Korean “Beauty Pageant” Dissolves into Plastic Surgery Euro-clone Farce

In yet another display of racial subconscious aesthetic envy, the Miss Korea 2013 beauty pageant has dissolved into a farce after almost all of the contestants showed up having had plastic surgery to make them look more “western” — that is, European.

The participants in the competition have had such similar plastic surgery to their eyes and facial structure that they all look like each other—an effect multiplied by the fact that they have all died their naturally black hair a dark shade of brown.


The use of plastic surgery to change eye-shape to be more “round” and to “elongate” the face (most commonly by cheek and chin surgery) is known locally in Korea as the “Korean plastic face look.”

Official figures from the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ISAPS) show that South Koreans have more treatments per members of the population, with one in every 77 turning to plastic surgeons, and at least 20 percent of all women aged 19 to 49 in the capital city of Seoul admitted to undergoing the “westernizing” surgery.

The mass surgery craze is yet another indication of the implicit acceptance in the Third World that the aesthetic norm of beauty remains the European standard.

All over the world, nonwhites resort to all manner of surgical and chemical methods in their attempts to look as white as possible.

These methods range from the intrusive plastic surgery so vividly demonstrated by the Korean beauty pageant entrants, to the dangerous chemical hair straighteners and skin-lighteners used by Africans.

Even in countries with largely mixed-race populations—such as Brazil—the “whitest looking” people are almost always at the top of society, both in social standing and economically.


Above, the winner of the competition, who is now officially  Miss South Korea, Yu-Mi Kim, has freely admitted to having cosmetic surgery, saying: “I never said I was born beautiful.” Pictures of her “before and after” appearance show just how drastic the change has been.

Media reports claimed that the music industry was behind the demand to look white, and quoted South Korean rapper Psy (of “Gangnam Style” fame) as saying that his record label had urged him to get plastic surgery.

This claim that the music industry is behind the craze is, of course, merely a liberal attempt to explain away the obvious: that nonwhites have always been trying to emulate whites, and that non-Europeans have always tried to look as European as possible.

This goes for attire, culture, and now, with the advent of plastic surgery, even physical appearance.

It remains one of the surest indicators of deep racial psychological differences, and the origin of much envy which surely lies at the bottom of so much non-European hatred of Europeans.

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  1. I think that Yu-Mi Kim looked pretty before the plastic surgery enhancements, although compared to the glamorous beauty queen she became she does have the ‘girl next door’ look. I have always assumed that Koreans are regarded as one of the best looking East Asian people, so I cannot understand why they are so keen on plastic surgery.

  2. Good article. Added to the articles on blacks in Africa and the USA using ‘skin whiteners’ and ‘nappy hair’ removals, there’s certainly some weight to the idea of this rather sad mimicry. But there are limits – as far as I know blacks still have enormous rumps.

  3. The communist regime in North Korea discourages the westernization of their women’s appearances. They accept that western style clothes are more practical for work, but for evening wear and dances traditional silk gowns are de rigueur. It is common for women musicians and singers to perform in public wearing these gowns. Also, if you go to a restaurant in North Korea you are likely to see the waitresses clad in these gowns. Obviously there are no opportunities for plastic surgery in North Korea, but there is still plenty of scope for westernizing the appearance of women using hair styles and makeup. The regime has tackled this by issuing specifications for permitted hair styles, so obvious western styles like the bob cut are a complete no-no. They have removed the possibility for westernizing women’s appearance through makeup, by banning makeup altogether. This striving for authenticity has gone so far as to discourage mixed race marriages, and almost eliminating all immigration.

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