Jews Push Muslim “Refugees” on US

America’s only officially state-funded Jewish “refugee” organization, the Hebrew Immigration Aid Society (HIAS), works full time to bring as many nonwhite—and mainly Muslim—invaders as possible into the US—but at the same time supports Israel which refuses to grant access to any of these “refugees.”


According to a Times of Israel interview with HIAS vice president, Rabbi Jennie Rosenn, HIAS, which was originally started to promote Jewish immigration into America, now works on bringing Third World “refugees” into the US.

To add insult to injury, this private Jewish organization is funded by federal grants from the US Department of State and the US Department of Health and Human Services, the UNHCR and private contributions, the Times of Israel added.

HIAS, the Times of Israel continues, “offers refugees a variety of free services, including legal assistance for gaining their rights and becoming identified for resettlement,” and Rosenn is the “rabbi who rallies American Jews for the global refugee cause.”

However, this rallying American Jews “for the global refugee cause” does not extend as far as allowing them to settle in Israel, but only in Europe and America.

The Times of Israel—which, as its name implies, is an Israeli-based newspaper, says that it has “been Rosenn’s task to engage American Jews with HIAS and the refugee issue, primarily in the area of advocacy aimed at significantly increasing the number of refugees allowed into the US.”

Part of this “HIAS advocacy” includes, Rosenn said, asking the Obama administration for an “additional 100,000 refugees per year.”

The Times of Israel continued: “According to a strategy devised by Rosenn, she and her staff work with congregations, lay leaders, and rabbis to raise awareness of the Syrian refugee issue on both the Jewish and national agendas.”

In addition, a December 2, 2015 HIAS letter “signed by more than 1,250 American rabbis was delivered to all members of Congress and printed as a newspaper ad.

Invoking the biblical commandment to welcome the stranger and the ill-fated 1939 voyage of Jewish refugees from the Nazis on the St. Louis, the letter warned lawmakers not to confuse an actual enemy with the victims of that enemy.

According to the report, the HIAS letter “made an impression in the corridors of power,” because a few days later, “Obama mentioned HIAS twice in his remarks at the annual White House Hanukkah party, and a HIAS client lighted the menorah.”

According to Rosenn, around “1,000 American Jews, motivated by High Holiday sermons on the refugee crisis by hundreds of rabbis (many of them incorporating material prepared by Rosenn and her team), have contacted HIAS asking to volunteer with the Syrian refugees.”

Rosenn admitted that Islamic terrorism was a potential problem, but said that her education was engaging in “education” to overcome these “fears.”

“Everyone is afraid of terrorism. The problem is that the fear became misplaced due to misinformation, which is amplified by politicians. There is a real lack of understanding of how the US resettlement program works,” Rosenn said.

Rosenn believes that anti-refugee rhetoric can be very toxic. “We as Jews know just how dangerous this rhetoric can be. And we also know historically that in our country’s more glorious moments, it has been able to overcome this fear and suspicion.

“This is a profoundly Jewish issue and this is an historic moment. Never before have Jews not been refugees, but rather in a position to help refugees. Jews want to respond,” she said.

However, in Israel, which Rosenn and every other official Jewish organization in the US, both secular and religious, fanatically support, absolutely no refugees of any sort, Muslim or otherwise, are allowed in.

For example, according to a report in the Jerusalem Post, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has declared that Israel “won’t accept refugees from Syria.”

The Jerusalem Post quoted Netanyahu as saying that the building of a “security fence” on Israel’s eastern border will stop the “flood of illegal migrants into the country.”


An earlier statement from Netanyahu’s office quoted the Prime Minister saying that “Israel is a small country, a very small country, that lacks demographic and geographic depth. Therefore, we must control our borders, against both illegal migrants and terrorism.”


It seems as if Jews in Israel can be concerned about Muslim terrorism and illegal immigration, but Europeans in Europe and America have to be “educated” out of such fears by Rosenn’s HIAS.

In fact, Israel has also made it illegal for any non-Jew, as racially defined by that state, to immigrate to Israel at all, no matter where they come from.

This attitude is not limited to American Jews. The World Jewish Congress (WJC)—the official representative body of all religious and secular Jewish organizations in the world, said in an official statement penned by its Deputy CEO for Diplomacy, Maram Stern, that “closing Europe’s borders is not the right answer to the refugee crisis.”

With staggering chutzpah, the WJC went on to say that it would be “immoral” of Europe to close its borders—even though this is exactly what the Jewish state has done.


To underline the hypocrisy, the WJC has an entire division devoted to “supporting Israel”—even though that state implements the exact opposite policy which the WJC demands of Europe.


HIAS is not alone in demanding that America accepts the nonwhite “refugees.”

The Anti-Defamation League’s national director, Jonathan Greenblatt, said in a formal statement that:

As Jews, we are particularly affected by the images of men, women, and children forced to flee their homes to save themselves only to find they are unwanted anyplace else. World leaders must not turn their backs on the fundamental commitment to refugee protection and should work to settle these families in a humane and just manner.


Once again, this doesn’t seem to apply to Israel. Of course, the ADL fanatically supports Israel and has an entire section devoted to explaining to its supporters how to defend Israel.


As if this was not enough, the Israeli state-funded foreign aid agency, IsraAID, has employees—Israeli nationals—on the ground in Greece and the Balkans, quite literally carrying the nonwhite invaders ashore.


Why do Jews all over the world demand that America and Europe accept millions of nonwhite invaders, while at the same time building walls to protect Israel and barring any invaders from entering their country?

This obvious Jewish hypocrisy cannot be an accident. It must be malicious—there is simply no other explanation.

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  1. I can tell you from one point of view that the Refugees coming into the U.S. seem to be mostly from North African areas. I work in the documents department for a company that signs people up for O’Bomber care.

    Many of these people have huge families, several children, I’ve seen families with 8 and more kids. They all get on Medicaid immediately.

    I talked to a woman who was from someplace in N Africa and had been in the U.S. about 2 years and was already collecting Social Security Disability. She could not speak English but we talked via an interpreter.

    I just talked to another woman a few days ago, and she said she is 65 and gets A & B Medicare but still has medical bills. She said “I’m an Arab woman” and somebody needs to pay my medical bills”. Why she felt it important to tell me she was Arab, I don’t know. She was hard to talk to because she would interrupt me constantly.

    They are clearing out the areas for ISRAEL, it has been the plan of the Zionists all along.

    Americans and European people fell for the “War on Terror” bull crap, instead of questioning WHY we were really invading and bombing to hell millions and millions of people.

    Only a few of us stood firm in our ANTI-WAR sentiments. I know I have been called unpatriotic, a conspiracy theorist, and all kinds of other horrible things because I told people from the beginning this has NEVER been about “Terror” but about what ISRAEL AND the Zionists want.

    It’s easy to target the Muslims. They hate us, now. Do you blame them? We have been dropping bombs on their cities, their children, their lives.

    The Zionists have orchestrated and perpetrated a brilliant strategy for themselves. And so far it is working….unless YOU start standing AGAINST FURTHER bombings and invasions.

    The Bush administration was loaded full of Dual Citizens, who were the main Neo-Con group that pushed for the invasions. Search it, it’s amazing how many Jews were involved in that Administration. And who has benefited from 9/11?

    Who sits behind the O’Bomber administration? Same people. Victoria Nuland is the wife of Robert Kagan, a major Neo-Con with the PNAC. We all know she was one of the orchestrators of the Coup d te of Ukraine.

    The Zionists are 90% behind all of this stuff. the other 10% are the corporation heads and oil/gas people. The United States wants to ENSURE THAT Germany does not align with Russia……That is another major reason for all of this.

  2. America is stupid & weak. Why do they throw open the borders.
    It’s the doing of “The Muslim in Chief in the Whitehouse ”
    The same thing happening in Europe…. More stupid & weak Socialists. What happened in the UK. The socialists opened the doors under PM Tony Blair and they’ve been wide open ever since.

    The Jews are the smart ones. They can see a bunch of suckers from 10,000 miles away. You have ’em, we don’t want’em.

    1. Sigh. ‘Socialists’. Do you seriously imagine that Blair (warmonger, promoter of mass invasion, corrupter of the police, multimillionaire) is ‘socialist’? He’s just a pawn of Jews and their junk money. The label is sheer fraud. Just as Cameron is not ‘Conservative’ – it’s just a useful label to deceive voters.

  3. If Jennie was aware of the A/RES/S-18/3 Declaration on International Economic Cooperation, in particular the Revitalization of Economic Growth and Development of the Developing Countries. She would consistent with Article 30 Encourage the Multilateral financial institutions to give credit to small industries making goodies like shoes, panties, bras, and burkas instead of helping the international traders dump Chinese goods in those countries.

  4. The lack of insight by modern Christians, especially those from the Christian Left (which is hypocritical and anti-Christ), bothers me almost as much as the created refugee crisis in Europe. How they cannot see that not just Zionists, but everyday Jews are antithetical to, and work diligently against Western culture at every opportunity is so depressing that I have to come to terms shortly if I can even consider them in general to be potential allies anymore. I can almost picture them in the coming civil war at the head of the pack chopping down Nationalists and Conservative Christians who refuse to Islamify. In fact, it is the Jewish and Christian Left that are now at the vanguard of the NGOs and non-profit organizations that are bringing millions of Muslims into North America and Europe each year. They know what the end result will be. And yet they do this as though their life depends on it. And to a certain extent this is true–they have gone so far into this now, that they have revealed their crime; and they now know that if they don’t succeed, there will be a gruesome punishment like no one has ever seen before on this green earth…

    1. Understandable that Israeli people d not want Muslim migrants. What I find utterly disturbing is that European Jews – at least those visible in the public – are so very pro the massinvasion of Muslims from MENA to Europe.

    2. Can’t blame them (Israel) for not taking in refugees but they blame us? What’s the game plan here. Perhaps Israel is just using us goyim? Na, can’t be.

  5. The problem is they hate us christians more than they hate muslims. I think this is a waiIy to get rid of christians in a civil war, then muslims will be delt with in other ways. Because this is happening in all white countries. America is possibly more proactive than any country.I can’t deny I am very upset that our church of England leaders are laying down and giving in without a fight and also promote bringing more invaders in.Not quite the committment that Jesus would expect from his followers. Not very committed no wonder churches are mostly empty.We of course have to consider who the head of the church is, most upsetting. I cannot believe the whole of the EU and world leaders can turn so blatently from their own race and colour for a bunch of wealthy rather greedy zionist board old men that treat us as though we are a board game. Why will nobody arrest these people they are constantly committing crimes against humanity. There surely is someone in the law that could get together to stop these crimes before it is to late for us all. I can see the world is over populated but that is not something we can be accused of. For years owe governments have been giving them preferencial treatment they have house our your cannot afford, BMWs , and mercedes yet they still think they should have more. What the Americans are planning is the most disgusting ever, Far worst than the holocaust. I feel real fear for my kids and grandchildren.I know they have no idea what is happening,I really don’t know whether to say anything. Do you spoil the lives they have now and hope it doesn’t happen. Or try to prepare for the worst. All the reading i have done has really destroyed my moral and ruined my retirement. We definitely need a saviour.

  6. So rapefugees in EU and USA but not in Israel?

    If they love diversity and cultural enrichment so much they must be forced to open borders, only then it would be fair.

  7. We will soon be like Germany who hates the influx of refugees but, having been stripped of most of their personal firearms, can do nothing but offer worthless protests.

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