Jews-only State of Israel Seizes Christian Church Land in Occupied West Bank

Israel has ordered the unilateral seizure of Christian church-owned land in the Occupied West Bank—despite official church protestations—as part of their ongoing program to completely ethnically cleanse Palestinians from that territory.

Israeli bulldozers on church land.

A statement issued by the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem said that it had formally objected “to the Israeli military authorities’ decision, of which a copy was received on 27 November 2018, to the effect of the appropriation of several dunums of land belonging to the Patriarchate in the northern Jordan Valley.

“The Patriarchate is looking into the aspects of this decision in order to address it in the appropriate manner, have it contested and to stop further damage.”

The Islamic Christian Council said Israel had seized 267 dunams (66 acres) of church land in the Palestinian villages of Bardala and Tayasir in the northern occupied West Bank district of Tubas and the northern Jordan Valley.

The official land seizure notice handed to the Christians by the Jewish authorities.

The council added Israel claimed the appropriation of the land was for “military purposes,” in order to turn it into an army camp, which is a “blatant violation of humanitarian law.”

Mutaz Bisharat, a Palestinian official in charge of Jordan Valley’s Israeli settlements file at the Palestinian Authority (PA),told the Patriach’s Ma’an news service that the land in question is located across from an Israeli military camp.

Bisharat noted that “this strategy seeks to control the land and expand illegal Israeli settlements across the Jordan Valley.”

The full extent of the Israeli ethnic cleansing program was revealed in an article in the New Yorker magazine of July 2018, in which a map of the real land allocation in the West Bank, as drawn up by the US State Department for internal use, was published.

The New Yorker noted that “typically,” the maps usually circulated of illegal Jewish settlements and outposts in the West Bank made them “look tiny compared to the areas where the Palestinians lived.”

However, the US State Department map showed the land in the West Bank which was actually occupied by Palestinians, and the territory which was officially “off limits to Palestinian development.”

The full extent of the Jews’ ethnic cleansing program is evident from this US State Department map. The white areas are those left over for Palestinian occupation, and all the rest is officially off-limits to them. Usually such maps make the illegal Jewish settlements in the West Bank out to be tiny.

As the New Yorker said, “not only were Palestinian population centers cut off from one another but there was virtually no way to squeeze a viable Palestinian state into the areas that remained.

“When the settlement zones, the illegal outposts, and the other areas off limits to Palestinian development were consolidated, they covered almost sixty per cent of the West Bank.”

This map clearly shows that the so-called “two-state solution”—the one promoted by the “left wing” Jewish lobby as the solution to the Israeli-Palestinian question—is a pipe dream and that the ultimate goal of the Jews’ ethnic cleansing program is to drive out all the Palestinians from historical Palestine.

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