Last Fake Charity Invasion Taxi Ship Stops Operating in Mediterranean

The last fully operational fake charity invasion taxi ship, the Aquarius, has had its operations finally cancelled and there are no longer any major pro-invasion vessels picking up Africans off the Libyan coast and shuttling them to Europe.

In a statement released by the “Doctors Without Borders/SOS Méditerranée” (MSF) organization in Europe, the termination of the Aquarius’s work was blamed on a “smear campaign, spearheaded by the Italian government and backed by other European countries to delegitimize,slander and obstruct” their illegal immigration taxi operation.

Italian magistrates in November accused MSF of illegally dumping toxic waste at ports in southern Italy and ordered Aquarius to be impounded. The public prosecutor’s office in Catania, Sicily,said crew on the Aquarius, and its sister ship VOS Prudence, had illegally dumped dangerous medical waste among ordinary rubbish between January 2017 and May 2018.

“With no immediate solution to these attacks, MSF and SOS Méditerranée have no option but to end the operations of the Aquarius,” the statement continued.

The Aquarius was twice stripped of its registration earlier this year and now faces charges of criminal activity—the active aiding and abetting of illegal immigration.

The previous pro-invasion leftist Italian government tolerated and promoted the work of the invasion taxi fleet, even though they were clearly breaking the law.

However, the new Italian government lost no time in cracking down on the criminals, and pressured the Panamanian authorities—where the Aquarius and other ships were registered—to withdraw that registration.

Describing the termination of their invasion work as a “dark day,” the MSF statement said that the “unavoidable end” to their operations has also seen the “enabling” of the “Libyan coastguard to intercept more than 14,000 people at sea this year alone and forcibly return them to Libya.”

Together with MSF’s previous search and rescue vessels – the Bourbon Argos, Dignity, Prudence and Phoenix – MSF has moved more than 80,000 invaders over the Mediterranean Sea to Europe since 2015, the statement concluded.

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  1. Now what will despaprate refugees from Africa do???

    There must be new ships sent to the med immediately, I urge all readers of New Observer Online to dig deep into their pockets & fund new rescue vessels!

    Otherwise, diversity in Europe could be in danger!!!

    1. Maybe they should make for Israel, as Jews seem to be obsessed with enabling the movements of refugees to any country Jews want them to go. Why not cut out the middleman and send all the Africans to Israel?

  2. We do not want them; had enough of them of taking working peoples’ money, sort their own countries out , I will not work to keep them

  3. These boats will turn up off the waters of Australia when/if the leftist Labor government gets in next year. Already Labor is preparing to water down the tough anti-invasion legislation of the Liberal government, and that is due to the loss of seats the Liberals have suffered recently. Labor will no doubt request the presence of the invasion taxi fleet and celebrate the first illegal arrivals in the weeks after a successful election campaign.

  4. Where’s the link to the actual statement released by the “Doctors Without Borders/SOS Méditerranée”?

    You’re not providing real sources, just a few random quotes that could have been taken from anything.

    [It’s in the story above. -Ed]

    1. Remember, the famous MSF founder … Bernard Kouchner, Kosovo Gauleiter, Serbian body parts trafficker ?? & guess who’s in need of those body parts ??
      Bernard Kouchner tribe, The Light Upon Nations …..

  5. The reason Soros has called off his jihadugee smugglers is because the UN GCM which will be signed by our “leaders” this week makes them obsolete, the invaders will be given visas in North Africa and flown into Europe by the EU and UN then they will be “shared out” amoung EU nations that signed the pact, the UK is one of those nations.

  6. I am curious about what effect the cessation of operations by the fake charity rescue ships has had on drownings in the Mediterranean. Googling ‘drownings Mediterranean’ has brought up lots of bleeding heart liberals condemning Salvini’s hard-line policies for an increase in drownings. However, it may be the case that drownings have decreased over the last year, while the proportion of drownings to boat passengers has increased. If this is the case then it proves that our humanitarians are more interested in decreasing the risks for illegal immigrants rather then saving lives.
    peter peterson makes a good point when he says that the fake charity rescue ships have been called off because The Global Compact on Migration intends to open up legal paths to migration to Europe from Africa for the unskilled, poorly educated migrants who make up the passengers of the dinghies in the Mediterranean.

  7. What about the rising influx of immigrants crossing the English Channel? 260 or so over the past month I believe. Perhaps the vessel should relocate to an English port to assist the invaders seeking “refuge” in the UK? That will get our PM, Treason May off the hook and provide her with a much needed new source of muslims

  8. They are STILL operating. “RESCUE ship Open Arms has docked in Spain after failing to gain permission to land 308 migrants in Italy, Malta and France. Some 30 Red Cross volunteers were on hand to help the migrants – 179 of whom were children – with medical check-ups.”
    report dated 29/12/18 . Euroweeklynews dot com

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