Legal “Syrian” Immigration Dwarfs “Refugees”

More than 100,000 “Syrians” have already legally emigrated to the US since 2012, official figures have shown—dwarfing the 10,000 “refugees” that the Obama administration wants to bring into the country.


According to media reports, some 102,313 Syrians were granted admission to the US as “legal permanent residents or through programs including work, study, and tourist visas from 2012 through August 2015.”

The claimed terrorist threat posed by the 10,000 refugees has therefore already been dwarfed by the number of legal immigrants, as the period in question coincides with the outbreak of the “Syrian” war, which the US government has exacerbated and encouraged through its support of “Syrian” rebels.

“The sheer number of people arriving on all kinds of visas and with green cards, and possibly US citizenship, makes it impossible for our counterterrorism authorities to keep track of them all, much less prevent them from carrying out attacks or belatedly try to deport them,” Jessica Vaughan, from the Center for Immigration Studies, was quoted as saying.

According to the US Customs and Border Protection, 60,010 Syrian visa holders have entered the US since 2012, including 16,245 this year through August.

In addition, figures provided to the media by a Congressional source showed another 42,303 Syrians were granted citizenship or green cards during the same period.

Given the huge numbers, it is highly unlikely that each and every applicant has been properly vetted, meaning that the potential for disruptive elements entering the US is far higher because of legal immigration than from the “refugee” program.

The widespread use of forged documents—already widely acknowledged in Europe and a contributing factor in several terrorist scares and the Paris attacks—makes it nearly impossible for the “Syrian” immigrants to have been properly screened.

The “Syrian” passports currently in circulation are genuine documents seized after US-backed “rebels” took over Syrian towns and ransacked Syrian government offices.

The documents seized during the Syrian war have now fallen largely in the hands of ISIS and other gangsters, who have issued them wholesale to anyone who pays for them.

This results in bogus refugees and no way of counter checking because the Syrian government’s normal security systems have been disrupted.

The claims by the White House that all legal immigrants were being properly screened was shown to be yet another lie by the fact that California shooter-terrorist Tashfeen Malik obtained a fiancée visa in spite of listing a fake Pakistani address and having a verifiable history of posting pro-ISIS messages on social media such as Facebook.

The US government is relying on cross-checking databases to try and “weed out” potential terrorists—but as many are using fake details or even fake identity documents, this process is clearly a failure.

There have also recently been a number of apprehensions of “Syrians” using fake passports crossing the border into the US from Mexico, and at least eight have been detained trying to cross the border with fake passports from Canada.

These facts show once again that legal immigration is just as big a threat to US security—and European demographics—as illegal immigration.

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