Latest Invader Forgery: “Death Threat Letters”

Nonwhite invaders from Afghanistan are now using forged “death threat from the Taliban” letters as part of their devious arsenal of tricks to try and persuade gullible Europeans that they deserve “asylum” in Germany and elsewhere, it has emerged.

The booming trade in fake “death threat letters”—which are supposed to show a direct threat to a person’s life which will then serve as a “reason” to gain asylum, has been revealed in an article in the German Bild newspaper.


The Bild successfully purchased one of these “death threat” letters for $1074 (€1000) from a Taliban Mullah Fazlullah. The letter, stamped by the Taliban, and written on the letterhead of the former leader Mullah Omar, contains a direct fatwa against an individual—exactly as the Taliban regime in Kabul used to issue.

According to the Bild, “hundreds” of these letters have already appeared in “asylum” applications being lodged by Afghanis in Germany, particularly after the German government earlier announced that it would not favorably consider asylum applications from Afghanistan.

If, however, the invaders can prove that there is a direct threat to their lives, then they might qualify for asylum after all—hence the sudden upsurge in custom-made death threat letters.

The Bild reporter, Paul Ronzheimer, managed to obtain one of these letters—in his own name. It contains the following wording:

“You, Paul Ronzheimer, working as a spy and a slave for international troops (…) The military and Judicial Council has decided to kill you (…) your activities cannot be forgiven.”

The German authorities are aware of the swindle, and it is now unlikely that they will be used. The Bild’s coverage will also probably finish off the trade in the “death threats.”

Estimates are that around 100,000 Afghans set off every month to make the journey to Europe to take up the offer by Angela Merkel to come and live in Europe.

Previous tricks used by the nonwhite invaders in their attempts to force their way into Europe have included filing off their fingerprints, purchasing “genuine” blank Syrian passports (even daring to do this in Germany, to which boxes of blank passports are shipped, with some having been intercepted in the mail), and utterly bogus claims of national origin.

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  1. The mantra of politicians used to be "We do not give in to threats from terrorists or blackmail". Now it looks as if emotional blackmail is the chink in their armour.

  2. Good one! Mullah Fazlullah most likely dresses and looks like an idiot but he sells “death threat” letters for €1000 each – sky is the limit 🙂

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