Lesbos, Greece: Police Remove Afghan Invaders after Clashes in Town Center

Greek police have been forced to remove several thousand Afghan invaders who had taken over the central square in Mitilini, the capital of the island of Lesbos, following physical clashes between locals and the fake refugees earlier this week.

The Afghans, who had been living at the nearby Moria “refugee” camp ever since invading Greece in an attempt to force their way into Europe (an attempt which has been halted by the Hungarians building a border fence), occupied Sapphos Square in Mitilini nearly two weeks ago in order to “protest” at the conditions in the Moira camp.

After five days of provocations—during which the locals could not even get onto the square, with the Afghans littering, defecating and otherwise harassing the town’s center—tensions reached boiling point last Sunday and a large crowd gathered with the intention of forcing the invaders out.


When the invaders—supported by a handful of far leftists—refused to move, scuffles broke out between the Greeks and the Afghans, and the violence quickly escalated as the two groups began throwing bottles, firecrackers, cobblestones, and flares at each other.

Police reinforcements were rushed to the square to protect the invaders, and formed a line between the locals and the invaders.

Fighting however continued and spread to the waterfront area, and eventually police were forced to use teargas to break up the combatants.

At least 28 invaders were treated at the local hospital for injuries sustained in the clashes.

Eventually the police decided to forcibly remove the nonwhites off the square and transport them back to the Moira camp. They had to do this one-by-one as the Afghans refused to co-operate.

At least 120 of the Afghans and two leftists were arrested for obstructing the police in the course of their duties, and 28 invaders were treated at the local hospital for injuries sustained in the clashes.

There are over 10,000 nonwhite invaders in Mitilini—which only has a population of 27,000. The invaders are demanding that their bogus “asylum” claims to be filed and that they be allowed to leave the island and continue on their invasion path into Europe.

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  1. My sincere apologies, tear gas is no use, set up a military team with automatic weapons with the first shot above their heads. If that doesn’t move them, then its surround them, drag them to a boat and shift them back to Turkey or Libya. It’s time to stop playing by the stupid rules of the UN etc., etc., etc. The UN is totally inept, incapable of action and totally against the taxpayers of all the countries who’ve suffered this abomination. Sadly, there are very few politicians who are prepared to do what is required, across the Western World.

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