Latino Anti-Trump “Citizenship Rush” Fails

The much-lauded Latino plans to register millions of new US citizens in time to vote against Donald Trump appear to have failed, with only 177,713 acquiring American nationality in the period January to March 2016.

Although the figures for April and May are yet to come, they are unlikely to be as many as the first three months-and the cutoff date to apply in time to vote has now passed.


This means that instead of the “millions” of new voters which Latino activists promised to have ready to vote against Trump, there will be no more than 400,000 at the most—and probably less.

According to the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), it normally takes about five months to process a US citizenship application. As the presidential election is now almost exactly five months away, the deadline for any new registrations to be in time for November has now passed.

The Latino activists had promised to make 2016 a year of mass citizenship applications, and talked of millions of Mexicans who “qualified” for naturalization who would apply and vote against Trump on account of his stance against illegal immigration and his description of Mexican immigrants as criminals.

It is estimated that there are some 9 million potential new citizens already resident in the US, of which at least a third are Mexican—and most of the rest being of some Third World origin.

Even the Mexican government joined in the effort started by “Latino activist organizations” (actually just racially-based Central and South American pressure groups) to hold “citizenship workshops” across the country to teach Mexicans how to apply for US citizenship.

This unprecedented intervention (never before has one country’s government actually paid money to teach its nationals how to apply for foreign nationality) appears however to have met with little interest.

According to the USCIS, naturalization rates for the first three months of 2016 have only been slightly higher than previous years. Applications for citizenship are up just 6.6 percent compared to the same period in 2012—and, even more importantly, USCIS approvals of citizenship applications are actually down.

Through the first three months of this year, 252,254 naturalization applications were submitted, but the USCIS only approved 177,713. During the same period in 2012, there were 238,065 applications submitted and 179,548 approved.

To become a citizen, an immigrant usually has to have been a legal permanent resident for five years, and then must pass a citizenship test. The only exceptions to this are those who serve in the military, and certain rules based on the applicant’s age.

The record year for new citizens was 2008, when 1,046,539 new citizens were sworn in. In 2012, the last presidential election year, 757,434 people were sworn in as new Americans.

Latinos traditionally vote at far lower rates than other groups, but newly naturalized Latinos do turn out in higher percentages than those born in the US. A prime example of this is in the key swing state of Florida, where in 2012, just 60.6 percent of non-Hispanic citizens voted, but 68.7 percent of naturalized Latinos turned out.

The failure to register millions of new citizens will come as a boost to the Trump campaign, which is already facing an uphill battle to win the key states needed to clinch the election.

The failure of the registration drive does not however do away with the fact that legal Third World immigration levels remain the single greatest threat to America’s existence as a First World nation, and that only active repatriation of Third World immigrants will provide any sort of long-term answer.

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  1. Well, I’m sure many more would have showed up and registered to vote, if they weren’t so busy at home making anchor babies.

  2. The people flocking into America are no different to those that have flocked to Europe but the difference is, not even Obama said ‘ you’re all welcome’ like Merkel did. Where are the jobs, houses, schools and more importantly in the USA, the medical facilities because they will not be totally free from illnesses. It takes some warped kind of mind that thinks that everything will be better in some-one else’s country. Irrespective of what Donald Trump has said or done in the past, he has definitely rocked the boat within the established political system which has been long overdue. Just wish it would happen across the whole of Europe.

  3. I just wish that the media would state what TRUMP actually said. He NEVER said all Mezican immigrants are criminals. He clearly said, ILLEGALs are sometimes, rapists, criminals etc. this is what he really said.
    Even LEGAL immigrants, among whom are Mezicans are AGAINST all these illegals who are stealing their jobs and getting EVERYTHING for free on the taxpayer,s dime. I do not see Obama giving any of his millions which he has made in 8years, 12millions how? To help out these illegals. Just us, the taxpayers!
    It is sickening why media and others cannot tell the truth.

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