Jews Slam AFD, Love Merkel

The Israel-supporting Jewish lobby in Germany has slammed the AfD’s electoral success as “frightening” while a new poll in Israel has found “Israelis generally support Germany’s welcoming of refugees from the Middle East.”

Both news snippets are outrageously hypocritical because Israel has the most overtly racially-based immigration and citizenship laws in the world, and has refused to take any “refugees” in at all.

A poll in Israel commissioned by the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung’s Israel/Palestine branch, and conducted by Mitchell Barak’s Keevoon Research, Strategy and Communications Ltd., found that 56 percent of Israelis said that Berlin’s acceptance of refugees from Syria positively influences their view of Germany, while 36 percent view the policy negatively.


The survey, released just before the state elections in Germany, also found that 25 percent of Jews in Israel said they have a “much more favorable” view of Germany due to the mass nonwhite invasion of that country, while a further 31 percent had a “somewhat more favorable opinion.” Only 17 percent said they judged Germany “much less” favorably.

The survey, conducted in mid-February, and reported in the Times of Israel, found much Israeli sympathy for Germany in general and for its chancellor in particular.

A quarter of respondents said they have a “very favorable” view of the country. Nearly 45 percent have a “somewhat favorable” opinion of Germany, while only 26 percent hold negative views. Some 61 percent of Israelis have a high or very high opinion of Angela Merkel in particular.

The Jewish hypocrisy then reaches stunning—and blatant—heights, as the Times of Israel quotes the survey report as follows:

“This obvious admiration for Germany and the policy of the German federal chancellor led to an interesting discussion in Israel: Israeli journalists often point to the problematic dealings with asylum seekers in their own country (of all Western nations, it is Israel that has the lowest recognition rate of asylum seekers),” the poll’s authors write.

“In this context, Germany serves as a moral compass to which people can align themselves. Germany as a model example for humanity — in Israel such an assessment is nothing short of a miracle against the backdrop of our history.”


It is an understatement to say that “Israel that has the lowest recognition rate of asylum seekers.” In fact Israel actively expels all “refugees” from the Jewish state, and, as reported in the Jerusalem Post, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has specifically refused to take in any Syrian refugees at all.


Quoted in the Los Angeles Times, Netanyahu “rejected a call to host refugees from Syria and elsewhere, saying that Israel is “not in a position to take them in.”

Yet for some reason, Israelis like it very much when Germany takes in these “refugees from Syria.”

Meanwhile, in Germany, the president of the Zentralrat der Juden in Deutschland (Central Council of Jews in Germany), Josef Schuster, said in an interview with the Jüdische Allgemeine—the Central Council’s official newspaper—that he had had “his worst fears confirmed” by the Alternative für Deutschland’s (AfD) election successes last weekend.

Schuster went on to say that the “widespread resentment against refugees and the fear of some strangers have given the AfD an undeservedly high election result.”

“The fact that a thoroughly right-wing populist party, which sometimes tolerates right-wing positions, can get so many votes is evidence of a frightening rightward shift in the country,” Schuster said.

Schuster said it was now the “task of the democratic parties to respond to the fears of the population and avoid further divisions in society in order to cut away the ground from under the AfD.”

“Together, we must combat social exclusion and fight the devaluation fight of minorities in our country. We are convinced that it will be shown in the parliament that the AfD will be unable to find solutions,” said Schuster.

The hypocrisy here lies in the fact that the Central Council of Jews of Germany supports Israel—which has laws and policies which make the populist AfD look like kindergarten players.

For example:

It is illegal in Israel for a Jew to marry a non-Jew.


Israel only allows Jews to immigrate to Israel—and uses its “Law of Return” to define who is a Jew. The Israeli News Service Ynet confirmed that the “Law of Return”—which allows persons with Jewish heritage three generations back to immigrate to Israel—is specifically based on the Nazi Nuremberg Laws which defined who was a Jew.


Even this Nazi-definition is not strict enough, Israel’s Chief Rabbi David Lau was quoted in the same Ynet article as saying.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has openly declared that “African immigrants threaten the identity of the Jewish state.”


The point here is not to dispute Israel’s right to be a Jewish country, or its right to take steps to ensure that it remains Jewish, both racially and religiously.

All groups have that same right to preserve their identity and culture, and Israel is currently the only country in the world which takes active steps to protect itself in this regard.

The real point to be made here is that whenever Europeans—such as the AfD—ask for this same right, the Jewish lobby is the very first to denounce such an attempt.

The facts show that the Jewish lobby knows very well that mass immigration is harmful to a nation’s cohesion and future existence. This is why they outlaw it in Israel.

However, at the very same time, the Jewish lobby actively promotes the very opposite policies for non-Jewish countries, and Germany in particular.

The hypocrisy is so blatant, and so obvious, that it cannot be by accident. It must be deliberate.

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  1. “Israelis generally support Germany’s welcoming of refugees from the Middle East.”
    Israeli`s have got some bloody nerve !

    1. I suspect both France and Germany want rid of Jewish people in their countries and that is one reason why they have permitted such mass migrations of Jewish hating people into their countries,
      to drive the Jewish people out. It’s what it appears to be.

      1. Addendum – Don’t blame AfD for a situation that Angela Merkel and CDU created. Same goes for France. All of the recent antisemitism is the result of the Islamification of France and Germany.

    2. They are the most hypocritical, disgusting people in the world. They are a thorn in the side of the world, troublesome beyond their worth.

  2. Things don’t seem to change much as far as Germany is concerned. Here is Article 275 from the Treaty of Versailles July 28 1919. “Germany undertakes on condition that reciprocity is accorded… the right… in respect of wine or spirit.. the conditions under which the use of … maybe permitted;” But Article 274 says “Germany undertakes to adopt all the necessary legislative and administrative measures to protect goods and produce or manufacture of any one of the Allied and Associated Powers from all forms of unfair competition in commercial transactions.”
    Angela is Israel’s friend because she is happy to allow dumping of Chinese merchandise in Europe in violation of this Treaty, and so destroy local industry in neighbouring states.

  3. Israel’s plan is working. Flooding Europe with Jew hating Muslims has resulted in the Jewish migration from Europe back to Israel. Syria has been depopulated and now Israel and Turkey will divide the vacated land.

  4. of course it’s deliberate. Read the Talmud and forever disabuse yourself of having the same morality. It is entirely reasonable from an in group/out group dualistic system to hate goyim and be deceptive about it. Very subterfuge is sanctioned in the Talmud. To the livestock, ie gentiles, it appears hypocrisy, but it is not when there is no moral equivalence between chosenite and stranger. The New Testament flips the script on who is your neighbour, which in the Torah is your fellow Jew, totally different from a doctrine of universal love. In the original Hebraic meaning, neighbour refers to a member of your tribal nation, ie ethnic group attached to the land it occupies. There is no Judaeo-Xtian other than in the minds of evangelicals. Jesus worship is paganism to Orthodox and most sects loathe it.

    Never ever forget this when dealing with understanding what the agenda is and why Jews have one rule for their Israel and one for the stranger. In any case, you, your chattels and all the lands are theirs anyway, according to Rabbinical ruling in the Talmud. Say hi to your new feudal overlords as they create Eretz Yisrael/Ynon project.

    The wrap around media control, ownership of all western search engines, with what that means for algo indexing, eg Google’s pagerank, are by design. Everywhere there is an information gatekeeping role of significance to influence you, that is where you will find them, secular or otherwise.

    They are stereotypically leftist towards gentile society and highly conservative to their own, with some exceptions (two Jews, three opinions).

    Never forget it when they mysteriously lead the herd into destroying its own nations, laws, protections, morality, family and societal bonds, religion, monetary systems etc.

  5. “Israelis generally support Germany’s welcoming of refugees from the Middle East.”

    – Well, they’re mad – as mad as Merkel. Don’t they know that Islamists want to wipe out Judaism along with Christianity?

  6. Merkel has destroyed Europe. She must be made an example of to deter the other traitors, and there are many in our midst.

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