US: “Refugee” Invasion Speeds Up

The Obama regime has announced an ambitious program to dramatically “expand” efforts to help Central American families and children legally immigrate to the United States.

White House Deputy Homeland Security Adviser Amy Pope announced that the government will “expand in-country refugee processing for families coming from Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala.”

In addition, Pope said, the government would launch an effort to “temporarily relocate some families facing the greatest threats” in Costa Rica.


The government is also “broadening” the already existing program to allow some Central American children to reunite with parents already legally living in the United States.

Deputy Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said that program will now allow some siblings, in-country parents and other caregivers to move to the U.S. with a child approved for the program.

The move comes in the middle of yet another “surge” in invaders caught crossing the border.

Since the start of the budget year in October, more than 51,100 invaders “traveling as families” and more than 43,000 “unaccompanied children” have been caught illegally crossing the Mexican border.

The Obama regime first launched the effort to allow child invaders to legally come to the U.S. in December 2014. Mayorkas said some 2,884 applications had already been approved for the program and more than 9,500 cases are pending.

In January, the administration first announced that the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees would pre-screen would-be refugee families. U.S. officials will now handle more in-country processing for those families.

Pope said refugee programs in Central America are being expanded because “current efforts to date haven’t been sufficient.”

Pope said it is unclear how many families and children may benefit from the enhanced programs but officials expect requests for help to steadily increase as the programs get underway in the coming months.

In March this year, Latino Fox News reported that the influx of “border surge kids” was “fueling violence in the Washington D.C. area.

“Authorities in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area are concerned that the surge of unaccompanied migrants coming across the United States’ southern border could be helping the notorious MS-13 street gang recruit new members and is fueling a spate of violence around the nation’s capital,” Latino Fox News said, adding that outside of Los Angeles, the Washington D.C. metropolitan area has the largest Salvadoran population in the U.S., at just over 228,000.

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  1. Would someone over their please assist the “president” to vacate the Whitehouse long before 2017, preferably tomorrow,,,!

    1. That day… when the 0bama’s must back-up the UHaul (preferably at the back-door), pack-up their black lacquer furniture, Michelle’s weaves, Barry’s Koran, along with his Muslim Brotherhood teachings & artifacts, not to mention their vast library of writings by Marx and Lenin – toss all of their ugly, hateful and anti-American ideology into that UHaul – and get the F outa MY WhiteHouse …will be THE one hopeful moment for our country’s salvation!
      That day cannot come soon enough!

      HOWEVER …IF … the very next day, another UHaul is driven-up to the WhiteHouse door by the Evil-Twat Hillary Clinton and her band of thieves …I am not sure what our country’s future will hold …or the prosperity and future of the world for that matter! God Help Us All.
      TRUMP 2016 | 2020

  2. The transformation of the US is advancing at an incredible rapid pace. Their is a good chance that the US will resemble within 30 years like mixture between Mexico, Brazil and the Middle East.
    I hope none of these leftists expects seriously a progress in technical development in the future. As creativity is not something that can be learned in an education system but is innate and must be discovered by the person.
    But the fire of creativity can only be found where within the European Gene pool and where it’s clearly dominant.
    Anyone who worked with different races knows what I mean.

  3. LOL if that’s not importing votes I don’t know what is. Obongo is a total loser. The yanks will be screwed if they elect that lying witch Clinton – I can’t believe she’s even in the running

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