Jews Fight for Soul of Labour Party

The leader of the campaign to unseat the UK’s Labour Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn, is a millionaire Jew named Michael Foster, the Israeli Haaretz newspaper has announced.

Foster hates Corbyn because he has dared to ask Jews and Israel to be consistent on human rights for Palestinians—something which the Jewish lobby says is “anti-Semitic.”

Foster is one of those in the “left wing” Jewish lobby—those who want Israel to be a racially pure state but who want the European West to be multiracial—and who hate it when their Jews-only state is asked to endorse the policy they promote for non-Jewish countries.

In an article titled “The Jewish Millionaire Trying to Oust Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn,” Haaretz informs its readers that “Foster is leading the drive to unseat the U.K. Labour Party leader, calling his supporters ‘Nazi storm troopers.’”


Haaretz goes on to say that the “campaign being waged by Jewish millionaire Michael Foster against Jeremy Corbyn is one of the most fascinating stories in the ugly battle to lead Britain’s Labour Party.”

The article then notes that:

“For some reason, it hasn’t been adequately covered by the British media.”

This “some reason” is, of course, that it would reveal how political parties in Britain are at the mercy of their Jewish financier controllers.

Haaretz goes on to reveal interesting details about how Foster—if that is his real name—acquired his wealth. Not surprisingly, it was through media and television interests.

“Until recently,” Haaretz says, Foster “controlled Rights House, a literary and media agency.” The company represented prominent Jewish actors such as Sacha Baron Cohen and Jewish writers such as Simon Schama—and “controlled TV production companies such as Carnival Films, which was behind the TV series Downton Abbey.”

Foster, Haaretz goes on to say, sees Corbyn as the “leader of a group of thugs” akin to the “Sturm Abteilung (Nazi storm troopers).”

Significantly, Haaretz continues, the “first public confrontation between Foster and Corbyn occurred last September when Corbyn appeared at an event held by the Labour Friends of Israel parliamentary group during the annual party conference.

“Corbyn talked about the need for dialogue in the Middle East in order to reach a just solution of two states for two peoples. At the end of his eight-minute speech, Foster heckled him, urging him to ‘say the word Israel, say the word Israel.’”

The second confrontation came after last month’s failed parliamentary attempt to depose Corbyn, Haaretz continued, explaining that the Labour Party’s parliamentary caucus has failed to force Corbyn to resign after passing a motion of no-confidence in him—but succeeded in triggering a new leadership election among the party membership.

Traditionally, a leadership contender in the Labour Party has to have a certain minimum number of Members of Parliament who support him or her, before they can contest a leadership election.

The party caucus presumed—correctly—that Corbyn would be unable to raise the required number of MPs among the Labour Friends of Israel-dominated caucus.

However, a leadership election in the Labour Party comes about through a vote of the general membership, not the caucus—and so the plans to prevent Corbyn from running in the new election came to naught after the party’s National Executive Committee ruled that he does not need the endorsement of the caucus to stand in the new leadership election.

Foster, Haaretz continues, “didn’t like that decision. He appealed to the courts in an attempt to overturn the ruling, but lost both prestige and a lot of money.”

Haaretz continued: “Michael Foster is a person who doesn’t like losing. He vented his frustration in an article in the Daily Mail two weeks ago, headlined ‘Why I despise Jeremy Corbyn and his Nazi stormtroopers.’”


More telling than Foster’s outburst—which was totally without foundation, as Corbyn is anything but a Nazi—was the fact that the rest of the “British” media simply covered it all up, as Haaretz openly admitted:

Jewish newspapers reported briefly on the incident, while online newspaper the Jewish News provided Foster with a further platform, in which he stated he had “no regrets, none” about his controversial choice of words. Many British dailies, which in recent months have been dealing extensively with anti-Semitism within the Labour Party, made no mention of the incident.

In fact, this wasn’t the first such outburst by Foster against Corbyn in the pages of the Daily Mail. That newspaper—which by its own admission is controlled by Jews—ran an article in April 2016 by the millionaire Jew in which he called the Labour leader “ignorant, godless, hateful,” and announced that “Corbyn’s contempt for Jews is a disgrace.”


In that article, Foster let the mask slip as to the true reasons for his visceral hatred of Corbyn: the fact that the Labour leader actually wants human rights for Palestinians as well as Jews.

“The Labour Party stands for a vision of community which appeals to many British Jews. The party matters to them. And for the 2015 Election, my family donated £400,000,” Foster wrote.

“In the run-up to last May’s General Election, the Jewish community donated almost one-third of the £9.7 million that Labour received from private donors—and that despite recoiling from Labour’s parliamentary vote to recognize Palestine.

“This year, no major Jewish donor has yet given one pound to the central Labour Party. It is, in its way, a tragedy. The values of Judaism and the Labour Party are well aligned,” Foster said.

He then went on to slam Corbyn for supporting his brother, Piers Corbyn, who tweeted a message saying that “Zionists can’t cope with anyone supporting rights for Palestine.”

Foster called this a “crude anti-Semitic remark” and that Piers Corbyn was a “racist” for daring to make such a comment.

“As for anti-Semitism in the Labour Party, it will recede when the party has strong leadership and not before. That’s the litmus test for Jeremy Corbyn,” Foster wrote.

That article, more than anything else, sums up the dispute.

On the one hand, Jews like Foster demand “socialism,” “equality,” “non-discrimination,” and “multiracialism” from all European societies—and actively support all far left parties which support those principles.

However, if those same parties should then dare to ask that Israel be held up to the same standards of human rights, multiracialism, and equality for Palestinians—then these same Jews erupt into a frenzied cry of “anti-Semitism” and “Nazi”-name calling in response.

It is the old story: one rule for Jews, another for the Gentiles.

See also: ““Right Wing” vs “Left Wing” Jews.”

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  1. Hypocritical b*stard. If only the people knew what the Jews are up to. All covered up by the controlled media! Who controls a lot of the media?

    1. We can only attain world peace without the presence of the jew. The jew has been at the forefront of chaos and destruction from their inception, when some goat herder stumbled out of a cave in what is now modern day Jordan.

  2. Both Jews and Muslims are struggling to control the labour party. Given the fact that Muslims outnumber the Jews in UK and the rest of Europe, the prospects of the Jewish influence in Europe looks gloomy. This means that by supporting The Islamic immigration to the west, Jews have proven to be not so smart as we used to think, on the contrary, they proved to be fool and stupid.

    1. Don’t be too sure. The history of ‘Islam’ suggests it’s another Jew-founded religion (as is the modern form of Christianity) and it was tailored to jewish needs, i.e. to have an army of ignorant thugs. In the past, Jews ‘held the gates open’ for the invasion of Spain and Portugal, and in eastern Europe – though they were not as successful there, I think mainly because European terrain is more defensible. In any case, Jews want to kill off all possible rivals; if Europe is ruined by fast-breeing subsidised Muslims, they’d be perfectly happy.

    1. Yes, all true. Extract from that site:

      Creative Access founder and boss Michael Foster stood for election last year as a Parliamentary candidate for the Labour Party, while one of the organisation’s board members is Baroness McDonagh, the former General Secretary of the Labour Party. [NB hard to find true information; I’d guess this is another ‘Labour’ party crypto-Jew, judging by her nominal positions for which she’s unqualified]

      Amongst Creative Access’ advisory board is Lord Finkelstein – one of the longest standing advocates of the Conservative Party’s “modernisation” – and former executive editor at The Times newspaper.

      Giving evidence to the British Parliament’s Culture, Media and Sports committee, Creative Access said the 2011 riots were the “tipping point” for the organisation’s creation, as “watching hours of white middle class commentators failing to explain the confusion and chaos on our streets offered little insight to the viewer; and embarrassment to the media industry.”

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