“Too Little Nutella”: Invaders Burned Center

Nonwhite invaders from Morocco and Algeria pretending to be refugees burned down a €10 million “reception center” in Dusseldorf—because there was too little Nutella, candy, and chocolate at the Ramadan breakfast spread, a court has heard.

The arson destroyed a major exhibition hall near the airport, with smoke disrupting air traffic.


According to German media, charges have been brought against a Moroccan and an Algerian, named respectively as Mohammed B., and Adel D., both 27-years-old, for starting the initial fire.

In formal charges placed this week, the Dusseldorf public prosecutor revealed that the invaders had started the fire in the exhibition hall—being used to house hundreds of fake refugees—because there was not enough Nutella, “gummi bars,” and chocolate at the food buffet set out for breakfast after Ramadan.

“The trigger was a dispute about the food in Ramadan,” Dr. Martina Reinartz, spokesman for the District Court of Dusseldorf, confirmed.

Some 26 people were injured, and damage to the value of €10 million was incurred as the hall burned to the ground.

The charges against the two nonwhites include arson, and the public prosecutor’s office has prosecuted Adel D. for heavy incendiary incidents and causing “dangerous bodily harm.”



Mohamed B. was arrested shortly after the fire—but has since been released and now continues to live as a “refugee” in another invader center in Dusseldorf.

There is of course, no justification for any Moroccans or Algerians to claim asylum in Europe, even by the European Union’s ridiculously lax definitions of who is a “refuge.” Despite this, Mohammed B. and the other culprits involved in the arson attacks still continue to live off the German taxpayers pretending to be refugees.

At the time, Dusseldorf prosecutor Martin Stücker told media that the reason for Mohammed B.’s release was that his lawyer had managed to argue before a court that his client presented no danger of fleeing, because he already was a refugee and had nowhere else to go.

Meanwhile, as German media earlier admitted, it might not be possible to send the Moroccans back, even if their bogus asylum applications are rejected.

Socialist Party of Germany (SPD) North Rhine Westphalia (NRW) Interior Minister Ralf Jäger said that there were “extreme difficulties” in sending back North Africans to their home countries, because the latter were “completely uncooperative.”

He admitted that, according to the treaty negotiated with the Moroccan government, it would take 25 years to deport all Moroccans currently living in NRW alone back to their homeland.

Morocco, he said, only accepts deported refugees if they are flown with the Moroccan state airline, and charter flights are not permitted.

Even then, only four deportees per flight are allowed, meaning that it would take thousands of flights just to send the Moroccans already in Germany back.

It has also emerged that the Algerian, Adel D., had earlier been registered as a “refugee” in Italy, and had also been arrested for robbery in the German city of Essen.

Other nonwhites arrested for the blaze include a 16-year-old Moroccan, a 21-year-old Algerian, and a 24-year-old Syrian. The 21-year-old Algerian was already known to German police as a serious repeat criminal, and had racked up 35 arrests for robbery and car theft since October 2015.

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  1. Charges have been brought against a Moroccan and an Algerian…BIg deal. Spineless Germans. Deport the whole damn lot of them! More taxes for the German people to pay!

  2. Easy enough for the West and Europe to sanction Russia (irrespective of the rights or wrongs of that) but it clearly is not possible, for some obscure reason, to sanction the countries from which these savages originate if they don’t accept them back. And then there’s International Aid: I doubt if these countries are not recipients for that hand out. Stop it all.
    I’m afraid that we need a ‘Trump’ in Europe, (if he follows his word). His appointments to his management team suggest he will.

    1. But just think what they will get up to when the peoples of Europe (eventually?) declare en masse that they don’t want Islamisation and efforts are made to repatriate these so-called “Refugees”. These people have a lunatic mentality and are completely irrational. I know, I’ve lived in their midst.

  3. Ok, we can definitively say we don’t live in Fantasy Land. We’ve tried the nice guy way, it didn’t work, just like everyone with a brain told you. Time to step it up, way up.

    1. The more we learn as this sorry saga plays out the more the whole `refugee` situation stinks to high heaven. We`re being stitched up good and proper with lame EU excuses of `we can`t do this and we can`t do that.`
      Do-gooding liberals still blunder blindly on while we western taxpayers are set up as the fall guys.

  4. Search uTube for a report that the Russians, you know the folk with a leader who does have a pair of large balls, have turned on Soros with acccurate exposure of what he finances thru his Open Foundation.
    I do believe that Mr Soros is in for some dangerous times!
    I’m sure Putin has not forgotten his KGB days & how deal with problems like this.

  5. Your next accommodations will be constructed of pine 2x4s and particle board, insulated with dry straw bales, and have one entrance just wide enough for people to squeeze through sideways one at a time.

  6. As per usual the illegal immigrants get away with their crime spree, its just disgusting the way they are free to do as they like and nothing gets done to them, sexual assault is a daily occurrence and will soon be decriminalised for illegals.

  7. “Socialist Party of Germany (SPD) North Rhine Westphalia (NRW) Interior Minister Ralf Jäger said that there were “extreme difficulties” in sending back North Africans to their home countries, because the latter were “completely uncooperative.”
    Our Regime must be so that rejected migrants feel the need to run to the nearest border of Germany

  8. Well done Merkel, your ideas of how to deal with migrants working splendidly. What chances do you have in the next elections? Hoist by her own petard, brilliant.

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