Kenya Mall massacre: “Wild-Eyed and Incapable” Kenyan Army “Soldiers” Killed Civilians, Police Chief and Caused Building to Collapse

By New Observer special correspondent in Nairobi—“Wild-eyed, completely untrained and incapable” Kenyan army “soldiers” killed scores of civilians, the local police chief, and caused the roof of the Nairobi shopping mall to collapse after indiscriminately firing automatic weapons and  rocket-propelled grenades into the terrorist-occupied building, observers and survivors have told The New Observer.

According to people interviewed, the Kenyan “security forces” also shot and killed several policemen—including the Kenyan police’s commanding officer on the scene—and “who knows how many civilians” our sources said.

There was no central command or control center set up to co-ordinate response to the terrorist attack, with the result that police, ill-disciplined soldiers who arrived bundled into trucks and jeeps, and even privately armed civilians stormed through the mall, shooting randomly at what they thought were terrorists but more often than not were each other or civilians.

Kenya Mall Attack

The only “combatants” who were really safe from this murderous cross fire were the soldiers themselves—only because they were dressed out in brand new American-supplied uniforms and were more easily identifiable.

“Even so, I saw several soldiers who had been shot by other soldiers in the melee, which was really a murderous version of a Keystone Cops movie,” a witness said.

“It was pure chaos,” another eye-witness said. “In First World countries, terrorist reaction teams await orders, receive instructions from a central command post and all actions are only undertaken after careful evaluation of the consequences,” he said.


“Here in the Third World, nothing works like that. These Kenyan soldiers arrived, wild-eyed, completely untrained and incapable, jumped off their trucks and attacked anything that moved inside the building. It’s a miracle that they didn’t kill everyone at the scene.

“This was why it took four days to end the siege. Kenya has a national average IQ of 69, and we really saw this in action during this incident. I knew when I saw those truckloads of Kenyan soldiers arrive, that we were in for more trouble than just the terrorists.”


Another witness revealed what he thought was the reason for the attack.

“It was directed primarily against non-Muslims, and Europeans in particular,” one survivor, a black Kenyan said. “It is also well-known that the mall was owned and run by Jews, and served as a meeting center for the Jewish and European community in Nairobi.

“They let all the people who they could see were Muslims [by their dress] go and that was how many of us got out of the place.”

Forensic experts from First World nations have now arrived on the scene to assist the shambolic Kenyan “government” investigate the incident.


Other newspaper reports also detailed the specifically racial nature of the attack. According to the UK’s Daily Mail, one European survivor said “If they found me, I’m white… so I’m dead.”

According to that paper, men, women and children were lined up and then gunned down with AK-47s after failing to name the Prophet Mohammed’s mother or recite passages from the Koran — surefire proof they were ‘kafirs’, or non-believers.

Greg Aldous, from New Zealand, told how he hid in a box and watched a man being gunned down 30ft away from him. He said the terrorists “were coming in through the front; they were coming in through the back and we were just sitting ducks”.

He added: “These are Islamic fundamentalist nutcases. They just shot and killed anybody. They are horrible.”

He eventually escaped under the cover of darkness to a lorry-loading depot where people were panicking and screaming.

“My instinct was to hide and I jumped into a large box containing supermarket cartons and hid there,” he said. “I only survived the massacre because I kept out of sight.

“If they had found me… I’m white, so I’m dead. They’re not even going to think twice. They hate your skin colour.”

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  1. Once again we see what distinguishes white people from black people – a sense of honour and a sense of community. Rather than help people in trouble these black “scum bags” use the event as an opportunity to steal property. We see this wherever blacks or third-Worlders are in number. Look at the incidents surrounding the Cyclone Katrina crisis. Black police officers were caught on camera looting stores.

    On the worst night of the London riots almost every shop in Clapham Junction was ransacked — except one, the bookshop. Again the looters were “third Worlders.” But look at the Japanese in Japan following the devastating tsunami of 2011 – not a single incident of looting. Why because the Japanese have no Third Worlders and as a people they have a great sense of community.

    When will white people wake up? Nothing you do for these Blacks will matter. They are “genetically coded” to be a source of trouble. They are like a poorly written computer program that crashes your computer system every time you try to install it.

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