AJC website devoted specially to promoting nonwhite immigration into America, that Jewish organization boasts that it “promotes a fair and just immigration policy consistent with our position that a strong America is vital for global freedom and security.

“National conflict over immigration undermines America’s strength and our country’s commitment to democratic and humanitarian values. With our shared immigrant experience, the Jewish people understand that upholding the rights of immigrants is vital to a strong America,” the AJC says.

An article in the Jewish newspaper, the Daily Forward, announced that “Jews Unite Behind Push for Immigration Reform” and significantly added that “Ethics and Self-Interest Drive Unusual Nationwide Effort.”

The Daily Forward article says that those “leading an active push for the [immigration reform] bill, which will offer a path to citizenship for some of the nation’s 11 million undocumented aliens, include the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, the American Jewish Committee, the Anti-Defamation League, the Jewish Council for Public Affairs, Bend the Arc and the National Council of Jewish Women.

“The Senate vote—and the even harder struggle that will follow in the Republican-controlled House—represents the fulfillment of a sustained campaign by the Jewish community for immigration reform, which has built momentum over the past decade.

Quoting the president and CEO  of an organization called the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS)—which used to promote Jewish immigration, but now promotes all nonwhite immigration into America,  Mark Hetfield, the Daily Forward said Jews promoted immigration because it was in their ‘strategic interest.’

“It’s the ethical thing to do,” said HIAS president and CEO, of the community’s immigration reform activism. But he quickly added, “It’s in our strategic interest.”

However, in Israel—which all of these Jewish organizations and individuals quoted above support fanatically—an immigration policy which is the exact opposite is rigorously enforced.

Israel’s “Law of Return” immigration policy is actually based upon the Nazi Nuremburg race laws, which defined a Jew as anyone with two or more Jewish grandparents.

This law of return is not based on religion—because Jewish atheists also qualify for settlement in Israel. They do not have to be believing Jews to come to Israel—all they have to have is biological Jewish ancestry.

In addition, it is illegal for Jews to marry non-Jews in Israel—another direct carryover from the Nazi laws concerning race.

Israel also has a zero tolerance policy for asylum seekers.

They have set up concentration camps in which thousands of Africans are interred awaiting deportation, and most recently, the Jewish state announced that it was deporting all Africans to Uganda, no matter which country they originally came from.

Israeli concentration in southern Israel set up to hold African asylum seekers.

Finally, Israel has recently announced that it is to start testing immigrants for Jewish DNA before allowing them to settle in Israel. This significant move (because it confirms a biological basis to Judaism) came about because of concern in Israel over suspected non-Jews entering Israel from the former Soviet Union countries.

Israel, therefore, has a completely racially-based immigration policy, and only allows people of biological Jewish descent to immigrate to that nation.

This policy is directly contradictory to the position taken by Jewish groups in America and other European nations—yet these same Jewish organizations will defend Israel to the last.

To put this into perspective: If America, or any nation for that matter, had to adopt racially based immigration policies and check the DNA of potential immigrants before allowing them to settle, these Jewish organizations would be up in arms and screaming “Nazi” and “holocaust” from the rooftops.

Yet Israel can adopt such policies without anyone raising so much as a peep of protest. On the contrary, these same Jewish organizations will fanatically support Israel’s “right to be a Jewish state.”

Why do Jews promote nonwhite immigration into European nations while simultaneously supporting Israel’s racially based immigration policies? This is a topic which cuts to the core of the question, and is addressed in the last section of this book.

*This article has been extracted from a forthcoming book The Fall of Jerusalem: Rome, Jews, and the Origins of Jewish Racism by Arthur Kemp.

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  1. Laura R – the fact you think only Jews are intelligent is incorrect. What given on average Japanese are one of the many Asiatic cultures that score higher and better. …. Not to mention there's rarely any Jew in engineering or similar careers.

    Or it isn't because such careers are lower paying. It is because jews for all their so-called intelligence actually aren't that intelligent. Few possess any considerable spatial skills which are now considered the indicator of true intelligence.

    I'm not Jewish. I've had three government evaluated IQ tests. All of them are 160+. My highest scores were in the spatial so I'm actually smarter than most Jews.

  2. I'm curios what exactly are jewish haplogroups from my research the original Judea DNA was Caucasian. They seem to be always inconclusive because of miscegenation in present populations. I did find Netanyahu's YDNA it is R1a, a Caucasian haplogroup also in ancient Judean maternal DNA is Caucasoid haplogroups one which I share also. And also if someone is going to say haplogroup J is a jewish haplogroup not so it is also a Roman one as well.

  3. In Israel. These people are aliens. They are innately biologically hostile to Westerners. Don't believe the faux dissidents.

  4. That is good Laura. Keep fighting the good fight. Let these elites know they do not speak for the whole Jewish community . Especially not Chuck Schumer or Abe Foxman.

  5. “Jewish Groups Lead Push to Crack Open Doors to Syrian Refugees” at:

    “Holocaust refugee: We owe it to mankind to allow Syrian refugees into Europe”

    Rav David Touitou, says the recent Muslim invasion of Europe is "excellent news", here:

  6. Fantastic we need more of you. Keep your voices heard, any Jewish person who wants less 3rd world immigration into America is a great Jewish person. Outweigh the scumbags like Abe Foxman or Chuck Schumer.

  7. There's a FB page called *Open Borders For Israel* join it if you can and help us encourage jews in Israel to open their hearts to the blacks and browns of the world, just like they helped it happen in all the European countries. Spread the love. Embrace others, we are all one race so says the jews to Europeans around the world.

  8. george soros, mark zuckerburg dont care about regular people even their own. (especially their own may i add). the PC party line is usually followed by those who are not affected by the 3rd world. as a jew i am not happy about any of this, neither are many conservative jews. frankfurt school, the communists, the professors are radicals. dont hold most jews accountable for them.

  9. i am jewish, against open borders & 3rd world immigration. so are 1000s of other jews. politicians/corporatists are sleezy take payoffs & unfortunatly a good number are jews. (& gentiles too everyone is on the take). people like george soros call the shots. many jews in europe are leaving for israel because of the muslims. yet israel lets in all those africans. whats up w/that? jews in NY did white flight way back 50 yrs ago. no latino neighbors for those folks! i have been active on twitter to publicize rallies, the one on boston was successful. 10,000 people. the 1st ammesty in the 80s was a nightmare, you could see what was coming down the pike. 10 years ago i saw a site called [email protected], i wondered what they were doing to stop this especially @ the border. now its too little too late. all talk no action. maybe some towns will stop some of this on a local level now, but the worst is yet to come. european whites were too placid too long, especially the working class. i support the idea of a white state or nation regardless of i am welcome or not. what's fair is fair.

  10. The goal of the Jews in America/Israel is to continually dilute the American middle class. How many illegals or legal immigrants care about US foreign policy, support for Israel, Middle East issues, very very few, they care just about social welfare, and their access to it. This is all by design, don't ever let them tell you otherwise. But we are letting them do it, because we buy into their "we are a nation of immigrants" crap, and the "give us your poor" Statue of Liberty BS, the only information that matters is what is in our Constitution, and we need to get back to that.

  11. So you are saying ONLY Jews have high intelligence, me thinks you might me lacking in that arena. Intelligence is a many faceted thing, and just like the highly intelligent Germans, pushing for purity rarely works out.

  12. you make me sick. you rather have low IQ unskilled savages than highly intelligent white jews. shows me your values. youre so envious you would take the entire western world down.

  13. the artical is off. many of us were for some immigration when the numbers were small. there are many anti immigration american jews. we are growing in number, we need more of a voice. read frontpage magazine.

  14. Insignificant percent of American Jews, but with large amount of money and they different lobbies and other Jews-American organisations are completely controlling US public media (TV, radio, News papers etc.) and brainwashing Americans. It is practically in US impossible get balanced and unbiased informations concerning Israel, Palestine and occupied West Bank. There are different euphemism invented as: occupied territory = disputed territory; dividing stone/concrete wall = fence; terrorist attacks on Christian and Muslim sacral objects and properties = hate crimes; massacre of Palestine peoples including children's and women's = incidents etc., etc. At the same time, Israel and Israel lobby, is bribing US politicians and especially legislators, to support Israel causes, even to the detriment of US national interest. Mr. J. Lieberman, Israel first man is best example of this type of so called US politicians. Interestingly, that FBI and other organisation in charge for protecting USA are not investigating this cases of political corruptions, in spite of the facts that names of culprits are public knowledge.

  15. One the issue of illegal immigration, some of our so called "Jewish leaders" like the slime at the ADL and some of our Jews in congress, claim to speak for us. They want open borders or amnesty for tens of millions of people. But nobody elected Abe Foxman, at least I didn't. I'm just getting a little sick of these people and much more comfortable with guys like Mark Levin who actually believe in the constitution and protecting the border. We really don't have a voice in mainstream media. And yea, if Latinos come here legally a few at a time, it's ok….but you can't have tens of millions just flooding in here because Schumer or Foxman or any of these slimeballs need more democratic voters, that's crazy

    1. agree. Mark Levin, Mark Steyn, Tucker Carlson are wonderful patriots listened to by patriots in Oz. The only problem with Jewish ppl in Oz is that NO aussie has ever met or befriended one. Why is that? ( No, not quite true , my great uncle brought a girl home from pre-Israel, 1918 . ) But, More interaction and less ‘aloofness’ is urgent. When aussie , pro Islamic, socialist pollies get up and brag about how the powerful Oz Islamic lobby group, persuaded them to vote against Israel in the UN Sec Council – its appalling to us, and its the diaspora leaders fault. Cos, they are not cultivating aussie W class support. So we can demand pro Israeli support from our govt.. And we have that unique a history of helping to settle pre- Israel, clearing out the hostiles – WW1 n 2. No one else could do it, only aussie Light Horse, who’d grown up in the heat and dust of the aussie outback.

  16. The Ashkenazim Jews happen to be a predominately Middle Eastern people with still considerable amounts of Germanic & Caucuses DNA within them. Meanwhile the Sephardic Jews happen to have various admixtures of middle eastern & negroid blood in themselves. How this will all work out, I'm not all sure. or maybe it's not just any kind of jew, Israel seems more interested in importing European type of Jewry, since they tend to be the top type of Jews in Israeli society. Israel happens to have a growing birthrate among themselves, but mainly with the wrong kind of Jewish people. By encouraging more Ashkenazim to immigrate to Israel, with their high I.Q. levels & success levels beyond the sky, that way, it'll do so much to strengthen the Israeli state & increase Israel's chances of survival.

  17. I've noticed that Jews claim to welcome their neighbors. This is totally false. I've spent 20 years working {off-and-on} in Jewish communities; and they clearly don't want outsiders mingling amongst them. You can visit any Jewish private school, Jewish daycare center, JCC, and their ethnocentric mentality speaks for itself. So, why would they be at the forefront of teaching tolerance toward others? Answer: Indoctrination. Frankfurt School ideology.

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