Latvian Communist Party under Fire for Election Poster Showing “Future of EU”

The Social Democratic Workers Party of Latvia (LSDSP)—a communist party dating back to 1918—has been reported to that country’s security police for possible prosecution following the publication of an election poster depicting g the EU as an African tribesman, Latvia as a white woman nursing a mulatto  baby, all set against a homo flag.

In addition to the tribesman, the blond woman, and the homo flag, the image also shows the national flag of Latvia and a former logo of the national tax agency. The text accompanying the image read “The future of Latvia if, on October 6, nobody will vote for the Latvian Social Democratic Workers’ Party—LSDSP.”

According to a report in the Latvian media, the State Police (VP) has handed over the results of its investigation to the Security Police (DP) for further action after the information about the political advertisement published by the party on Facebook.

The image—which has caused uproar in Latvia amongst the party’s fellow leftists, started last weekend when the LSDSP posted the picture on Facbeook ahead of the October parliamentary elections.

The image is in fact a slight change from the original artwork “The Modern Family” created in 1988 by the German nationalist artist and Luftwaffe veteran Herbert Smagon.

Smagon is well-known for his other works which include images of Allied aircraft bombing Dresden, and Mongol Soviet soldiers raping German women in East Prussia in 1945—and a host of more peaceful scenes, some of which can be found here.

The LSDSP Facebook post was taken down by that party following the objections, but it seems ot have achieved its objective of gaining national publicity at very little outlay.

The LSDSP, which originated as a Menshevik communist party during the time of the great split between the Bolshevik’s and the Mensheviks in Russia, currently has no seats in the national parliament, and has been in decline since it lost its 14 seats which it previously held.

The party has also said that the person who posted the picture has been expelled from its ranks and that the incident will be addressed at an upcoming party session.

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  1. Now, *THAT* image is the most truthful and accurate description prophecy of what the EU is *really* all about that I’ve ever seen.

    ‘A picture is worth a thousand words ‘.

  2. I’ve seen some of those images before; thanks for the name of Herbert Smagon. I was surprised to find there are Youtube videos on his art, at least for the moment.

  3. I’m a bit surprised, I understood ALL members of the global communist party wanted mixed marriages, to produce a non white , manageable race of peasants in White, western Jud xtian nations. To destroy the west. Latvia is not toeing the Marxist line here. But its an authentic stunning image of what the globalist commies – Appeaser May, Tony Blair, Lord mandelson, Mutta Merkel, H Clinton, Hussein Obammy, Macwon and Jr Trudeau n Soros – have all been working so hard to achieve. Even former French Pres, Nick Sarkhozy, has utube rants urging French women to get down n dirty with African partners.

    1. Er, more like the global capitalist party. It is true that originally Marxists were internationalists and Marx said that workers have no nation, but in reality communists in power became ultra nationalists with a ban on foreign investment, hardly any immigration and a refusal to join international organizations like the IMF and the World Bank. This is what motivated the hostility of the US to the people’s democracies rather than ideological opposition to communism.

  4. The example of Latvia demonstrates how in a society where a large ethnic majority exists through recent immigration identity politics takes the place of class politics, which is disadvantageous to social democratic parties like the Latvian LSDSP and probably explains their decline of the proportion of the total vote needed to reach the threshold for representation in parliament. This lesson appears to be lost on the leftists of other European countries who continue to endorse mass Third-World immigration. Looked at logically social democrats and communists should be the most ardent opponents of Third World immigration because in a multicultural society the working class are likely to become divided by ethnicity and religion which benefits the capitalists and pro business parties.
    The decline of support for th eLSDSP and other social democratic parties can also be due to their unconditional support for liberal internationalism. A gulf has opened up between these parties and their traditional working class base over mass immigration and the EU causing some of these these voters to switch allegiance to nationalist parties. This poster could be a clumsy attempt yo reconnect with these disillusioned working class voters.

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