Jews: “No Limit” on Invasion—Except in Israel

The head of the “Jewish community” in the German state of Thuringia has officially warned Germany against putting any limit on the number of Third World invaders pouring into Europe—while at the same time supporting Israel which builds walls to keep them out, crams successful invaders into concentration camps, and then deports them all.


According to a report in the Focus news service, Reinhard Schramm, the officially elected head of the Jewish community council in Thuringia, has “again warned against any ceilings on the number of refugees to be received in Germany,” and that “any limit” on the number of invaders would “undermine the right of asylum.”

Speaking during a recent Hanukkah celebration in Erfurt, Schramm said that “Asylum is a right irrespective of religion or origin, and there is no limit to it.”


He added that he was not concerned about anti-Semitism being imported along with the Muslim flood, saying that this could be dealt with through “linguistic, humanistic and vocational training, and the further strengthening of dialogue between Muslims and Jews.”

In Israel—the Jews-only country which Schramm and his community council fanatically support—there is no such “toleration” for invaders, and all non-Jews are specifically barred by law from settling, either as refugees or ordinary immigrants.

Those Third Worlders who do manage to smuggle their way into Israel past its border fences and army-patrolled borders, are promptly arrested and placed in concentration camps prior to deportation—back to Uganda, no matter what their actual country of origin might be.

According to a recent report in the Times of Israel, one of the invader concentration camps, Holot, has now reached capacity.

The concentration camp, which the Times of Israel coyly describes as a “detention center for migrants and asylum seekers who entered Israel illegally” now contains over 3,300 Third Worlders.

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The Times of Israel added that the former interior minister Silvan Shalom was about to expand the size of the facility, but that, following his decision to “leave political life amid the numerous sexual harassment allegations against him,” the expansion plans have now been put on hold.

The Jewish state—which controls immigration by race, DNA, and biological ancestry, and which legally bars non-Jews from settling in the country—has officially received some 47,000 illegal immigrants, almost all from Eritrea and Sudan.

The Times of Israel boasted that the “influx has slowed dramatically of late, as Israel has sealed off its border with Egypt more effectively”—meaning that Israel erected a huge concrete barrier wall to stop the invasion—exactly the policy that Schramm and the “Jewish community” opposes for Germany.

The Times of Israel added that since 2009, less than 0.15 percent of “asylum seekers” had been granted asylum in Israel, a figure which is the “lowest rate in the Western world.”

Schramm, the controlled media—and the organized “Jewish community” in Germany and the rest of the world—is completely silent about the manner in which Israel deals with Third World invaders.

It is the old rule once again: one law for the Jews, another law for the non-Jews. Jews can have racial laws, and have an ethnically homogeneous nation, but any Europeans who seek that same right are attacked and smeared by the controlled media and the “Jewish community.”

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  1. I never used to have any issues with Jews, haven’t in fact known any to be honest, but now I’m beginning to understand why they have been hated throughout history.

  2. FALSEHOOD Schramm said that “Asylum is a right irrespective of religion or origin, and there is NO limit to it.” Errr…… I just don’t believe == there is NO LIMIT to asylum seeker entry=== Even EU lawmakers couldn’t be that STUPID.
    Natural limits of accommodation seem to be cutting in right now as centres are burning., and the imported crime rate will no doubt be another natural limitation, as well as most of them don’t come from conflict zones. And many are truing out to be ISIS infiltrators which are a military threat to the EU Things change in wartime..
    The asylum Law can be suspended or revoked due to extraordinary circumstances regardless of what treaties have been signed.

    1. Brilliant thought! And yet such an obvious question, isn’t it? Why the heck media and people all over the world even pay attention to what such shitdisturbers like this idiot have to say?

      Another fruitcake and professional instigator is Jan Tomasz Gross, a Polish-born American Jewish “historian” who specializes in outrageous accusations against Polish people nad surprisingly enough this nutcase is taken very often quite seriously – mind boggling!

  3. Bull crap! Never had any issues with Jews? All of you have always had issues with Jews. Israel was created by God, for the Jews, and to protect them from so called humans like you. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it

    1. And jews should all leave every other country and go to their protective stronghold, Israel. It’s a perfectly acceptable solution that would make everyone happy.

      1. Except those insane-in-the-brain hasidic idiots from a cult called Satmar – they are obligated to live in diaspora until the Messiah comes … would you believe that nonsense?

    2. Do you realize how crazy you sound? Using god to justify your racism and xenophobic ways. Jews and Israel need to learn to become multicultural or i fear your kind will not survive.

      1. I agree. If you believe that then why do liberals in Europe and the US suborn genocide by denying Israel’s right to exist? If they were truly supporting the Palestinians then they would withhold endorsement until they abandoned genocidal intent. They don’t. What does that tell you?

    3. Obviously you beat everyone to it.
      A land without for pipe dreamers, for pipe dreamers without a land!

      The .02%
      Can’t live with them
      but why do I (and 5 billion others) believe we can sure as Hell live without them.

  4. What surprises me here the most is that Jews, gays, lesbians and many atheists are so vocal in that matter and they all are constatntly advocating for more muslims to be accepted in Europe. Don’t they realize where muslims stand on issues like homosexuality or what they think about Jews? It will be very interesting to see this German “melting pot” few years from now.

  5. Why do Jews think they are entitled to dictate laws to the German People? Those laws have become destructive and so must now be annulled by the Germans themselves. If Jews don’t love and support the German People, they should leave Germany. Those who desire and enable German genocide (and it is obvious they do and are full of disguised hate), they can expect eventually to receive the fruits of their aggression — no matter how masked, passive or covert. Their bad karma will come back to bite them.

  6. Warned against any ceilings? Are the Jews blackmailing or threatening Germany with e.g. nuclear annihilation if Germany does not do their genocidal bidding? They must pay.

  7. another blo-ody nutter sticking their nose in when its none of their business why don’t they all head back to Israel and sort their own mess out. We as in Europe should not have to put up with this c-r-a-p I’m so infuriated with all of this but feel so helpless. HAPPY NEW YEAR merkel and co you traitors.

  8. Let us not forget that England and America still have military bases in Germany as a tacit but ongoing warning to toe the line or else.

    1. but that can change, too. Britian was in India for 300 years, they kicked them out. The Moors ran Spain for 800 years until the Spanish kicked them out. America’s military superpower is not moral nor is it something that will go on forever, and I’m even an America saying that. All European nations should have their sovereignty with their OWN military bases protecting their own borders and their own citizens.

      1. Damn straight! Germany is the Economic hub. France and Sweden have the most complete domestic armaments supply chain, with le sportifs having a nuclear deterrent as well. Keep the yanks offshore on their ‘unsinkable carrier’, Britain. The EU is bad for sovereignty, where do the Americans get off stumping for turkey’s inclusion? A North Sea Union (Arcadia Borealis?) would be self-sufficient and guard the interests of Western Europe. Needless to say, Eastern Europe needs a strong Western EUrope. Further this would gain the respect of Russia/China, and such a rejection of American foreign policy (by EUROPE!) may be hard to spin in the media. Who knows? Joe Slow may even wake up.

  9. I used to understand see why the Germans hated Jews; but now I’m seeing why many people hate Jews.


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