Kerry: Jews Must Have Own State

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry has called for Israel to be a Jewish state, warning that a failure to accommodate Palestinians in a separate state of their own will lead to the demographic destruction of the Jewish homeland.

The remarks reveal that Kerry does know the truth about the relationship between race and the replacement of people through demographics—but is only concerned about Jewish survival, and not that of Europeans or any other people.

Kerry’s remarks—made during his recent speech on Israel following the recent U.N. Security Council vote on the illegal Israeli settlements—are reprinted in full on the U.S. Department of State’s website.

They prove beyond doubt that he—and the rest of Washington D.C.’s ruling elite—have a very clear grasp of the concept that racial demographic replacement causes the extinction of one race and culture in favor of another.

Kerry’s speech—although portrayed otherwise in the controlled media—is in fact a plea to save Israel from demographic destruction by non-Jews.

Kerry repeatedly pointed out that the whole purpose of seeking a “two state solution” to the Israeli-Palestinian question was to “preserve the fundamental character of Israel”:

But there is a general recognition that the solution must be consistent with two states for two peoples, and cannot affect the fundamental character of Israel.

Kerry pointed out that the U.S. government—and the Obama administration in particular—are the best friends that Israel has, and went on to list exactly how American taxpayers are forced to subsidize the Jewish ethnostate:

On this point, I want to be very clear: No American administration has done more for Israel’s security than Barack Obama’s.

The Israeli prime minister himself has noted our, quote, “unprecedented” military and intelligence cooperation. Our military exercises are more advanced than ever.

Time and again we have demonstrated that we have Israel’s back. We have strongly opposed boycotts, divestment campaigns, and sanctions targeting Israel in international fora, whenever and wherever its legitimacy was attacked, and we have fought for its inclusion across the UN system.

Kerry went on to admit that even though the U.S. was bankrupt, it still increased funding to Israel, having to “borrow” the money to hand over to the Jewish state:

In the midst of our own financial crisis and budget deficits, we repeatedly increased funding to support Israel. In fact, more than one-half of our entire global Foreign Military Financing goes to Israel.

And this fall, we concluded an historic $38 billion memorandum of understanding that exceeds any military assistance package the United States has provided to any country, at any time, and that will invest in cutting-edge missile defense and sustain Israel’s qualitative military edge for years to come. That’s the measure of our support.

Much of the rest of Kerry’s speech then went on to provide details of how Israel was deliberately sabotaging all the plans for a “two state solution” to the Israeli-Palestinian question, mainly through its aggressive expansionist policies of creating illegal Jewish settlements in the West Bank territories which all the previous peace accords had set aside for a future Palestinian state.

However, Kerry finally gave the game away in his remark on why it was so necessary for Israel to create a Palestinian state: namely that the growing Arab population in Israel itself would, if not accommodated in their own country, sooner or later demographically overwhelm Jews and then the “single state” would see the extinction of a Jewish state.

Kerry said:

We also know that there are some 1.7 million Arab citizens who call Israel their home and must now and always be able to live as equal citizens, which makes this a difficult issue for Palestinians and others in the Arab world.

That’s why it is so important that in recognizing each other’s homeland—Israel for the Jewish people and Palestine for the Palestinian people—both sides reaffirm their commitment to upholding full equal rights for all of their respective citizens.

That’s what we were standing up for: Israel’s future as a Jewish and democratic state, living side by side in peace and security with its neighbors. That’s what we are trying to preserve for our sake and for theirs.

Today, there are a number – there are a similar number of Jews and Palestinians living between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea. They have a choice. They can choose to live together in one state, or they can separate into two states.

But here is a fundamental reality: if the choice is one state, Israel can either be Jewish or democratic—it cannot be both—and it won’t ever really be at peace.

Herein lies the key to understanding Kerry’s approach to the Israeli-Palestinian question: namely that a separate state for Palestinians is necessary to preserve Israel as a state for Jews.

A “single state” solution, Kerry has pointed out, means that Jews will inevitably be demographically displaced by Palestinians, and that will be the end of the Jewish state because they will have simply been outbred, and will lose political power, cultural ascendancy, and ultimately the entire Zionist dream of a Jewish homeland will collapse.

The only other alternative for a “single state” solution would be for Israel to ethnically cleanse itself of Palestinians—from within the borders of Israel and from the occupied West Bank.

While such a policy is certainly not beyond the realm of possibility for the current Israeli administration, such a policy would, as Kerry alludes to, result in endless hostility and war from Arab neighbors, eclipsing even that which is currently the case.

The real message from Kerry’s remarks is however the fact that he—and by implication the entire ruling elite in Washington D.C.—understands clearly the relationship between demographics and racial displacement.

But, it seems, they are only concerned about the effects of such a policy upon Jews, and no one else.

The Obama administration—and all previous U.S. administrations since the 1960s onward—has consistently followed immigration policies which are consciously designed to reduce white Americans to a minority in their own country, and racially demographically transform America into a nonwhite nation.

Kerry et al have shown by their concern for Israel’s demographic future that they do understand this reality—but only want to prevent it happening in the Jewish state.

Europeans—and any other people who might want to preserve their identity in the same way that Israel seeks to preserve Jewish identity—are dismissed and attacked as “racists” by Kerry and his ilk.

It seems, once again, that only Jews are allowed to have their own ethnostate, and any Europeans demanding that same right are venomously attacked for doing so—a blatant hypocrisy which Kerry’s remarks have proven once again for the world to see.

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  1. Kerry repeatedly pointed out that the whole purpose of seeking a “two state solution” to the Israeli-Palestinian question was to “preserve the fundamental character of Israel”: You are not preserving the fundamental character of the US! You and Obama are traitors to the American people, just the same as the Lib,Lab,Con and SNP in the UK! Absolute traitorous scum of the earth!

  2. No one has ever had the solution since 1948, but the taxpayers in the USA should be asking why their country is ‘borrowing’ money to fund Israel.

  3. A bigger question is how will this situation improve with Donald Trump? While I’m glad the a republican got power in the US, Trump is going to back the Jewish state big time (he is already making very loud noises in support of increased settlements in Palestine), and a powerful Israel will only increase terrorism against the Jews and its allies, as is occurring now.

  4. Excellent take on a mass media spin piece.

    “…the growing Arab population in Israel itself would, if not accommodated in their own country, sooner or later demographically overwhelm Jews and then the “single state” would see the extinction of a Jewish state.”

    Well, well…what’s good for the goy goose is good for the Jewish gander.

    The negligible Jewish majority in Israel/Palestine has been razor thin for the last decade or so. Everyone talks about the decline of European demographics, but the Jews in Israel are in exactly the same boat, and the reversal of fortune is happening much faster than in White countries, which are much larger by comparison. Jews will lose their barely-there majority in less than ten years due to the Arabs’ high rabbit-like reproduction r-strategy and Jews falling victim to their own Marxist-feminist, birth control pill-popping strategy. There simply won’t be enough births coming out of the Jewish kibbutzes to compete.

    Not to worry, though. When they start WW3, they’ll stop playing games with the Palestinians, which will all be massacred in the ensuing global melee. No one else will be the wiser because they’ll all be running for their lives, as well. Make no mistake; the Jews have no intention of sharing anything and WILL have a single ethnostate one way or the other…at these those are their intentions.

  5. Israel has shown their cards as a failed experimental apartheid state. Tax payers supporting them from the West, and soldiers fighting their proxy wars from the West, are onto this 70 year scam and fed up to the teeth. Trump may support expansionism in words but he had better kill the cash cow and fast. Zionists are the cause of practically every financial and social I’ll in the world. The jig is up.

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