Left-wing Jewish Lobby Chooses Clinton

The Jewish Daily Forward—one of America’s largest Jewish newspapers—has openly declared Hilary Clinton to be Israel’s candidate in the event of a Trump-Clinton presidential clash in November.

In an article headlined “If It’s Trump vs. Hillary, She’s the Pro-Israel Candidate,” the Forward says that “Trump’s neutral position on Israel” is in fact an “anti-Israel position.”


The Forward article says that any Jews considering voting for Donald Trump find it impossible to believe that he would be anything other than stridently pro-Israel if elected.

The Forward article, written by Brooklyn-based writer Karol Markowicz—who normally writes for Time magazine—goes on to say that “in a Trump vs. Hilary race, his ‘neutral’ stance actually makes Hillary the most right-wing candidate on Israel.”

This is, of course, completely true, and, as Markowicz points out, “the fact is, a neutral position on Israel is an anti-Israel position.”

“He has stated that Israel will have to ‘give up a lot’ in order to make a ‘deal.’ If the ‘neutral’ position has become a would-be American president pressuring Israel to give up ‘a lot,’ then what is the American anti-Israel position?”

Markowicz then mentions Trump’s other “sins” with regard to Israel: he has “questioned whether Israel even wants to make peace with the Palestinians,” and he refused to say that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, which led to his being booed by a Republican Jewish Coalition crowd.

The Forward goes on to dismiss the fact that Trump’s daughter is married to a New York Jew, saying that Clinton’s daughter is also married to one.

“Trump doesn’t have the ‘I have Jewish relatives’ card to play, because Hillary holds the same one,” Markowicz says, before laying it on the line why Jews have to vote for Clinton:

“The main thing that Republican Jews have to realize is that in a race between Hillary and The Donald, it’s Hillary who will hold and keep the real ‘pro-Israel’ mantle.

“Hillary is also married to Bill Clinton, considered a friend to both Israel and Jews. And, frankly, Hillary would never proclaim that she is ‘neutral’ on Israel, since it’s clear that most Americans aren’t neutral and are supporters of the only real democracy in the Middle East.”


It is not only the Forward that has come out against Trump. Andrew Silow-Carroll, the editor in chief and CEO of the New Jersey Jewish News, another prominent Jewish organization, recently penned an attack on Trump in the Times of Israel.

Under the title “Trump’s America is bad, very bad, for the Jews,” Silow-Carroll wrote that Trump’s support base is

“hardly America at all…  If you were to create a composite, you’d have a white guy who has almost nothing in common with the kinds of characters in Master or Transparent [sitcoms]— that is, brown, Jewish, nontraditional, college-educated, [and] pluralistic.”

This fact, Silow-Carroll, asserts, is why he sees Trump as a threat, “not just in what his candidacy means for America as a whole, but what it means for “us as Jews.”

“His message—of distrusting the foreign, of rejecting the new, of abhorring pluralism—is directly opposed to our history in this country and our best interests as a minority.”

Philip Giraldi, Executive Director of the Council for the National Interest, admitted the real reason for the now almost unanimous Jewish hatred for Trump.

Writing in the Unz Review, Giraldi said that

“there is one significant difference between Trump and the ‘establishment,’ be they Democrats or Republicans that has not been highlighted. I would suggest that quite a lot of the depth and intensity of what we are experiencing is actually about Israel.

“Trump is the first high level politician aspirant within living memory to challenge the notion that the United States must stand by Israel no matter what Israel does.

“Even while affirming his affection for Israel, he has said that Washington must be even handed in its efforts to bring about peace between Israelis and Palestinians, implying that Tel Aviv might have to make concessions.

“Trump has also added insult to injury by delinking himself from the blandishments of Jewish political mega-donors, who largely call the tune for many in the GOP and among the Democrats, by telling them he doesn’t need their money and can’t be bought.

“His comments have challenged conventional interest group politicking in American and have predictably produced a firestorm reaction in the usual circles. Robert Kagan announced that he would be supporting Hillary, who famously has declared that she would immediately call Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu upon taking office as a first step in moving the relationship with Tel Aviv to ‘the next level.’

“It is to be presumed that Kagan and his fellow neocons will be experiencing a welcoming vibe from at least some of the Democrats as the neoconservatives have always been liberals at heart on nearly all issues except foreign policy, rooted by them in the ‘unshakable and bipartisan bond’ with Israel.”

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  1. Trump. I hope he’s not another Establishment “stooge”. If he’s what he seems to be, things may actually change for the better both in the US and the World. I only hope he avoids driving past grassy knolls.

  2. @ White Warrior quote:
    “How will Trump change the Congress, the Judiciary, the Police and Military services, and all the other branches of the Federal, State and local governments? Without total support from all branches of government and support from the majority of the people that constitute those branches of government Trump will be totally ineffective.
    Any process of change has to make a start somewhere along the line. At least Trump has had the guts to put his cards on the table openly declaring that he wants to kickstart things and many voters obviously agree that change is long overdue.
    The status quo suits the other candidates – not even the slightest whiff of change could ever happen with any one of them at the helm – just more of the same old same while the wheels sink deeper in the rut.
    Trump deserves a chance.

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