Jews Ecstatic at Hofer Defeat

The presidents of the Conference of European Rabbis and the British Jewish Board of Deputies have lost no time in expressing their glee at the narrow defeat of Norbert Hofer in the Austrian presidential elections—even though Israel has the identical policies toward Muslims and “refugees” espoused by the FPÖ.


According to a report in the UK’s Jewish Chronicle, Chief Rabbi Goldschmidt, President of the Conference of European Rabbis, said that

We would like to congratulate Mr. Van der Bellen on his victory in the Austrian Presidential election. This is a clear sign that Europe is beginning to realize that hate and fear politics are not the answer to the many challenges we are facing as a continent.

British Board of Deputies President Jonathan Arkush also congratulated Mr. Van der Bellen, and said that his organization

wishes to note our grave concern at the level of support for Norbert Hofer and the Freedom Party. Mr. Hofer and the Freedom Party have some deeply unsettling connections to unsavory groups in Austrian society which no amount of carefully staged visits to Israel can camouflage. He has used language reminiscent of the Nazi-era, indulged far-right media and has also carried a gun in response to the migrant crisis.


However, Rabbi Goldschmidt and Mr. Arkush —whose organizations all strongly support Israel—are engaging in the now standard Jewish hypocrisy on the matter of “migrants,” which was the main dividing issue in the Austrian elections.

Israel—the favored homeland of Rabbi Goldschmidt and Mr. Arkush—is one the nations which has completely refused to take in any “migrants” at all.

In an official statement released by the Israeli Prime Minister’s office in September 2015—dealing with the building  of a border fence to keep Arabs out of Israel—Benjamin Netanyahu said that

Today we see what is happening to countries that have lost control of their borders. The combination of very brutal terrorism, labor migrants, smugglers, and the loss of control . . . says that we must restore control and ensure Israel’s control of its borders…

The Israeli Prime Minister went on to boast that Israel had been able to do “what no Western country had been able to do”—namely halt illegal immigration:

We know that the more we move forward the more we will be able to duplicate our great success along the Egyptian border, where we blocked entry and illegal migration into the State of Israel. This is a success that almost no Western country—and very few countries at all—has been able to achieve, but Israel has achieved it and I am determined to continue this on Israel’s other borders and ensure that Israel controls its borders.


In an article in the LA Times of September 6, 2015 (“One country that won’t be taking Syrian refugees: Israel”), Netanyahu went on to say that Israel’s “lack of demographic and geographic depth” required controlling its borders against both “illegal migrants and terrorism.”


This “lack of demographic depth” to which he referred is of course the fact that immigration into Israel is strictly controlled and is racially-based: no one who is not Jewish can immigrate there.

These comments—among many others—are in fact far more “extreme” than anything that Hofer or the FPÖ have ever said—but Rabbi Goldschmidt and Mr. Arkush are of course very happy to support these policies in Israel—and condemn them when Austrians try to protect their own borders.

As to Rabbi Goldschmidt’s whining about “hate”—he does, of course, ignore the fact that his country’s leader recently announced that the purpose of building a wall around Israel was to “protect the Jewish state from Arab wild beasts.”


Once again, Hofer and the FPÖ has never said anything nearly as vulgar or as racially offensive as Netanyahu’s “wild beasts” comment—but both Rabbi Goldschmidt and Mr. Arkush prefer instead to fabricate allegations about Europeans who seek to protect their identities.

The glee at Hofer’s defeat expressed by the leaders of European Jewry has merely once again highlighted the fact that there is a set of double standards at work: one set of rules for the Jews, and another set for everyone else.

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  1. Typical bastard reaction from these utterly detestable jerks – the ` I`m alright Jack` Jews.
    Wonder if they realise how much they are disliked – hated even – by the vast majority of us, or maybe they`re too busy congratulating themselves on their feelings of overall superiority.

    1. They thrive to be hated, but that’s irrelevant. They, like the blacks and other nonwhites, have gotten so arrogant lately that they are assured we will lose.

      1. Zionist “rich jews” have become their own Messiah”
        Is echoed in a famous letter from Baruch Levy to Karl Marx quoted in “Review in Paris”
        June 1st 1918. It also shows how socialism and especially communism were just devices to unsurp power and property.

        “The jewish people taken collectively will be its own messiah”
        His reign over the universe will be obtained by the unification of the human races and through the ellimination of borders.
        A universal Republic will come into being in which the sons of Israel will become the directing element. We know how to dominate the masses.
        The governments of all Nations will gradually fall, through wars and famine,into the hands of Judah.

  2. If there is no place for hate and fear in Europe then it is clear that first must be expelled the Jews and then the non-Europeans. There you are, hate and fear evaporates. We Europeans all get on perfectly well together,

    1. Except that now the nonwhites will continue to stream into Austria, making any future election victory for white Austrians even that much more unlikely.

  3. If elections could change anything they would make them illegal. Guess we know what we have to do now.

      1. Guess Merkel wishes she`d got her EU army before inviting the invasion of the hordes, thinking we`d be much easier to control.

  4. How can they accept double standards what is good for Israel is also good for Europe. Let Israel take in some poor Syrian refugees

  5. Total hypocrites, their state is only there because of the USA & UK, and they have seen nothing wrong with their invasion that got them that.

  6. Ever notice no matter where they go or
    are already , there are always problems. Even sent to the Antartic they will cause problems there also. It’s been like that
    for over 5000 years.

  7. I really can’t think why Jews would be gleeful at Bellend’s hollow victory. Islam is a sworn enemy of Judaism.

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