Jews Do Have Double Values: “Progressive Policies” or Themselves, Major US Jewish Paper Admits

A new article in the Jewish Daily Forward newspaper titled “The Left is Making Jews Choose: Our Progressive Values or Ourselves” has inadvertently revealed that Jews engage in ethno-nationalism for themselves and “progressive policies” for Gentiles.

The Daily Forward article deals with the hullabaloo over the remarks by Somali invader Congresswoman “from Minnesota,” Ilhan Omar, to the effect that Jews control the US Congress.

“It’s all about the Benjamins!” Omar wrote in a now deleted tweet, but then later adding that she wants “to talk about the political influence in this country that says it is O.K. for people to push for allegiance to a foreign country.”

“I should not be expected to have allegiance/pledge support to a foreign country,” Omar later tweeted, since “our democracy is built on debate.”

As the Daily Forward pointed out, Omar is a “person with access to state power who has a vote on whether the most powerful military in the world goes to war.”

“The whataboutism ramped up after House Democrats announced they would be bringing a resolution against anti-Semitism in the wake of Omar’s comments,” the Daily Forward continued—but that “for now, the Democrats’ resolution about anti-Semitism appears to be on hold, with members of the Black and Progressive Caucuses reportedly not wishing to distract from fighting President Trump.”

By Tuesday, the Forward article continued, “these sentiments had spread to New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Twitter feed.

“Ocasio-Cortez went on to suggest that Jews ‘call in’ Omar instead of calling her out, apparently unaware that Omar’s Jewish constituents have been unsuccessfully trying to do just that for a year now, thanks to yet another anti-Semitic tweet from 2012 accusing Israel of “hypnotizing the world.”

The Daily Forward then went on to the core of the issue:

Are Jews supposed to stay in a progressive movement that resents us for standing up for ourselves? That has leaders who are “hurt” when they see Congress defend us? A movement that is lionizing a woman for the fact that she has offended us?

Just because the Republicans are weaponizing Omar’s repeated gaffes in problematic ways while hypocritically ignoring the anti-Semitic remarks of their fellows doesn’t mean that the Democrats — or Jews — should be silent about anti-Semitism, especially after repeated attempts to “call in.”

America — and its progressive wing — will surely be worse off if Jews can no longer find a political home there, and it’s for the soul of this country that we are fighting as much as for ourselves. Because Jewish safety and sovereignty and the safety and sovereignty of others in need of justice are not a zero-sum game.

Anti-Semitism is still much more dangerous on the right. But it’s the progressive left that is asking Jews to choose between our progressive values and ourselves.

In other words, the Jewish lobby is finally coming to an understanding that the browning of America means that their white, gentile puppets—those currently in Congress—are going to be replaced by “unreliable” nonwhites.

These nonwhites, not subject to the hypnosis of Jewish campaign money and Jewish lobby-controlled media, will actually call out Israel on the issue of the blatant oppression of the Palestinians.

It goes without saying that the Jewish lobby—and the “progressive” Jewish lobby in particular, as exemplified by the Daily Forward—has long been advocating the nonwhite takeover through mass immigration and other anti-white measures as a means of destroying white, gentile-dominated America.

The end result of their policies is however, the rise of the Omar-type politicians in America—and they will put their own racial loyalty first before that of the Jews.

This means that as America “becomes browner,” there will be more and more Omars entering Congress. This in turn will inevitably lead to the further rejection of the Jewish lobby’s control of the political process—and eventually, the end of Jewish supremacy over America.

This is why the crypto-communist Jews at the Daily Forward have come to the realization that a choice is rapidly approaching: do they stick to their professed “progressive” ideology, or do they fall back and admit that what they really want is “equality and human rights” in Gentile countries, but ethno-nationalism and racially-based policies for the Jews in Israel? As it appears from the Daily Forward article, they seem likely to choose the latter.

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