Jews, Palestinians, Aiding Invasion

Jews and Palestinians, working for the Israeli state-funded foreign aid agency IsraAID, are actively working on the ground in Greece to help the mass nonwhite invasion of Europe take place—even though all those “refugees” are barred from entering Israel.

There are even American Jews working with the aid agency, alongside Israelis, and Muslims from inside Israel, the Tel Aviv-based Haaretz newspaper has reported.


The addition of Muslims to the IsraAID teams working on the ground in Greece is a new development, as previous reports had indicated that only Jews were involved in helping the invaders come ashore.

The Palestinians’ antagonism toward Israel has therefore been overcome by their sentiments of Muslim solidarity with the invaders entering Europe.

The Haaretz article, titled “Hope and heartbreak: Israeli medics aid grateful and grieving refugees in Greece,” reports that “Jews and Arabs, under the auspices of the IsraAID NGO, are providing life-saving treatment and psychological support to refugees who survive the treacherous maritime journey to Lesbos from Syria and other strife-ridden Middle Eastern countries.”

It goes on to discuss how IsraAID has, since September 2015, sent some 60 volunteers, “both Arabs and Jews, to Lesbos, on rotation, to offer medical and psychological help to the refugees.”

Malek Abu Grara Inbal Baron Tayla Feldman

On the island of Lesbos, Greece: Palestinian Malek Abu Grara, Israeli Inbal Baron, and American Jew Tayla Feldman, all united in their efforts to help Muslims invade Europe, financed by the Israeli-government backed IsraAID organization.

The article includes a number of interviews with IsraAID activists on the ground, including one Malek Abu Grara, a registered nurse from the Bedouin town of Rahat in the Negev desert, who is “on hand to provide medical aid to the refugees.”

It describes how Abu Grara “with his stethoscope dangling from his neck,” helps “people out of the boat, offers them a blanket, and utters reassuring words in Arabic.”

Another person interviewed by Haaretz is Naama Gorodischer, IsraAID’s global programs director, who, it says, “initiated the project on Lesbos in the wake of the chaos and desperation—of the refugees as well as the Greek authorities—that she encountered during a fact-finding tour here last year.”

“There were 20,000 people sleeping in the streets and the parks, and more and more kept arriving,” recalls Gorodischer, who has been instrumental in setting up a number of projects run by IsraAID in 17 countries, among them Jordan and Iraq. “There were a lot of volunteers with good will, but very little strategy and almost no one spoke the language of the refugees.”

The article goes on to describe the IsraAID “team on the island” of Lesbos, as being “at any one time” consisting at least of half “native Arabic speakers—Muslim or Christian Arabs who regard themselves as Palestinian, Israeli or both.”

Another activist interviewed is named as Inbal Baron, who “speaks Arabic and Farsi, enabling her to communicate with most of the Afghan refugees as well.”

Then one Molham Zreqe, “a paramedic from Kafr Kana, near Nazareth,” tells Haaretz that his

“language skills are often as vital as his medical training when it comes to aiding the refugees.”

Another IsraeAID worker, Warda Alkrenawy, who is also from Rahat and “was the first Arabic-speaking social worker on the island,” told Haaretz that when he deals with the “refugees” he

“often find[s] I can draw on our shared Muslim faith to help them find strength to go on.”

American Jewess, and IsraAID volunteer and research coordinator at Stanford University, Talya Feldman, is working on Lesbos for a three month stint, Haaretz reported. She described how she helped a 70-year-old couple from Iran at the camp.

“Because they had lost all their money on the boat ride over they were unable to continue to Athens and were just sleeping at the camp in the cold and snow.” Feldman helped arrange a ferry ticket for the couple.

Meanwhile, in Israel itself, the Jewish state has refused to take in any “refugees” and ordered the extension of fortified border walls to physically keep them out.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has specifically declared that Israel “won’t accept refugees from Syria.”


Quoted in the Los Angeles Times, Netanyahu “rejected a call to host refugees from Syria and elsewhere, saying that Israel is “not in a position to take them in.”

He added that Israel’s “lack of demographic and geographic depth” requires controlling its borders against both “illegal migrants and terrorism.”

The LA Times went on to add that:

For many Israeli Jews, even the smallest number of additional non-Jews is a potential threat, and the Syrian refugee crisis and the debate about Israel’s role has reawakened the country’s most deep-seated fear—that of losing the Jewish majority and subsequently the character of the Jewish state.

At the same time, Netanyahu also announced the construction of a security fence on Israel’s eastern border, which has as its aim “to replicate what was done on the Egyptian border, where the completion of the security fence has for all intents and purposes stopped the flood of illegal migrants into the country.”


In other words, the Jewish state has every right to defend itself against “refugees” to stop that country from losing its “Jewish majority”—but at the same time, Jewish activists, funded by Israel, are working full time to send all these “refugees” into Europe where they will cause Europeans to become a minority in their own countries.

Now, as the latest Haaretz article has shown, these blatantly hypocritical Jews have been joined in their racial subversion of Europe by Muslims from Palestine, who have an Islamic and racial interest in seeing their cousins pour into and occupy Europe as well.

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  1. Jews have a history in collaborating with Moslems, where they sense a short-term advantage. (When the damage is done, they drop the Moslems, of course). Nothing new, and I suspect the ‘Palestinians’ are very likely to be fakes, as Jews have endless shifty-looking fellow-jews to use in false flags, staged demonstrations, etc.

    1. How about 10 years in a Turkish prison. ?
      “Another activist interviewed is named as Inbal Baron, who “speaks Arabic and Farsi, enabling her to communicate with most of the Afghan refugees as well.”

  2. I suspect Israeli and Palestinians share those same “Jewish marker genes”. Why don’t the two just kiss , make up and leave the rest of the world alone ?

  3. As usual, Jewish people in a strategic alliance with the Third World against Europeans? But do they live in the Third World immigrant neighborhoods or even close to them?

  4. One can understand the Palestinians sense of injustice when western governments, having granted independence to Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt etc decide that Palestine should NOT be granted independence but should be colonised by people of w different religion and culture, who had had no contact with that land for hundreds if not thousands of years. No Plan B was in place to protect the indigenous Arab population should the settlers refuse to integrate. In fact NO action was taken when the settler government implement is Plan Dalet to ethnically cleanse Palestine of non-Yews.

    This could well happen in Europe (Google: the world is changing. And Gates wide open)

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