Liberals Shot and Wounded in Calais

A liberal refugee-helper volunteer was shot in the face by a nonwhite invader during this week’s tribal warfare between Afghans and Sudanese in Calais’s “Jungle,” French news reports have revealed.

In addition, at least four other liberals, all working in the “Jungle,” and the “Doctors without Borders” offices were attacked during the rampage by the “peace-seeking refugees.”



At least one of the tribesmen—an Afghan—has been killed in the fighting, and another 40 hospitalized after the clashes broke out late this week. Sporadic fighting has continued into the weekend.

According to the French Sud Oest news service, hundreds of nonwhites took part in the mass brawl at the camp, but no one was quite sure as to the original cause.

The clashes, which started at around 4 p.m. on Thursday, May 26, had their origin in an incident of some sort which took place at the invader “visitor center” and then spread throughout the Jungle.

The office of the prosecutor in Boulogne-sur-Mer confirmed to the Sud Oest that among the wounded were liberal volunteers who had come to the camp to help the nonwhites.

At least five of the liberals were wounded in the violence, including one woman who was seriously injured after apparently receiving a gunshot wound to the face, the paper added.

At least 260 police officers and gendarmes were mobilized to restore calm, along with 70 firefighters, several doctors and nurses, eleven ambulances, and two fire engines.

One Ethiopian was badly burned by the arson attacks in the camp, suffering 70 percent burn wounds to his body. He was airlifted to the Lille University Hospital for treatment.



There are currently at least 5,000 nonwhite invaders living in the Jungle, despite the French government’s half-hearted attempts to move the hordes away.

The prefect of Pas-de-Calais, Fabienne Buccio, said during a press conference that “significant fighting” had taken place, and that although there had been clashes of that nature before, there had never been a flare-up like this.

Another building which was attacked was that of the “Doctors without Borders” clinic which was set up to provide free treatment for the nonwhites.

A thick column of smoke rose above the camp, and the smell of burning was noticeable in the center of Calais.

One eyewitness local resident told the La Voix du Nord newspaper that he had heard an “explosion at around 5 p.m., that sounded like a gunshot or a firing of tear gas, followed by screaming.”

At the same time, he saw hundreds of nonwhites leave the Jungle and head for the ring road.

“They seemed ready to fight. They collected rocks; they had iron bars. In the Jungle, thick smoke and flames rose into the sky. We see this violence every day, you know,” he added.

* Early on Saturday morning, a nonwhite invader was run over and killed by a truck as he was dragging large branches on the A16 in an attempt to slow traffic.

* Putting obstructions in the road has become a routine tactic by the invaders in their attempt to break into trucks and vehicles heading for Britain.

The dead invader, a 25-year-old Afghan, is the twenty-sixth such death recorded in Calais since June 2015.

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    1. Not quickly enough I’m afraid!
      Note the pro-EU BBC has made no mention of this event: the would not wish to disturb the cosy soft and subtle support they give daily to the ‘Remain’ campaign.

  1. What is wrong with Hollande, surely this is a matter requiring tough action and if that means calling in a whole regiment of armed soldiers, it should be done. Line them up, demand their ID and segregate those without anything by sending them to the docks, hire a ship and dump them either in Turkey or Libya under the guard of another regiment of soldiers. Stop pussyfooting about, the people of Calais are the first concern of the French government, or should be, and if Hollande won’t do the right thing, then the people of Calais should revolt against Hollande. It may not be PC but I would put in a ‘shoot to kill’ order in the event of any further disturbances.

    1. Maybe this helps you. Hollande is a member of the tribe. That’s right, the chosenites, God’s darlings, the Light Unto the Nations.

      1. Absolutely correct. As are ALL the senior bureaucrats of the totalitarian undemocratic EU – Tusk, Juncker, Timmermans, Schulz, Mario Draghi (European Bankster) are ALL Jews. They are BOLSHEVIKS who want to destroy Europe. This will end in a RED TERROR unless they are stopped and very soon. They ALWAYS use the same modus operandi. Communism = Judaism.

    2. Hollande is probably waiting out the UK referendum, in favor of a “No” vote. If UK leaves, this will be their farewell gift.

  2. Hahaha..stupid liberals , they think that helping these non whites will benefit themselves, think again, the liberals will be the first victims when the sh.. hits the fan.

    1. It is becoming now as clear as day. No matter the trouble, disorder, death, invasion, the enablers don’t give a flying turd about peace, stability and security. As long as they have their security forces, comfy office and private jet to fly off if the patriots get too near, that is all that matters to them.

      1. I made a comment in another article, that Cameron and Blair will always have the need for security to the end of their lives. They, along with Heath, are the greatest traitors of PMs in all of British history. Unfortunately, we have to pay for the security for the scum! Enoch Powell was the greatest PM that we never had!

        1. The treachery committed by these successive ‘British’ governments, media and greedy magnates, the smug arrogance of the ‘progressives’ as they see the cultural and racial cleansing which they have aided and abetted will see they meet a sudden, violent end. Look at the behaviour of some of them now, they KNOW it! They are panicking, surrounding themselves with armed police and high walls.. and they are frightened to death, of a disarmed citizenry! The only thing greater than their tyranny is their cowardice, 6 decades of psychological warfare via media and entertainment industry has failed, people are starting to see the awful truth.
          The attacks and silencing strategies the leftist thralls have subjugated the the native population with have all but lost their power over us. Their ‘isms’ and ‘phobias’ useless, their totally modern and humanitarian fâcade crumbles, laying bare the real twisted hatred writhing beneath.
          The traitors with half a brain know that, in the long run, gun control will not save them, real British justice, that of a betrayed people will deliver righteous retribution upon them and justice will not be served from the barrel of a gun, but at the end of a rope.

          Hear that, Cameron? Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock…….

          1. Get out of the EU! QUICK! make sure you get out and Vote! Good Luck! make sure all your family and friends vote to leave the EU! Save yourselves and youre country!

          2. I have a strong feeling that if we are cheated out of BREXIT by the elite that this summer will see many very unhappy people on the streets, with rope and pitchforks.

          1. Blair is not creepy, he’s one of the most devious, corrupt self-centred and arrogant waste of space and unfit to belong to the human race – and that’s my polite version.

    2. Yes. The Liberals will be the first to go. It’ll be a race to see who gets to them first; the Invaders or the Patriots! My bet is the Patriots. Then we can deal with the invaders.

  3. It’s nice to hear some good news for a change. If I was in charge of the police, it would have been the last trouble caused, if you know what I mean! No more invaders!

  4. It’s time the EU took firm action against these people and if any are found to be in possession of a vacuum cleaner, kettle of hairdryer with too high a power rating they should throw the book at them.

    1. If this insanity happens I hope they’ll be ways to mod new vacuums, kettles and hairdryers to a higher power rating…LOL!

    1. Vote to LEAVE the EU! get all your friends,family and neighbors to vote to leave ,it’s June 24? or 23?find out and make sure you all vote to get out!Good Luck!!

      1. And just this weekend, we learn that there has been arrivals in the UK using rubber boats from France. According to reports one boat load (of Albanians) had to be rescued by the Coastguard. It is not clear, but there was mention of another empty boat found on the shore. Is this the beginning?

  5. I will never understand why the European police are such puzzies. They let these muslims attack them and only retreat. Why haven’t all of these “immigrant villages” been burnt to the ground and all of these invaders rounded up and sent back to where they came from ? ! Why are the boats that bring these invaders to Europe not sunk on sight ?? Who has castrated the Europeans…??

    1. Not “who” but “what” Crusader. Look no further than the ludicrous Human Rights crap that ties us up in knots and turns common sense on its head.

  6. While anarchy and violence reign at The Jungle, the French police do precious little. Meanwhile, elsewhere in France they are busy beating hell out of their own citizens.

    1. However (and there will always be one), ‘Just Spoils’ should apply to all those Multiculturists and Racial Diversity seekers and any helpers working to achieve that goal. From what I can see of it, that’s roughly 50% of the West’s population. I base this on the narrow margin in the recent election in Austria (however that resolves itself) and the fact that, in the UK, both ‘Remain’ and ‘Leave’ the EU are roughly 50/50. It seems to me that the World is right at a tipping point within the next 5/10 years being critical in relation to the now patently accelerated spread of Globalism and the Grand Plan to achieve that.
      The facts are increasingly being stripped of mystcism in good part as a result of TNO and their forthright reporting. They have exposed the collusion that has been taking place for decades between National Broadasters and their individual Governments for all to see. I’m afraid it is not a pretty picture and it will be a hard battle to turn it round when the populations have been progressively and legally stripped of any rights they may have to resist.

  7. We should have some frigates in the Channel and when they see
    these rafts trying to get across just tow them back to France make the people get on to the beach and then fire at the rafts and sink them. Stop pussyfooting around for goodness sake.

    1. There was a lot of support on this site for the boats never to reach Italy in the first place, or Greece after that. On top of that, why didn’t both those countries reject all those without any form of ID – so the whole debacle is now over 1 year old and it’ll get worse, a lot worse.

    2. I am reminded of a cartoon/joke which was flying around the Net some years ago. I cannot find it but I’ll do my best to describe it: two arab Muslims in a rowing boat in the English Channel rowing to the UK. Alongside a Coastguard vessel from which the skipper is loud-hailing the two: “What are you doing?”. The reply was, “we are invading the UK”. skipper: “then where is your army?”. Reply: “it is already there”………………………….

  8. The liberal-left have done more harm to Europe and the European people than was done by World War One or World War Two. We suffered the Bubonic Plague and recovered. We’ll damned well survive the Liberal-Left Plague too. Karma is coming, whiggers.

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