Kean: Whites Blamed for Black Hoax

Even though it has now been revealed that a black was responsible for the “racist hate” messages which recently set New Jersey’s Kean University ablaze with black anger, whites are still to blame, media and “African studies” academics at the college have announced.


The uproar started when an “anonymous” Twitter account (@keanuagainstblk) was set up on November 17 and posted threats against black students on campus.

The tweets included threats such as “I will shoot any black person I see at Kean University,” and “the cops won’t save you . . . you’re black.”


The controlled media, already working hand-in-glove with the anti-white “Black Lives Matter” hoax—which quite incorrectly claims that blacks are regularly gunned down by white policemen—immediately leaped into action and broadcast the “threats” far and wide, provoking demonstrations on campus and demands for “investigation into racism”—by which is always meant, of course, “white” racism.


NBC News in New York, for example, ran news of the “threats” and reported that “Kean University students stayed away from classes because of the threats.”

The university’s police department said in a Facebook post that they were “profoundly troubled by this display of hatred which does not reflect in any way the values we hold sacred on our diverse campus.”


The tweets came as black students gathered at a clock tower for a rally to “bring awareness to racism on college campuses,” the NBC report said, once again linking “racism” to white people.

In a typical example of media-hyped hysteria, the NBC reporter sought out a black student, one Courtney Conner, to say that “most of her friends are in their rooms,” and that “they haven’t left since the tweets went out.”

Kean University President—and Afghanistan immigrant—Dawood Farahi, was then quoted by NBC as telling students that “Statements like this show that we still have a lot of work to do.”

The university said approximately 100 students participated in “a peaceful rally” on campus that night with 10 students spending the night at the clock tower, “joining students across the nation to raise awareness of recent racial unrest at the University of Missouri and other college campuses.”


Some examples of the anti-white hysteria which the “threats” caused.

The hysteria and hype about “white racism” continued for more than two weeks, and included a “collective day of action where student leaders are encouraged to organize events that uplift Blackness.”

The anti-white hysteria was just reaching fever pitch when, on December 1, police announced that they had tracked down, arrested, and charged the person responsible for the threats—a black female former president of the “Pan-African Student Union,” one Kayla-Simone McKelvey.

McKelvey had left the November 17 demonstration on Kean University’s campus to go and create the Twitter account, it was revealed.


McKelvey. Left: wearing false “black” hair, and right, wearing false “white” hair.”

Kayla-Simone McKelvey speaks at the March 12 rally

Kayla-Simone McKelvey, wearing yet another wig, speaks at an “anti-racist” protest rally which she organized.

She has been charged with third-degree creating a public false alarm. When the arrest was announced by Farahi, “audible gasps” were heard, according to media reports.

“We are saddened to learn that the person allegedly responsible was an active participant in the rally that took place on campus on Tuesday, November 17, and is a former student of Kean,” Farahi said.

The assembled masses were however not prepared to admit that the whole thing had been yet another “hate hoax.”


James Conyers, director of the “Office of Africana Studies,” officiates at a “Kwanzaa” celebration.

As quoted in the, an online aggregator news service for twelve major New Jersey newspapers, James Conyers, director of the “Office of Africana Studies” at Kean, said the

“[T]hreats are a result of the fallout from the continuing racism in society. It does not matter that it was a black person who did this. This was all in the context of racism.”

In other words, even if the person doing the “hating” is black, it is still white people’s fault.

“Hate hoaxes” which are carried out with the intention of inciting hatred against white people are a specialty of both blacks and Jews.

* On December 3, just two days after the Kean hoax was revealed, a black former policeman who claimed that someone left a “racist memo” on department letterhead in his mailbox at a Connecticut police department, admitted to penning the letter himself.


Clive Higgins was charged with filing a false report after he claimed he found a letter with the heading “White Power” across the top of the page. The letter went on to say “Officer Clive Higgins doesn’t belong here in this Police Department” and “These Black Officers belong in the toilet.”

The report of the racist letter prompted the Bridgeport Guardians, a nonwhite “officers’ organization,” to hold a news conference, calling the letter “racial, insensitive, and threatening.” They said it was the most recent of at least three hateful notes to circulate within the department within a year.

State police were called in to investigate and reviewed surveillance from the station, which they said showed Higgins typing and printing documents just before going into the room where he said he found the letter, according to the report. He is due in court on December 16 in connection with the incident.

A January 2008 article in the Jewish Week titled “The New Jewish Self-Hatred” (01/30/08), revealed that there have been “dozens of cases” of Jews carrying out swastika daubing and other “hate crimes.”

Referring to a famous incident where a Jewish student at Washington DC’s George Washington University, Sarah Marshak, was revealed to be behind a wave of swastikas which “struck terror” into Jews at the university, the Jewish Week quoted the professor of the liberal arts and sciences at Emory University, Sander Gilman, as saying, “there have been dozens of cases like Marshak’s in the last few years. It’s the self-creation of victim status…because of reliance among some Jews on status as a victim for their identification.”

A representative “hate hoax” list can be found here.

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