London Crashing into Nonwhite Nightmare

Metro-gangThe British capital city of London is rapidly crashing into a nightmare, filled with Third World criminals: Turkish gangsters, African crime gangs, Gypsy vagrants, Vietnamese and Caribbean drug dealers—and where white people are now a minority.

The decline is so marked and obvious that even establishment news media like the Daily Mail have taken note—even if only to incorrectly blame Britain’s Labour Party for the mess (in reality, all the establishment parties, Labour, Conservative, and Liberal Democrat, have been promoting and supporting Third World immigration for decades, and all are equally to blame).

The Daily Mail reviewed a soon-to-be-released book called This Is London: Life and Death in the World City, by journalist Ben Judah, who vividly describes the nightmare of Third World London.

According to the Daily Mail review, “More than half of Londoners are now not ethnically British. As he [Judah] says: ‘I was born in London, but I no longer recognize this city. I don’t know if I love the new London, or if it frightens me: a city where at least 55 percent of people are not white British, nearly 40 percent were born abroad, and hundreds of thousands are living illegally, in the shadows.’”

In order to write his book, Judah “immerse[d] himself in the migrant world,” the Daily Mail said.

He shows how the offer of free health care, free housing, free schooling, and countless welfare benefits makes London a magnet for the Third World.


Many of the “immigrants” find that London is not the promised land, but, because it is already overrun with their fellow Third Worlders, is actually just as bad as “back home.”

In South London, Somali gangs terrorize the estates, and Turkish gangs control North London. Kurds and Albanians launder their money through the car washes in Tottenham and Kilburn. Vietnamese gangs grow and distribute two-thirds of the strong cannabis on the capital’s streets.

Judah encountered a Grenadian, now a successful cocaine dealer, who recalled moving to the White City estate in West London with his mother when he was 12.

“We pitched up for a better life, but found ourselves right in the middle of a war zone,” he recalled. He said the estate “was way more corrupt . . . way more dangerous, more full of disillusion than anywhere in Grenada.”


The hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants are, the book reveals, worse off, because they are trapped into debt by the people smugglers who gave them fake IDs and smuggled them into Britain.

Typical of the views of those Judah met was someone who said: “I thought the money would be growing on trees. Six months later, I was crying myself to sleep. I was homeless.”

A Roma violin player in a tunnel beneath Park Lane explains what this means. “We’re all here to beg, to work off our debts. We give the enforcers all the money. They told us to come here. But we are never going to make back the loans they gave us to come here. We’re trapped.”

In a hotel laundry room, Africans curse the tricksters who brought them here on counterfeited visas and passports.

A Ghanaian came on a student visa with plans to set up an international business. All he wanted, he said, was to wear a suit and work in an office. Yet the traffickers never told him what would happen when he tried to work as an illegal migrant.

He used up his savings of five years in a matter of months. Instead of running his own business, he stacks shelves in a warehouse.

The Daily Mail goes on to detail how the whites in London have been ethnically cleansed from the city:

In this new London, increasingly there is one nationality significant for its absence—white, British-born. Nearly all the migrants comment on this phenomenon.

Ben Judah meets a Pole who works as a registrar—recording births and deaths—in Catford Bridge, who says she works in a position that is perfect to spot the ethnic changes.

She describes the new London where 57 percent of births are to migrant mothers. But when she enters the names of the recent dead, they are nearly all of them old white British.

Another migrant comments: “The English are dying. They are declining fast.” He recalls in the street markets, there used to be only English voices shouting out, “advertising their wares in the Cockney accent. But they’ve gone now.”

Between 1971 and 2011, the white British share of London’s population slumped from 86 percent to 45 percent. The famous East London “cockney” accent is already extinct, wiped out by Third World immigration.

This, then, is the reality of Third World immigration—and will be the fate of all European nations which do not halt—and reverse—the nonwhite Third World flood.

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    1. So what are going to do about it Sue, just accept it? Sit around and mutter? Oh well as long we have our football and social benefits I won’t worry about it.

      That’s the attitude that got you all into this state of affairs in the first place. Bye.

      1. Trouble is, nobody listens…they dont want to know…sleepwalking into it…Hopefully there are people out there who will not just bend over and take it up the as*.!!!

      2. Graham, I believe the problem is the Brits have had their Spirit knocked out of them over many decades. They now live very uncomfortably with the concept that all the politicians know best despite the daily evidence that they lurch from one crisis to the next.
        Its the politicians of all colours in power that have caused this diminution of Spirit. Occasionally one politician creates an acceleration in the decline. Tony Blair was one: Iraq War which resulted in the prising open of the Middle East; the opening up of the ‘no questions’ massive immigration policy in the 90’s for example. (Merkel/Germany right now)
        I’m no defeatist, but I do not think the decline and the UK’s inexorable trip to becoming the “Dustbin of the World” can be halted. Regrettably, the combination of peoples apathy coupled with the the decline in so-called, “democracy” (small ‘d’) caused by a particularly mediocre bunch of politicians is set to continue.

        1. The US (by action of the Zionist loby) forced West Germany to accept the immigration of Turks in the 60s’, this created a problem 4-5 million Muslims in Germany and it was they who forced the Germans to open doors?

        2. We the Ethnic Majority need reclaim our Heritage and that is we are ENGLISH, not the false Identification of British it is dead it died with the Empire we once had. We have been brainwashed into calling ourselves British by the Politico’s and the Media. We need to take back our Culture and stop using British but claim our name again and that is ENGLISH. If Wales can call themselves Welch Scotland can call themselves Scots and Irland can call themselves Irish then why can we not call ourselves ENGLISH.

          1. How? When? I don’t see anybody in this comment section with anything close to a solution….let alone a call to action. Hate to sound negative, but I think we’re already finished.

      3. There has always been a public backlash against immigration, the politicians just do not listen to the electorate.

        1. If the politicians do not respond to the needs and requests of the electorate, then vote them out. It is simply a matter of You vs Them and there are more of You. Select leaders who have the will of the people as their guidelines; fight for your nation. Whining and asking ‘Oh whoa is me, whatever shall I do?’ will solve nothing. Fight, for God’s sake!

      1. Voting UKIP is precisely what the establishment want us to do. Created, funded and promoted by the mass media specifically to neutralise the votes of those who resent our racial destruction.

        I’ve said this so many times over the last two years that people are sick of hearing it. I’ll keep saying it non stop until the message is impregnated in the minds of the most ardent promoters of the UKIP charade. UKIP IS A FRAUD!!!!

      2. UKIP just another Libalabcon in my book. Britain needs another liberal party like it needs a hole in the head.

        Nigels politics explained by one of his bots:

        “Nigel is more of a patriot than a nationalist.
        UKIP is anti-racist, anti-fascist, anti-xenophobia and pro economic liberalism, democracy and conservatism.

        UKIP “opposes multiculturalism and political correctness but rejects “blood and soil” ethnic nationalism.

        UKIP promotes a single British culture embracing all races, religions and colours”. It states that Britishness can be defined in terms of belief in certain values like democracy, fair play and freedom.”

        i.e. an enemy of the people from a Nationalist perspective.

        1. ENGLISH not BRITISH call us ENGLISHMEN and WOMEN you are falling into the Brainwashed Politico and Media lies. Wales are Welsh, Scotland are Scotland, Ireland are IRISH. Please tell me did we get back our Empire if not then use the right way to address us and what my Father fought as and that is ENGLISH

        2. Farage and UKiP are also FOR a Third World immigration into Britain. Farage, for example, praised workers from India as allegedly superior to “east Europeans.” Please, Brits, make some effort and check out his campaign ads, including photos of his voters. Yes, UKiP is a fraud: it’s a multiculti, pro-Thirld world immigration gang PRETENDING to be “anti-immigration.” They have been hatefully badmouthing the Poles – the usual scapegoats – depicting them falsely as the main Brit “immigration” problem. All in order to divert attention from the REAL Brit immigration problem, i.e. Third world masses. The UKiP and Farage’s pressing Brits into leaving the EU has been done for the purpose of making British jobs available to more Third World arrivals. You know, chase away the Poles and give the jobs they do (and which the British don’t want to do ) to Asians and Africans. The hard reality for the Brits seems to be: you cut ties with the EU, you’ll have more Third World in Britain.

    2. “To change the face of a country beyond recognition, through unwanted immigration and without the consent of the people – is treason”.

      So why haven’t our treacherous leaders been arrested?

  1. Really, they ought to just go ahead and ask politely if they wouldn’t mind migrating home. Yes, before the authentic British get a bit ticked off. In English Canada, we have a similar statistical scale of demographic insult, most notably the Red Chinese in Richmond and Vancouver, British Columbia. They put up their pictogram signage all over the area and no stock civic citizen can read a word of it. Overpaid, largely apatriotic orientalist bureaucrats deliver members only “dialogue” meetings where no one who might saavy free speechey and would wish to debate the issue is invited to attend. Strategic silence is the new Esperanto.

  2. Problem is the Brits have no real men left.Not that they ever had any to begin with.Perhaps this a payback for colonialism?
    We in Southern Africa don’t feel sorry for you.For,years you have carried on apartheid this apartheid that.Maybe you may now get a sense of what they tried avoiding back then?

    1. South Africa has turned into an absolute dump since apartheid because Blacks just don’t know how to run a country. Don’t worry about the Brits because when it gets to a certain point everyone will just vote for a right wing leader and all the losers (some from SA ) will be thrown out to the shitholes from whence they came.

      1. The EU is one big third world dump not fit for vermin. EU leaders will soon be headed for South America to live out their lives after handing Europe over to a Muslim caliphate. EU leaders were bought off to sell out. G. Soros is one of the top dogs in the action. Soon mass killing of men, and enslavement of women to Muslim men. Europeans believe in nothing, therefore they will do nothing. Decadence and apathy rule the idiot masses. They get what they deserve for being idiots plain and simple.

          1. Seem to remember a certain Mengele whom the Israeli’s snatched from under the noses of the Argentines. Same could and should happen to Merkel should she do a runner. I equate what she has let western women in for at least as bad as Mengele’s sins. Hope she’s caught, hung, and rots in hell. Bloody megalomaniac with a messiah complex!

          2. Mike replies about Mengele. All the stuff about Mengele is deliberate lies. Please make an attempt to udnerstand this.

        1. We aren’t all idiots and Europe is beautiful. we need to stamp out this migrant mess. our left wing governments need to be replaced with far right patriots. the task ahead is a big ask but it can be done.

    2. Felix,well mate if there was no real men from Britain,how did we manage to conquer all them countries,including yours.perhaps you should read a bit of history.

      1. James: There are no real men now, they’ve been gelded these past several generations. Men of old stood up and acted like men. This applies to the men of Europe now, cowards indeed, sissified idiots.

        1. Laura M has a point where the weakness of men is concerned and it is ratified by the alleged respective leaders of the country and major parties in it now with only Labour retaining a male voice at the helm and he isn’t much use either …..we have gone down the pan ever since the initial immigrants emerged from Asia in the 1960s and my father came from Cyprus in the 1950s before I was born and he never forgot his Greek origins and had his own hairdressing business in West London though always agreed with the phrase “when in Rome do as the Romans” and never tried to impose his origins on any Englishman or Britain for that matter….the trouble is many have come here and tried to force their lifestyle upon our country and many have come to purely take advantage of all the benefits to be had… none of this is anything new…the trouble is we are trying to lock the gate after the horses bolted long long ago !! I shudder to think what London and the UK will look like in 2116 ….if we make it that far intact !!

      2. because in those days…men were men!! There’s too much apathy about, and yet people know who won Xfactor/got kicked out of the Celebrity whatsit. WAKE UP PEOPLE and stand up for your country Fight to take back our own sovereignity. Vote to LEAVE the EU.

      3. James, back then you didn’t have this crafty law they created before they started this muslim invasion. Now people are so depended on jobs, place to live etc that they are afraid to raise and loose it all. This is where problem lies. If people had nothing to lose, they would go on the streets long time ago. Jews done it very cleverly. They just shut whites up with system. Additionally, most people do not even recognize Jews from white race which came to light with recent Oscar story… 95% of actors are JEWS not whites but story turned against whites again!

        1. Aga,i agree with most of what you say,at this moment in time,i feel the the real enemy is the middle class lefty liberal,the Arab and Paki peasants are enabled by the middle class lefty,the media are trying to portray isis as some sort of evil genius organisation,terrorism is made easy for them,by the left wing traitor,who infests every part of public life,including the media,where our kids are bombarded with left wing propaganda, look at history,small european armies have conquered India,Africa,the crusaders showed that a small European army are a different class to them peasants.

    3. The problem is no real leaders. Native white Brits are unarmed, outnumbered and defenceless, preyed upon by 3rd world savages and imprisoned if we defend ourselves. The usurpers who rule want us dead.

      1. Cometh the hour, cometh the man dun. All you need are a number of ‘street corner’ leaders, don’t need degrees, indeed a little roguish animal cunning would help. If everybody looks after their own little patch, I will guarantee that middle leaders will find their feet, and so it grows. I make that observation based on the Army, and corporate business, I’ve known some real idiots in both, at their inception, but given a chance, some show a real aptitude, you’d be surprised. Whatever you do, don’t depend on politicians!

  3. England the white South Africans warned you, we lived with this for many years you hated the whites of South Africa but please just tell me how were we to protect our white nation if we never had apartheid which by the way you English have started in South Africa way back. England have done our white South Africans a lot of harm moons ago and this is the repayment to the British people for what they have done to us in the past.

    1. Sorry mate I have to reply to this, in the 80’s when they were all singing “FREEE NELSON MANDEELA” I had a T shirt printed saying Hand Nelson Mandela, i got in a few punch ups with lefty student scum but it was good, normal English like me know it was criminal what happened to SA, just like what happened to the Serbs, don’t blame us as a race.

        1. With you peanut, I never had any problem with apartheid and knew why it was in place, I wasn’t particularly to see Mandela released either. I did a runner from my corporate job in London in 1994 when I had the chance, and have been in Australia since. I was a British SNCO served 1966-1979 and even the Army was starting to go a bit soft by the time I left.
          One advantage I’ve always had, I regard being called right wing as perfectly acceptable.

    2. With respect mate,i am white British,your enemy is mine,do not blame all the British,blame the middle class lefty,we have been betrayed as well,the white working class who voiced there concerns about all the immigrants,was completely smothered by the BBC and left wing media.

      1. I lived in S.A. for 6yrs from 87 -94 loved every minute ,I’m English.
        Some real good Afrikaaner mates “Happy Days” when we were young and care-free.

        Great living standards and the blacks I worked with were on the same as me? If they were able and compitent ,then no problem? I remember getting a lift back to Sun city,after a game of footie with a black team-mate and we drove through a Town ship and he told me to get my head down as we passed through!!
        I learned the majority of blacks were not into working hard and were always moaning?
        I went home far a holiday and that’s when the BBC was in full lying mode and the university types lapped it up as gospel I had so many arguments with the brain dead ,who had not spent a day in S.A. that;s when I realized the agenda of the lying media? I left S.A.
        I could see it would turn out bad ,ever since then iv’e never trusted the anti white media!

        Now the same is being played out in Western Europe it has nothing to do with helping ethnic’s ,but everything to do with White genocide!!Understand this all western politicians are singing from the same Communist,”NEW WORLD ORDERr HYMN SHEET”
        ruled by the jew elite, Freemason “Satanic lodges” Politicians and the Left are puppet’s doing the bidding of their masters.
        Soon our children will be raped on the streets? We must unite to defeat this evil or our children and grand children have no future?

    3. Leonie as then and now many millions had little idea what was happening in S/A,only what we were brainwashed with via the media,we saw mostly the bad bits,never shown any good or helpful to you parts,so please don’t say British people say British Governments.

    4. not the British people the governments make the choices and they never act on our behalf so according to you we deserve to suffer as you have, thing is Africa is mostly no whites where Europeans are mostly white or should be, perhaps instead of throwing stones we should all be joining forces world wide against this world wide threat

  4. Any Englishman who believes that, the Conservatives under David Cameron or any subsequent PM, will call a referendum on your EU membership is dreaming. You will be a fully paid [and expensively] up member within 2 years and Marxist / Socialists will have you under their thumbs.

    The monarchy, if it survives, will be heads of state of Province number 47. Your Monarchy will soon become protectors of the Caliphate.

    You need another Churchill or someone even stronger but I’m afraid that is not as likely as the above scenario.
    You have been betrayed but I guess that so long as you have your football, a beer and social welfare you’ll happily & blindly go along with it.

    1. Churchill was not a ‘strong leader’. He was a rent boy for Jews and ruined the world. He only got where he was because of Jewish paper money behind the scenes, especially in the USA. We was a warmonger, a war criminal, and a disaster. never ever again.

  5. I moved out of London over ten years ago,the left have turned one of the greatest cities in the world into the dustbin of the world,i will never forget walking out of my flat on Bethnal Green Rd,on 9/11 and seeing countless muslims dancing in the sreet,it was even worse over on the Whitechapel Rd,Tower Hamlets,probably the most corrupt council in London,as Muslims are running it,millions of pounds unaccounted for,if you have a British name,its virtually impossible to get a council flat,even though your family are born and bred in east london,yet some immigrant can get straight off the banana boat and get a council flat,its heart breaking to see these parasites turn our capital into the sort dump they left behind.

  6. If they think this is bad then wait until Cameron scraps the ‘European Referendum’ and Britain becomes part of the Shengen Zone.

  7. The last independent European state died in the Führerbunker. Since then, Europe has consisted entirely of American and Russian vassal states (cf. the civil war over whose vassal Ukraine ought to be). Two generations of Europe’s best men had been killed in a 30-year war, and the survivors were no longer responsible for the defense of their nations. Does it surprise anyone that they chose sterile hedonism over faith, family, and fatherland?

    Some rightly blame feminism, but if men had told the feminists to stay home, mind the children, shut your mouth, lose some weight, and don’t vote, they would have happily complied.

  8. If the illegal migrants are trapped by debt, it seems like it would be easy enough to conduct sting operations with the help of the victims to catch the smugglers and then assist the migrants to return home — that is, if Cameron and the British government actually wanted to protect and restore Britain. The current situation is the globalists’ wet dream. Cameron and all similar ilk must go.

    1. ‘illegal migrants are trapped by debt by their smugglers’ = SLAVERY
      I am not British but I get a real creepy feeling about Cameron. I think he will be bought.
      Vote UKIP . Britain needs to avoid the despotic nature of a Brussels led but Germanic dominated government. Britain has a great future outside the EU doing what Britain has been doing for hundreds of years. Do your best to avoid the German Fourth Reich.

      1. I would never vote for them, as a general rule, anything the BBC hate/ignore, you embrace, anything the BBC promote you stay away from.

      2. Cameron has already been bought. And he is creepy, treacherous and a traitor. The Tower is too good for him and he can take Osbourne with him.

      3. Why would I vote for a bogus ‘right wing’ party that was initially formed to syphon off Racial Nationalist votes? UKIP has remained remarkably quiet in regard to the recent revelations concerning Muslim paedophile gangs, as it has in regard to other aspects of our multi racial Utopia.When one sees the amount of racial aliens in it’s ranks then an explanation for their reticence is revealed.

  9. So I’m reading all this invaders are unhappy and want to leave, but can’t because of debt to human traffickers. Save the taxpayers some money and round them up and give them a 1 way boat ticket to where they came from. Problem solved!

  10. And nothing will change because the populations do not care. America sat by and continues to sit by, with the media and every school and HR and college telling you diversity and immigration are good, white people need to be blended out and removed, as every major city falls to black and third world ghettos and high crime, homelessness and poverty take over. California, once the “Golden State” is now majority non-white and has more people moving out to find better lives. Stockton, Oakland, Detroit, Philadelphia, Boston, etc etc. Now historic ancestral cities are being allowed to fall the same way. Cities that have held up against sieges and wars for centuries, just handed over like they’re nothing. How do Europeans look at America and see that out biggest and best cities are ghetto filled war zones then decide to do the same with Muslims of all things? I can’t even imagine what it will take Europeans and whites to fight for their homes. They don’t care anymore. You can’t save what the majority themselves seem to care nothing about. Our cultures, languages, histories have all been rendered obsolete in their minds, and they’re willingly surrendering. How to convince an entire population that have been indoctrinated since birth to hate themselves, their countries and their own people to reject that and fight for their survival? With no will for survival, with “everyone is the same” type brain rot, white people are going to be the next Jews of this world.

  11. It’s nothing other than white genocide aided by the NWO tossers who are probably pocketing a fortune to get rid of their own kind.

  12. I stated a while back…that within this century Britain will be so ‘multicultural’ that we will all be khaki coloured…much like Paris. Evolution gone mad!!
    Very sad

  13. Now Europeans, after years of accusing Americans of being racists, can feel what ‘diversity’ is like. It would be funny if it weren’t devastating.

  14. C’est ça ” le vivre ensemble ” il ne faudrait pas que le nombre dépasse ceux nés sur le territoire.

  15. Only one solution .Send the third world trash back to their third world countries and let them battle it out there .There is no use in letting these people financially destroy a country….New rule assimilate the whole family in 2 years time or deport them all Stop being liberally soft on the issue for the sanity of the good citizens of your country

  16. The problem is solvable but no one wants to deal with it or has the guts and focus to deal with it. But it requires being tough, determined and to have politicians who are not weak minded, self serving spineless creeps. Bring in the army, clean up the streets and get tough on the bad and the wrong doers. Stop talking about it and act. No one is being racist or suggesting legally acceptable people can not live in the UK. Not at all. But anyone who is not legally there i sent packing. Period. And all entry points are tightly controlled. No it is not dictatorship, no it is not racist. It is called not allowing illegal activity to happen. It is what the tax payer pays the government for. To lead their country responsibly. So my words to them, is grow a set and do it. Stop talking and making excuses. Its boring and makes them look like a bunch of adolescent kids who have no idea how to act.

  17. The picture is even worse for the next generation. I work as a supply teacher in London. Some of the schools have maybe one white British kid in a class of 28 kids made up of Somalians, Nigerians, Bengalis, Pakistanis, Eastern Europeans. Most schools however have no white British at all. And all these immigrants are on welfare living at the taxpayer’s expense. Something very strange is going to appear in London in the next 10 years. Millions of immigrants living at tax payer’s expense….trying to run a city that white British created….. the fall of empires happened in similar circumstances.

  18. sometimes I think God never sleep,the east europeans(white) it*s no good enought for UK……OK ,now you have a revers of coin, full pakistani,india,albanien muslims, somalien,nigerien,..etc….

  19. Anybody visiting London can see its decline into a third world city, while the PM cuts the budget to the Police and military, but never a shortage of money to protect MPs but not members of the public.

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