Jews, Muslims Form Alliance against Trump

The American Jewish Committee (AJC) and the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) launched a new national group to be known as the “Muslim-Jewish Advisory Council” to “give Muslims and Jews a way to critique Trump and his advisers’ rhetoric and policy with a single voice.”

The fact that the AJC supports Israel—which has border, anti-refugee, and anti-Islam policies that pale in comparison to even the most extreme thing Trump has ever said—appears not to bother the AJC or ISNA.


Farooq Kathwar, left, and Stanley Bergman, right, co-chairman of the new Muslim-Jewish Advisory Council.

According to the Salt Lake Tribune, although “Jewish and Muslim groups have cooperated before, the size and influence of these two particular groups — and the prominence of the people who have joined the council — marks a milestone in Jewish-Muslim relations.”

“The council’s formation shows that American Muslim and Jewish leadership are now working together, focused on domestic developments. This is a first and is good news for the entire country,” said Robert Silverman, AJC director of Muslim-Jewish relations.

“Our council is coming at the right time,” said Eftakhar Alam, senior coordinator at ISNA’s Office of Interfaith and Community Alliances.

“We have to show the administration that as American Muslims and Jews — people of the faiths of Abraham — we are uniting to help the administration navigate in the proper constitutional manner, to uphold freedom of religion and constitutional rights for all American citizens.”

The idea for the formal alliance was mooted before Trump’s election victory, the report continued, even though they had expected Hillary Clinton to win.

“But even had Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton won, said Alam and others, the vitriol of the election calls for such a coming together of Muslims and Jews.”

“The Council brings together recognized business, political, and religious leaders in the Jewish and Muslim American communities to jointly advocate on issues of common concern. Stanley Bergman, CEO of Henry Schein, and Farooq Kathwari, President and CEO of Ethan Allen, are the Council’s co-chairs.

“At the group’s inaugural meeting, the Muslim and Jewish participants met for two hours to get to know one another, discuss the Council’s mission, and identify and agree on a domestic policy agenda.”

According to a statement issued by the AJC, the new alliance’s “initial action items” are as follows:

The Council will highlight the contributions of Muslims and Jews to American society, and aim to celebrate their contributions in the best traditions of American democracy.
The Council will develop a coordinated strategy to address anti-Muslim bigotry and anti-Semitism in the U.S.
The Council will work to protect and expand the rights of religious minorities in the U.S., as enshrined in the Constitution, so they may practice their faiths in full freedom and security.

“Our two communities share much in common and should find ways, where possible, to work together for the benefit of the entire country,” Stanley Bergman, Co-Chair of the Council, said in the statement.

Farooq Kathwari, Co-Chair of the Council, said that the “Council aims to provide a model for civic engagement by two communities, vital to American society, that agree to work together on issues of common concern and overlapping interest.”

Jewish-Muslim cooperation against Europeans has a long historical record, most notably during the era of the white-slave trading Barbary States of North Africa.

According to the book, The Adventures of Thomas Pellow, of Penryn, Mariner: Three and Twenty Years in Captivity among the Moors, Jews worked as interpreters, bankers, and even high-level Barbary government officials, actively engaging in the slave trade in Europeans which was only finally stopped by American naval intervention in 1816.


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  1. Quote: “The Council will work to protect and expand the rights of religious minorities in the U.S. so they may practice their faiths in full freedom and security. Our two communities share much in common……”

    Never was a truer word spoken. Each a wolf in sheep`s clothing intent on flaying the skin off our backs.

    1. One only has to refer to previous articles by the New Observer to witness how non-Jewish minorities are treated in oh-so-tolerant and multicultural diversity-embracing Israel! If a mental disorder of ‘Pathological Hypocrisy’ existed, these anti-white, anti-Christian Jews would be the prime candidates for a diagnosis!

  2. Jews and Muslims working together, whatever next? Hypocrisy when these two religions have been killing each other for more years than I can think of.

  3. Come on people, these are not “real” Jews. Real Jewish people live in Israel and returned there like their God foretold would happen. Real Jews do not support the Democrats who give Jew’s enemies Billions of dollars to destroy ‘Little Satan”. These clowns may call themselves “Jews” but their more of the George Soros type.”In 1936 Soros’s family changed their name from Schwartz to Soros, in order to de-emphasise their Jewish origin.” These “Jews” are the ones their God keeps destroying in their history.

  4. The Jews’ deep hatred of Christians and Christianity leads them to make some surprising alliances. Lawrence Auster, a Jew who converted to Christianity, published an article in 2004 entitled ‘Why Jews Welcome Muslims’. Auster writes: ‘there is something that many American Jews fear in their heart of hearts even more than they fear Moslem anti-Semitism, and that is white Christian anti-Semitism.’

    1. Right. The Jews teaming up with their genetic brothers, Muslims, against the Whites is a classic case of “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

  5. “Jewish and Muslim groups have cooperated before…”

    Gee, but they can’t seem to “cooperate” long enough to end their self-created chaos in the Middle East and the rest of the world, only when it comes to blaming Whites for their problems. The more I’ve read and learned over the years, the clearer it has become that the so-called conflict between Jews and Arabs is largely a fallacy, just like to many other illusions in this world run by deceivers. There is much convincing evidence that Yassir Arrafat and his PLO were inventions of the Jewish State, and more. Let it be known that Jews and Arabs are genetically brothers and have been united against Whites in their planning and actions for a very, very long time, regardless of how they want it to appear to us from this side of the curtain.

  6. The Jews have always been known for buying the rope to hang themselves with. But then, people won’t admit it, but the Jews, according to their Talmud, have the same mindset as the Muslims with their Koran. Both groups believe they are superior to the rest of humanity. And everyone is under the impression that the Middle East only produced the source of truth and importance in the world. No wonder so many people despise both Jews and Muslims. It wasn’t the Nazis who created the term ‘the master race’. Actually, it was first it was the Jews and their Talmud, then the Muslims with their Koran.

  7. Quite a good comment from Youtube on so-called ‘Jews’:—
    Brother, with all due respect, the foundation of Zionism is Judaism, and the Torah began their propaganda against Middle Eastern civilisations more than 2500 years ago.
    …..The Torah invited Jews to kill Canaanites, Assyrians, Babylonians, etc etc in order to claim their “promised” land. These ancient Hebrews spoke of our ancestors as if they were animals, and archaeology has proven that Babylon, Assyria and Hattusha were among the most advanced civilisations on Earth. Not to mention the way the Torah advocated theft and usury in general.
    ….Judaism is rotten, and so it Zionism.

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