Libyan Coast Guard Opens Fire on Pro-Invasion Leftist Ship (Video)

The Libyan coast guard—in a desperate attempt to stop the European race-traitor “charity” NGO ships form cooperating with the human traffickers smuggling thousands of African invaders—has opened fire on one the vessels, the Spanish ProActiva “Open Arms.”
According to a report in the Spanish-language Ara newspaper, the Proactiva Open Arms ship—which operates in the central Mediterranean—reported this week that the Libyan Coast Guard fired warning shots at them and “threatened to shoot their ships if they approached the coast.”
“Do not return, if not, we will shoot you […] Next time you will be objective, without any other warning,” the Libyan patrol boat captain told the Proactiva race-traitors.
In a video released by Proactiva Open Arms, the crackle of the warning gunfire—fired from an automatic weapon—can be clearly heard a number of times.
Open Arms said it was chased away by Libyan coast guards although it was within its territorial bounds at around 1.5 miles from Libyan territorial waters.
In a statement, the Libyan navy said the Open Arms rescue boat was within the remit of the Libyan Coast Guard’s search and rescue operation and asked the boat to leave. When it didn’t, they opened fire into the air.
The Libyan Coast Guard said the Open Arms ship had been “wishing for a precious trophy” of illegal immigrants.
Speaking to CNN, Libyan Brigadier Qassem said, “We are capable of conducting rescue work. Our presence cancels their presence.”
“We are fed up with these organizations. They increased the number of immigrants and empowered smugglers. Meanwhile, they criticize us for not respecting human rights,” he added.
Proactiva later complained on their Twitter account that the Libyan Coast Guard was being “trained and financed by the European Union.”
The founder of Proactiva Open Arms, Òscar Camps, said on Twitter that the NGOs were becoming “criminalized with untested accusations,” and that Italy had on Monday this week denied entry to one of their ships on the island of Lampedusa in the south of the country to land three people who had been “rescued” overnight in the Mediterranean.

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  1. If the Libyan Coast Guard is indeed being “trained and financed by the European Union” then that is a VERY good sign and a move towards common sense, and a possible end to this insanity of allowing "migrants" from the Third World hellholes of the Muslim world asnd black Africa to swamp Europe.

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