Libya Refuses to Take Back Invaders

The Libyan president Fayez al-Sarraj has refused to take back any of the invaders who have crossed the Mediterranean Sea to Europe, saying that they are the European Union’s problem.

Speaking in a wide-ranging interview with Die Presse newspaper in Germany, Al-Sarraj was adamant that the invaders—most of whom set off from the Libyan coast, “cannot live with us.”


Asked if Libya was prepared to engage in an agreement similar to the one struck between the EU and Turkey concerning the return of invaders who had no hope of qualifying for “asylum,” Al-Sarraj was adamant:

No, Libya will not accept immigrants who are sent back. The situation of migrants coming from the south to us is completely different than in Turkey. This cannot be easily compared. The EU must find ways in which they send back immigrants to their home countries. They cannot stay with us.

According to the EU and United Nations, tens of thousands of nonwhites—mostly sub-Saharan Africans, but also thousands of North Africans—have crossed the Mediterranean Sea from Libya to Italy this year already.

The mass invasion is openly organized by traffickers and smugglers on the Libyan coast, aided by the almost total non-existence of any government in that country—thanks to the military intervention by France, Britain, and the US against the former Gadhafi government.

It is not just Libya that refuses to take back invaders. According to an earlier report in Die Welt newspaper, no less than 17 nonwhite countries have refused to take back their nationals who have invaded Germany.

Die Welt said that the worst offenders in this regard were in North and West Africa and in the Indian sub-continent.

The rejected “asylum seekers” in Germany alone now amount to “hundreds of thousands” of individuals, Die Welt continued, posing a huge problem to that state. This figure is likely even larger once all the other affected EU member states are included.

In 2015, only 21,000 of the 200,000 “asylum seekers” whose applications were rejected left the country, meaning 179,000 remain in Germany as so-called ‘tolerated’ people.

With in excess of 1.5 million nonwhites having entered Germany during 2015—at the invitation of Angela Merkel—this number is set to increase even further.

German officials have admitted that about 70 percent of the invaders arrive without official documentation—making it very difficult to even make an exact determination of their origin.

States like Pakistan, Algeria, and Tunisia simply refuse to cooperate with German authorities, despite being obliged by international law to comply.

Pakistan is particularly problematic. In 2014 there were only two deportations to that country despite 580 people having their applications rejected.

In 2013, 533 Pakistanis had their asylum applications rejected but only three of them were sent home.

Tunisians—who make up 4 percent of “asylum seekers” in Germany, are responsible for a quarter of all the invader crimes, and almost never have their “asylum applications” granted.

* Latest reports from Turkey indicate that the “EU-Turkey deal” in terms of which that country agreed to take back invaders is also now as good as dead. A Turkish newspaper reported that a senior government official had admitted that there was “no chance” of an agreement being reached on visa-free travel for Turks in the EU, and that an announcement by the Turkish government ending the “deal” was imminent.

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  1. In March 2011, Muammar Gaddafi, who knew his country was being targeted for a Globalist invasion, warned that without a unified and stable Libya Europe would be flooded with millions of African and Middle Eastern migrants. “There are millions of blacks who could come to the Mediterranean to cross to France and Italy, and Libya plays a role in security in the Mediterranean,” he said. So what did the chosenites do? They destroyed a peaceful, stable country by recruiting and training 250,000 troops from Qatar and smuggling in weapons from France and running NATO air strikes that targeted the very people they were claiming to rescue from their “cruel dictator” (A man these people willingly gave their lives to defend). And what are they telling us now? “Oh gee, we’d like to senf back all the failed “asylum seekers” but we don’t have any control of the radical muslims we installed in Libya. (Whose first act by the way to set up a central banking system.) Honesty, I agree with Shakespeare. There are no demons left in hell. They are all walking the earth.

    1. Yes, absolutely. I wonder if the ‘wide-ranging interview’ included comments on Jew warmongers and Jew money to deliberately fund invasions.
      NB some of these countries may have a similar problem to Europe, in identifying places of origin. Though is appears DNA tests can do this.

  2. 17 nations refusing to take back their Euro invaders means Europeans must establish a penal colony to dump deported people. Preferably an island. Let them have basic infrastructure, drugs and lotsa machettes to enable Sharia law. Their idea of paradise.
    Human rights laws need to be rewritten to protect white people who are inevitably disadvantaged by them, Hopefully BREXIT will start the necessary chain of events leading to dissolution of the EU, and disconnection from the UN, and arming European citizens. As in Austria. NRA could do a whistlestop tour of Europe. A new European culture must be established.
    UK democracy requires improvement as per Switzerland where frequent referendums keep the politicians on a leash, which greatly diminishes the power of Zionists buying entire political parties.
    A whole new kind of government is needed for Free Euro Nations.

  3. These nations do it deliberately.

    Purely simply, they want to offload their excess population onto the gullible fools of Europe.
    Eventually, they want to take over Europe.

  4. As I once said before, just airlift them to Central Sahara & drop them off there (with or without a parachute) & let them decide to go North or South……

  5. A deal has to be made with Russia by sending them to Russia. Only then, it will stop the boat. All of them are afraid of Putin.

  6. The best place to send those refugees is USA, since this problem was caused by Obama and Hillary Clinton’s policies. As for the American people, they should also bear their responsibility, because they elected this administration two times. This is the only to expose the evil nature of the current Democratic administration, so that the American people know the truth and punish this administration in the next election.

  7. Only leftie white “leaders” are stupid and crazy enough to import millions of undesirables. Non-white Politicians are much too smart to allow fake refugees into their countries. They know who they are dealing with, unlike the white Trash that are ruining the West with their INSANE immigration policies. Those of us Westerners affected by their liking for Muzzies and other nation-destroying rabble had better do something drastic to get rid of them! Don’t think some future election will do the job. Something more decisive is needed to stop it. . .and SOON!

  8. The EU will not change so these boatloads will be increasing year on year and democracy has been thrown out of the window by Merkel and her brainwashed dictators. The chances of an actual war within the EU are rising, the countries in Eastern Europe will either revolt or they’ll capitulate because of enormous bribes to bring them into line. Why there are people walking the street of the UK thinking of voting to remain tied to the EU is beyond comprehension. Yes, there are those that have never know anything other than the EU, but Nigel Farage raised a very valid point:- “I want a BRITISH PASSPORT, NOT A EUROPEAN ONE!” There is blood being spilled every day BUT because of the media being muzzled by the dictators, the public still think everything in the garden is rosy. Many of us have said it but, yes I’m glad I’m over 70.

  9. It is not his decision to make. He is obliged by international law to take back his own citizens, as are all those other countries like Pakistan. Their refusal is illegal and means nothing—their citizens will be sent back regardless, and any invaders refusing to give their country of origin will be told they will be sent to Pakistan automatically, as a default country from which most of them come anyway.
    Also, the Australian system of diverting them all on offshore islands far from Australia has been remarkably effective. Given the choice of returning home voluntarily or being sent to, for example, Queen Elizabeth Land in Antarctica, most invaders will choose the former.

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