“Jungle” Invader Nonwhites Trash Paris

Police in Paris have been forced to clear out a camp set up by nonwhite invaders moved from Calais’ infamous “Jungle” after locals complained that the nonwhites had turned the area into an “open air toilet,” terrorized passersby with gang violence, and brought diseases such as tuberculosis.

French riot police moved the approximately 2,000 nonwhites away from the Eole gardens, near the Paris Eurostar hub, from their shantytown without incident on Monday this week.


The invaders—all trying to get to Britain where generous welfare benefits are on the Ile-de-France region, according to a report in the Le Monde newspaper.

The masked riot police moved early on Monday morning to break up the camp at the Eole Gardens, taking the invaders by surprise.

Shortly after 7 a.m. local time, the nonwhites—mostly Afghans, Sudanese, Somalis, and Eritreans—were rounded up, put on buses, and driven away.

They had set up camp in the park after the far left Socialist Party mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, announced that she was going to build an “international refugee camp” in the city later this year.

The announcement was greeted by a rush of parasitic nonwhites from all over France into Paris, where they set up tents and created a new “Jungle” in the Eole Park.

Cases of tuberculosis broke out almost immediately, and local leftist doctors’ organization Medecins du Monde warned that other infectious diseases were also present.

Local residents then complained that the park had been turned into a massive open air toilet, with the nonwhites defecating and urinating wherever the mood took them.

In addition, the park—right next to the Eurostar Paris-London train station—became a hub for smugglers offering invaders entrance to Britain via train or aircraft—with one local journalist even being offered a passport to enable a claim for “asylum” as a “war refugee” in the UK.

In addition, tribal warfare between the Afghans, Sudanese, and Eritreans broke out, and police struggled to maintain order as the fighting often spilled into the streets, threatening locals and passersby.

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  1. It’s puzzling that ‘Anne Hidalgo’ (not a French name?) hasn’t allowed a few dozen of them to share her doubtless palatial home. Come on Anne! Don’t be racist!

  2. Seeing this day after day is so damn depressing. If only our side would win even just once every little while! I’ve been having this recurring thought that maybe whites will only truly wake up when actual blood begins to flow, but in my darker moments I think, perhaps they never will. What hell being aware in a world full of sleepwalkers – like being the only sane person in an insane asylum.

    1. Dear proud Aryan- i too feel the same. All i want to do is scream, shout to make the zombies wake up. We have all become apathetic. This has all been planned by the select elite. They have done it by insidious means, that soon it will be too late to stop it.
      Its like stress you dont noticeit untill it goes boom.

  3. The Socialist Mayor needs replacing a.s.a.p. by a Nationalist. She wants to build an invader camp in Paris? She is insane and a traitor to France and Europe.

  4. They need a growing right wing movement to come to power like Austria and nationalise the media to negate the zionist controlled media. Deport the jews to Israel and eliminate the jewish stranglehold on France by rewriting much legislation. Gee it sounds familiar, doesnt it ? LOL. Even jewish dissident Gilad Atzmon recommends National Socialism as a cure, and he feels another holocaust coming, due to jewish recidivist behaviour.

  5. I shudder to think of the diseases being brought here by these sub-humans…we’re going to find out the hard way!

  6. I’m afraid that until there is a white v anti-white bloodbath, nothing will happen, and perhaps even not then!

  7. So they were rounded up and bussed out to the suburbs – Why not bus them to Marseille and then on a boat to Libya or Eritrea or one of those hell holes they came from. No need to match migrant with origin just find the most deserted piece of beach and dump them.

  8. It is up to you the honest working people of your country to stand up against ur clueless leaders clueless for their own benefit ! In England we AV a old saying you can take an horse to water but u can’t make it drink ! I am not drinking Pm your bull piss stinks ur a disgrace to ur country please leave the cesspit of eu we can do it we AV done it before buy ur poppy with pride not a sigh never forget the old vets and the young lads in recent conflicts that AV gone out there not one remain campaign as mentioned our fallen utter disgrace !!

  9. Just look at that creature with it’s head sticking out of the tent…tell me that belongs anywhere but the jungle, and I’m not referring to Calais..!

  10. If Spain, Italy & Portugal are having serious financial problems and are heading towards the IMF for a bailout, add on the Greece problem and the unemployment situation across the EU BEFORE this lot arrived, where is the taxpayers money going to come from to resolve all this? The situation is bound to escalate when Serbia, Moldova, Montenegro and Albania join the EU and for my money these countries have nothing to offer anything to the EU except take out, which means that the UK contribution will increase at the same time if not before. Then there is Turkey – and that is well known by us all, a total nightmare scenario even now.

  11. Just watch the debate on Europe Rev 5 women against 1 man they all said thier opinions on the pros and cons of staying and leaving the eu not one women mention anything about the sexual attacks that are happing in the Euro zone they stand there with free speech for what the emmeline pankhurst campaign for you are selling our daughters out we want our daughters to live a happy care free live not have to walk in fear in their own country because some can’t understand our values you can look but don’t touch if you do not like our lifestyle then why did you come ? Benefits !!!!

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