Leftist Terrorists Assassinate Golden Dawn Members: No Media Outcry for Leftist Banning—Unlike Earlier Incident

The media’s blatant bias against any form of European nationalism is on open display once again with the reaction to the assassination of two members of the Golden Dawn party in Athens.

Coverage of the murders—which involved a drive-by shooting—has been muted, with local and international newswire reports blandly reporting the facts.


This is in contrast to the same media’s coverage of an earlier incident when an obscure rapper named P. Fyssas was murdered in a bar fight with an individual who wasn’t even a Golden Dawn member.

After that killing, the media went all out to link Golden Dawn to the murder, and other parties and politicians then ordered the police to arrest all the leaders of that party on trumped up charges, claiming that the killing was a “threat to democracy.”

The fact that Golden Dawn had no links to the earlier murder was simply ignored as the media fanned the flames of hatred against Golden Dawn. Now that the far Left has launched an open, deliberate and planned political assassination against Golden Dawn members, the media is not engaging in any incitement at all.

It is what all informed observers have come to expect from the controlled media: lies and hypocrisy of the most extreme kind, and in pre-Internet days, the sort of thing in which they could engage without fear of exposure.

Fortunately, the European-originated technological communication revolution of the Internet has allowed people to bypass the controlled media for their information, and the media’s hypocrisy and hatred is exposed as fast as they spew out their propaganda.

A statement on the Golden Dawn website contained the party’s official reaction:

“Two Men Killed with ‘Gratutios’ Shots by Zavasta Pistol,” the headline read.

“Two young Greeks were murdered and a third was seriously wounded in an attack by masked terrorists. The heinous crime was committed in Heraklion Avenue last night against nationalists.

“Police have confirmed that all the shells were from a Zastava pistol.

“The injured man is 29-year old Alexander Elder, son of a Councilor in the Municipality of Kifissia and father of a child. He has been hospitalized and is in critical condition in hospital. He has undergone a four hour surgery and although it went well, he is not out of danger and is still in intensive care.

“Shortly after 19:30 a motorcycle with two people wearing helmets, stopped just outside the offices of the Golden Dawn, which has a ground floor café, in front of which stood the three young men. Two were killed—26-year-old George Fountoylis and 22-year-old Manolis Kapelonis, while Alexander Elder was injured.

“The actions of the two perpetrators demonstrated intensive preparation and determination. They arrived at the scene with great composure, and after they shot the men in the chest, waited to give them ‘gratuitous shots’ in the head. Having fired at least twelve shots, the motorcyclists sped off.

“Members of the police’s Counterterrorism Office are at this time looking through material provided by the public and private cameras in the area, and the last two numbers of the motorcycle’s registration plate has been identified as ’66.’

“It is a crime of a similar tragedy to that of the murder of P. Fyssas, but the media is not screaming murder like they did after that tragedy, and we have not seen the incredible mobilization following that incident.

“It is evident that with this incident the ‘Democrats,’ as they like to call themselves, are in a difficult position. Since they have decided to persecute and incite hatred against Golden Dawn, they and their media clearly have a share of responsibility for yesterday’s bloodbath.

“Their coverage of the Fyssas murder created an unhealthy climate against a legal party. Now with this new double murder which the media are trying to downplay, the political system does not have the same ‘determination’ to find the masterminds because they are simply of the same ideological persuasion.”

* The Greek parliament, controlled by the “democrats”, has already voted to lift the parliamentary immunity of all Golden Dawn members and to cut off any funding of the party. Such measures are unlikely against the Leftist parties following the latest murders.

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