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Kenya to Expel 425,000 Somali “Refugees”

The black African state of Kenya has ordered the expulsion of 425,000 Somali “refugees” back home, calling the invaders a “breeding ground for terrorism” and an “economic burden.”

The West’s controlled media has blacked out the news because it undermines the “Somali refugee” narrative promoted in the West—and because it is a black state doing the expelling, instead of a European state.


As a result, the announcement by the United Nations High Commission on Refugees (UNHCR) about the expulsions from Kenya have been ignored by the controlled media in the West, and it has only appeared in Asian, African, and some South American media outlets.

The East African nation announced earlier this year that it was going to close the Dadaab refugee camp by November 30—which houses some 425,000 Somalis—after describing it as an “economic burden” and a “breeding ground” for terrorism.

Dadaab, the world’s largest refugee camp, was set up some 20 years ago.

Speaking at the camp in northeast Kenya last week, UNHCR Kenya Deputy Representative, Wella Kouyou, said some 18,000 Somali refugees returned home this year as UNHCR stepped up the “voluntary repatriation.”

The Kenyan government has said that the Somalia-based Al-Shabaab Islamists have hideouts in Dadaab, and that an Al-Shabaab attack at Garissa University College in northeast Kenya last April, which killed 148 people, was planned from the camp.

The UNHCR, Kenya, and Somalia signed a tripartite agreement on the “voluntary repatriation” of “Somali refugees” in 2014, but the process has been slow until this year.

Kenya’s Interior Cabinet Secretary, Joseph Nkaissery, said that Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta will next month lead a Kenyan delegation to the UN General Assembly, “where the modalities of the repatriation process will be discussed, with the hope that Kenya’s stand on the issue will be supported.”

The expulsion of the Somali “refugees” back to Somalia—with the acquiescence of the UNHCR—shows conclusively that there is no justification for the hundreds of thousands of Somalis claiming “refugee status” in Europe.

It also shows that mass repatriations are possible—and if a Third World nation like Kenya can do it, then it can be done with far greater ease by a First World nation with the necessary willpower.

Finally, the West’s controlled media blackout of the Kenya-Somali expulsions reveals the deceitful nature of that media. Not only do they ignore how black nations deal with invaders, but their behavior also reveals the true agenda: the flooding and destruction of European nations only.


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      1. Martina, if you are suggesting that there will be some sort of competition for these highly desireable people, (academics, doctors and all), I want to put myself forward in speaking for the UK in saying: ‘Obama, you can have them all gladly’!

    1. Britain is so naive: we grant any Somali who enters almost immediate asylum, as the country is a failed state, the most lawless on the planet (but of their own making due to their inability to co-exist peacefully like civilised beings). But in the unlikely event of any Somali being considered for deportation, they and armies of do-gooders scream in protest that it is too dangerous to send them back there.

      But not too dangerous, it seems, to fly back to have Female Genital Mutilation performed on your daughters. A year ago a group of fifty girls were seen at Heathrow being taken out of the country. Savages, and we should have nothing to do with them.
      ‘Fifty girls’ taken from UK to Somalia for FGM

  2. Britain will be the destination of choice for any Somali who now decides to head for the welfare honeypots of northern Europe. It already has the largest Somali population in Europe for a reason. It’s a country crippled by political correctness, an obsession with “diversity”, and is the only country in Europe still clinging to the fantasy of multiculturalism. And for the pc/multikulti/diversity brigade, no immigrants are more desirable, being backward black African AND strict Muslim. What could be more “diverse”?

    Anyone who dares to point out that their country is a self-created hellhole because the people are low IQ, uncontrollable savages, and that everywhere they have settled in the West they have brought their Third World chaos and criminality with them, faces a double dose of accusations of racism and “Islamophobia”. They are above criticism.

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