London: 1 Murder Every 3 Days this Year So Far as Nonwhite Crime and Murder Plague Continues

Mass Third World immigration into Britain’s capital city—which has created a nonwhite majority populaiton in that metropolis—continues to result in a crime and murder plague, with one murder being reported every three days this year so far.

Image: Police arrest another black male for a series of stabbing attacks in London.

According to local news reports, the 33rd murder this year—in 93 days—took place in Harrow, north London, when a man in his 40s was slashed to death. The attacker—who has not yet been named—was arrested after he was seen running away from the scene, armed with a machete.

A 15-year-old girl suffered superficial cuts and a boy, also aged 15, sustained stab injuries after they were attacked by a group in a park in Harrow on Wednesday night in an unconnected incident, police said.

In another recent incident, Kamal Hussain, 21, and Yosif Ahmed, 18, both from Westminster, were charged on Thursday in connection with the death of Zahir Visiter, 25.

Visiter was fatally stabbed in Cunningham Place in St John’s Wood at about 6.15pm last Thursday.

The knife attack prompted armed police to seal off the nearby London Central Mosque as they hunted for suspects.

Meanwhile, British Transport Police are hunting for a group of nonwhite thugs after a number of passengers were attacked on a train between London and Surrey.

The unprovoked attacks happened on a train as it travelled from Tulse Hill in south London to Tattenham Corner in north Surrey. One man had his tooth broken after being punched in the face. A second man suffered a broken nose.

British Transport Police said three attackers were reportedly involved, and released CCTV images of the nonwhites.

In another high profile incident which most likely has a political motivation, a black described as “tall and skinny” was arrested after a series of five random stabbing attacks on passers-by in north London. Two of the victims are in critical condition.

The attacker was arrested hours after a fifth person was stabbed in Edmonton close to where four others were attacked at the weekend.

In a separate incident, two men, both aged 20, staggered into a student hall near Wembley stadium for help after being stabbed repeatedly.

Witnesses said one man was stabbed six times and a group of five men were seen running from the scene in Empire Way. The two victims were taken to hospital but their conditions are not life-threatening.

In yet another high-profile incident, a black male, Lovel Bailey, was arrested in connection with the stabbing murder of Nathaniel Armstrong in Fulham. Armstrong is the cousin of black TV’s “Good Morning Britain” weatherman Alex Beresford.

The race-denying British political establishment—deliberately ignoring the obvious link between the nonwhite invasion and the massive rise in violent crime—has established an “All Party Parliamentary Group on Knife Crime” in a pathetically misguided attempt to lower the levels of violence.

According to figures released by that organization, hospitals in the UK are treating 21 “young patients” every day for knife wounds and other assaults.

At least 4,502 victims aged 11 to 25 attended casualty units or urgent care centers with injuries from stabbings or similar assaults in 2018, the report said—adding that the figures will be an underestimate because only 60 per cent of hospitals were able to provide data to MPs. The real total for 2018 is likely to be around 7,600.

All these efforts to “control” violent crime are pointless because those in charge refuse to acknowledge the obvious cause: that criminal violence, which is standard in the Third World, has now been transferred to Britain as a result of the pro-Third World immigration policies pursued by successive UK governments of all parties, going back to the end of the Second World War.

It is also equally clear that unless the Third Worlders are returned to their countries of origin, this criminal plague will never be stopped, and, indeed, will eventually overwhelm all of Britain. This seems to be the establishment’s preferred option, as they will never admit that race and racial differences are the ultimate cause of the problem.

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  1. No matter how dire and murderous the third world committed criminality in London is, no matter how many dead bodies are stacked up, you can bet your boots that ‘The Economist’ magazine – the voice of the Deep State establishment – will publish each and every week a rabid, raging editorial demanding more unlimited massive third world immigration.

    And the stupid gullible political trash in Westminster will do just as The Economist demands them to.

    Even if the third worlders demanded as their price the ritual throat cutting sacrifice if every first born white male child in England – the gushing politicians would be more than happy to accede to their demands.

  2. The U.K. government, the media and the rest of the left wing and liberal establishment will never acknowledge the big black elephant in the room. A lot of these gang members are not blighted by poverty and can often be seen wearing expensive clothes and driving expensive cars all from the proceeds of crime and drug dealing. A lot of white people were and are being brought up in council houses with very little money and they do not go out mugging, selling drugs and stabbing people. All of the youth clubs and all the ping pong tables in the world will not stop this carnage, nothing will until immigration is reversed and a pre 1994 South African police type force deals with this properly.

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