Legal Migrants Helping Calais Invaders

Legally resident nonwhite “immigrants” in Britain are “deeply involved in cross-Channel migrant smuggling,” a French prosecutor has revealed.

This fact emerged in the wake of this week’s dramatic shootout on the French-Belgian border in which a UK-registered vehicle full of Iraqi Kurds was stopped by police.


Amélie Le Sant, Dunkirk’s public prosecutor, told media that “all investigations [into invader smuggling gangs], including this one, lead to the UK.”

Le Sant is currently investigating 15 trafficking cases involving UK-registered vehicles.

The shootout, which took place on Thursday, started when police were called to a truck stop near the Channel Tunnel after a truck driver reported that he had been threatened with a knife after discovering 17 nonwhite invaders hidden in his cargo.

Upon arriving at the scene, the Belgian police vehicle was rammed by a British-registered Audi containing four Iraqi Kurds—all legal residents of the UK.

The nonwhite criminals then raced away, but were followed in a high-speed motorway pursuit in which an innocent motorcyclist was killed.

The Audi was hit with at least 15 bullets as it fled police at speeds of up to 125mph across the Belgian-French border. During the chase, in which the suspects weaved in and out of traffic, a string of other accidents were caused. One involved a motorcyclist who died after losing control of his bike and hitting a truck.

At one point during the pursuit with the Audi, it became so badly damaged that it was reduced to driving on its wheel rims.

Belgian police said they opened fire on the suspects’ car in a bid to force it to halt, but it is understood that two of the occupants suffered bullet wounds and had to be airlifted to a hospital in the nearby city of Lille.

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“There is always someone in Britain, a UK national or otherwise, who receives either money or migrants or has links with transport companies to arrange for drivers to smuggle people through,” Le Sant said.

“The British nationals tend to come over every now and again to deliver cars bought in the UK—usually flashy Mercedes or BMWs—as well as money or to carry out a ‘guaranteed’ service in which they deliver migrants to a willing lorry driver paid to stow them away. Then they usually go back alone on the train.”

She added: “Today there are 15 vehicles with British number plates cited in ongoing investigations that I am following, and these are used by people smugglers to take migrants to the UK.”

British-based trafficking operatives act as “bankers” or “guarantors” for migrants, receiving their transport “fees” either directly in the UK or via Iraq, she said.

They also wire money via Western Union to northern France for local smugglers to rent hotel rooms or pay drivers.

Most of the local smugglers operating near Dunkirk, many of them based at the Grande-Synthe migrant camp, are Kurds either with family in Britain, or people under orders from bosses in the UK, she said.

Despite French claims that virtually no migrants are now getting through to the UK, she said that smugglers were bringing “dozens across per week, sometimes per day,” raking up hundreds of thousands of pounds in profit.

In one court case in Dunkirk on Friday last week, it was revealed that a single trafficker had taken $1 million (£700,000) in earnings.

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During Friday’s court case against two Kurdish smugglers, the presiding judge said that in the ten months leading to this February, smugglers received almost €318,000 in cash via Western Union in 150 operations—mainly sent from Britain.

“These smugglers make huge amounts of money. Passage to England without guarantee, in other words without the driver’s complicity, is £5,000 per person,” said Le Sant. “A ‘guaranteed’ trip usually costs migrants between £9,000 and £12,000.”

Britain’s National Crime Agency (NCA) has warned that “British” crime gangs—actually nonwhites from the Middle East—are behind the cross-Channel people smuggling trade.

Last month, the NCA said they were investigating a growing number of people smuggling gangs involved in bringing the invaders into Britain, with up to 60 lines of inquiry open at any one time.

An officer was quoted as saying that the crime groups usually involved Iranians, Chinese, Iraqis, Kurds, and Syrians.

The officer added: “UK based groups are often naturalized UK citizens, who find customers at transit hubs on the continent and advertise on social media.”

The incident—and the existence of the legally-resident nonwhite criminals in Britain—illustrates once again the real threat posed by legal nonwhite immigration into Europe, which brings with it nothing but the Third World’s endemic crime, chaos, and backwardness.

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  1. Tell us something that we didn’t know. Why don’t the governments grow spines and put the lot up against a wall. Questions can be raised later!

    1. The western european governments are complicit in these smuggling operations! why would they want to stop it?
      I really feel sorry for White Europe.

    2. revealed ????revealed??? what ignorant bstrds these coppers are…we all knew they were and why aren,t the useless coppers out there stopping this scum…Next they will tell the women they MUST convert to islam or be attacked..Hang the police chiefs they are no use to anyone or the migrants or the politicians….Revealed ???what a joke…!Our police are useless but they are way ahead of the crap over there,,,,and porky wants an integrated police force???What a wan@er….

  2. We can no longer feel any sympathy for a country called Britain. It is the British government who primarily takes the blame for the business of smuggling, not the smugglers themselves. The British government knows everything about the activities of smuggling people into Britain, but it does not want to take any action against this business.

  3. When did the UK immigration service throw in the towel – it`s seemingly being run by immigrants themselves. Whites will soon be surplus to requirements all across the board in their own country if this sort of ludicrous situation continues unchallenged. How long before an enforced whites – only shuttle service in the opposite direction.

  4. Why invite such scum to come to the UK – they`re not even satisfied once they get here.
    Thought the Kurds were supposed to be `good guys `? Is there such a thing in the ME ?
    These Kurdish Capones are making money hand over fist as a sideline while fleecing and robbing blind the UK taxpayers forced to support them. They then add insult to injury by illegally importing many more of their bastard compatriots to leech off us. We don`t want them and we certainly can`t afford them. Deport the lot before we`re totally bankrupt.

    1. If you look into the ‘poor kurds ‘ though you see that they are supposedly ‘progressive’ (hard left communist ideologies which is why Muslims in the ME hate them). I am suspicious of any group the MSM uses emotionally charged propaganda to appeal for the sympathy of the west, just like the jews really behind the bolshevik and marxist movements and the Red Terror and the Holodomor is conveniently whitewashed from the history books, to be replaced with emotionally charged lies.

  5. The drip, drip of sparse MSM stories of 20 illegals disembarking from commercial vehicles here to another 16 disembarking there, are only revealed because private vehicle drivers record it on their cell phones. They are alerted to each incident by the number of ever-so-caring police and ambulances clustering around, after the illegals bang on the smugglers’ vehicles to be let out, knowing they have reached England. Of course, the commercial goods drivers know they are there. It’s worth the risk because the fines are laughable, while millions of tons of perishables have to be dumped because of contamination. The French won’t allow X-Rays of vehicles for ‘health’ reasons, the Brit border control based in France only search a tiny number of heavy goods trucks so as not to delay ‘vital’ commercial traffic. Both governments are complicit. Meanwhile, illegals are being ferried cross-Channel at night and landed on the English beaches by rogue fishing boats and inflatables. When the illegals are picked up, they are not detained. They are told to report to an immigration centre. Guess what happens?

  6. I’d just spray all these migrants with a dye that cannot be removed and that will enable them to be rounded up and deported from where they are. No court case, no legal aid, no human rights, just a nice air trip back to their home and drop them……………… parachutes, oops sorry forgot those?


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