London Knifing: Media Try to Contain Fallout

The controlled media’s pushing of the “You aint no Muslim Bruv” twitter tag is a weak attempt to counteract anti-Muslim resentment after the London knife terrorist attack—especially obvious in light of all the polls which show significant Muslim support for terrorism.


The knife attack at the Leytonstone Underground Station by a black Muslim last night caused widespread panic and horror, especially when it was reported that he announced that the attack was in retaliation for the UK government’s decision to start bombing ISIS targets in Syria.

A cell phone video of the scene immediately after the attack showed the African pinned to the ground by police as a bystander shouted: “You ain’t no Muslim bruv.”

This phrase has now been widely picked up by the mass media and promoted to try and prove that the attacker was a loner, and not representative of all Muslims.


However, the reality is very different to what the media pretends. A poll conducted by Britain’s Sun newspaper just after the Paris terrorist attacks revealed that 25 percent of Muslims aged 18 to 34 in Britain have “sympathy with those who have fled the UK to fight for IS in Syria.”

Among all Muslims in Britain, women and men of all ages included, the figure runs at 20 percent, the Sun poll revealed. Furthermore, 38 percent of those polled say Muslims should not have to condemn terror acts carried out by IS.

This amounts to an astonishing 1.5 million ISIS supporters in Britain, a statistic which reveals the extent of the Third World colonization process.

The Sun-poll

In 2006, a GfK NOP Social Research poll found that 30 percent of Muslims in Britain claimed they wanted to live under Sharia law, 28 percent wanted Britain to be an Islamic State, and 22 percent thought the July 7, 2005 London bombings were justified.

The poll also found that when asked the question “Is Britain my country or their country?” 80 percent of Muslims in Britain said it wasn’t their country.

The NOP Research survey also reported that “hardcore Islamists” constitute 9 percent of the Muslim population in Britain, and that a further 29 percent are “staunch defenders of Islam.”

A Channel 4 “fact check” of Muslim opinion polls revealed that a 2006 Populus poll found that 16 percent of Muslims in Britain said suicide bombings in the UK against military targets were justified.

In addition, a YouGov survey of Muslim students in Britain in 2008 found that 33 percent supported “a worldwide Caliphate based on sharia law.”


In February 2015, a ComRes poll for the BBC found that 27 percent of British Muslims said they have “some sympathy for the motives behind the attacks” on the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, and a further 32 percent said they were not surprised by the attacks. Some 11 percent said that magazines which publish images of the Prophet Mohammed “deserve to be attacked.”

Sunday Express-42million

In July 2015, four polls showed that worldwide, ISIS  is supported by more than 42 million Muslims, and that in the UK, at least 20 percent support those Muslims who have travelled from Britain to fight for ISIS.

Finally, an online poll conducted only in Arabic and aimed specifically at the Middle East by the Aljazeera news network, found that 81 percent of respondents were in favor of ISIS.

The poll asked, “Have you considered offering to help the Islamic state in Iraq and Syria for the benefit of the region?” which produced an 81 percent “yes” vote from its readers during the period May 22–28, 2015.

Of the 56,881 Arabic speakers who took part in the poll, 46,060 (81 percent) said yes, and 10,821 (19 percent) said no.


Given the nature of these polls, and the concern that many respondents would have about answering truthfully, it is likely that all of these figures are underestimates of the real sympathy for radical Islam in Britain.

It is therefore devious—but not unexpected—for the controlled media to try and promote the idea that it is always only a “tiny minority” which is responsible for terrorism.

The reality remains that almost every single terrorist incident and arrest carried out in Britain and Europe for over ten years has involved Muslims.

What would be the controlled media’s reaction, if, for example, every single terrorist arrested over the last ten years had been a Scientologist?

There is no doubt that had that been the case, there would have been steps taken against that cult.

But, thanks to the deliberately race-blind liberal political elite, the root causes of terrorism in Europe—mass Third World immigration and biased Middle Eastern foreign policies—are deliberately ignored and denied.

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  1. This chap was one of the better integrated ones! The bias from the uk media is breathtaking. Have they no loyalty towards the country at all? With the recent attempts to prosecute journalists they declared their importance as free press and whistleblowers holding government to account. There is nothing independent about them at all

  2. There seems to be only one solution.
    All those who wish for sharia law, or do not consider the UK as their country, to be FORTHWITH and summarily expelled from UK. To their own land, but OUT of the UK.
    Why keep these possible lawbreakers and eventual terrorists?
    Those politicians had better wake up and soon!

    1. Agree but the reason the politicos do nothing is they hope to keep us frightened and contained.What they are doing is building a resentment that is soon to explode in violence against them and their muslim friends.

  3. Muslims are correct in recognizing that Britain is not their country (and never will be). Britain does not need Muslims. They are a massive social burden. Therefore: Deport, deport, deport.

  4. Who in there right mind would vote for the liblabcon same as each other parties and why subscribe to the establishments paid media. Don’t buy or subscribe online to these days.

  5. Muslims must now be deported on mass if there is even the sligtest hint of support for Isis. We truly have a fifth column within whose sole intent is to destroy all white non Muslims. These brainwashed parasites are nothing but a burden to the tax paying people of Britain. They are like an uncurable, terminal form of Cancer, we do not want them and we do not need them in Britain, shoot or deport them all. Even the so called peaceful Muslims will rise up and show their true feelings and allegience to Allah when they are in sufficient numbers, and that is not going to take long at the rate in which they breed, uncontrollably.

  6. Cameron is busy playing the “You aint no Muslim bruv” card for all it’s worth. I’m thinking it may well have been inserted in the audio before release to the mainstream media.

  7. Soon we will be like Sweden. Rapes, attacks, murders and not reported in the leftie, biased media…the populace blissfully unaware…I love the New Observer, it tells the truth…!!!

  8. What’s in the mainstream headlines this morning?
    The family of the accused, Somali-born Muhaydin Mire 29, say he’s really a “good boy” who has “mental health problems”.
    Well that’s all right then isn’t it, not like he really intended to hurt anyone when he allegedly shouted “This is for Syria”.

  9. Funny aint it,it turns was “He was a muslim Bruv” which I hope leaves CaMoron very red faced,which I doubt.Who does these surveys,there is not in the whole world a “moderate” muslim.Some are just quieter than others,but they all loathe us.

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